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picture3 Jan 2009 @ 05:48, by John Ashbaugh

Kind of a quiet day today. Almost next to nothing. First there is the morning newspaper at the nearest convenience store half a mile up the two lane asphalt road. Haven’t seen Fernando behind the counter for two weeks. Happy New Year, my friend.
What do we have to look forward to? Chaos and Destruction. Have a good one. See you again soon.

A few bagels and some bananas from the Sunflower market. Too nice to stay in today. A little time for an afternoon sweat at the Fitness club. Back home for some warmed-over left-over-from-yesterday Moo Shu and fried rice.
Doing some reading in Initiation by Elisabeth Haich, a holiday gift from my sister. Only about a quarter of the way through it, and taking the short chapters slowly, one by one, as she writes the autobiography of her enlightenment going all the way back to her first memory. Lovely picture of a bejeweled Horus on the cover, so we know that Elisabeth is going to make a connection with the Ancient Egyptian culture. She is not telling anyone to follow her way. She is just telling the story of how she found her way. A central theme is her continuous search for truth. There are questions along the way that need to be answered, and she looks for explanations from different sources, and learns various important things from each of them, and ultimately turns from all of those to find her own way. I haven’t got to the part where she meets her Egyptian counterpart, but hints towards a more specific direction are beginning to emerge in her mid-twenties.

Lots of nasty stuff going on on the other side of the world these days. Lots of nasty stuff going on right here in Albuquerque. A sixteen year-old girl goes to her friend’s house for a sleepover. Late at night, the girls go out to another house where there’s a party where half the drinkers are under-age. The girl and her friend are in the kitchen, and some guys come in, around seventeen years old or so, and they are introducing themselves, and the girl giggles at the sound of one boy’s nickname, and he pulls out a pistol and shoots her point blank in the forehead.

There are friggin’ idiots all over the world, and around the corner you are walking around. Fernando’s got the word on two-thousand nine. Happy New Year to the inhabitants of this multi-faceted blog-site. For some, it’s hunker down time, and for others, it’s rise-up and show time.

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