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7 Jan 2003 @ 20:52, by Craig Lang

Mark's article entitled "Tell Me About Me" soliciting feedback on communication style was a truly couragious act. He must have alot more personal security than I... 8^)
The comment by Alana, and later by Max, stirred up within me a deep soul-searching question. It is a question that transcends any of us - one about the very basic nature of communication, itself. In "Conscious Evolution", Barbara Marx Hubbard develops the idea of the emerging noosphere - of our species reaching a noetic critical mass. Yet how will we communicate in a newly-emergent world?

This leads to the question of what is the boundary of the self and the collective world in a society where communication becomes more open. What do we share as part of being honest with eachother in the collective mind? And what do we keep to ourselves as part of our own self-hood?
How do we maintain our private lives in a psychic society?

This question is very synchronistic to me - for the reason that only a few hours ago (Tuesday 1/7 about 8PM CST), I had a very powerful metaphysical experience. In this experience, while in the deep trance of a hypnosis workshop, I got a look ahead to a time in which conscious evolution has reached its critical point. It is that most critical time, when humanity has the coice: Evolve or die.

So, how does this relate to communications? Actually, in every possible way. Because in this post-emergent world, as we evolve, we grow ever closer together. Communication becomes the critical skill for the functioning of the collective noetic humanity.

I am assuming that much or our post-emergent communication will be telepathic, at least to some degree. I can imagine humanity becoming more closely linked together in a "psychic internet" - each of us becoming closer to union with the collective unconscious. Yet as we evolve, we must also strip away the overburden of ego - the karmic layers that have built up over history. It requires a collective enlightenment that must occur, or have occurred, at that critical point.

There must be a psychic ethic, which allows the collective human minds to integrate, yet allows the individual to hold sacred the bounds of self - sharing in the superconscious, yet retaining one's individual self-hood - selfless, while true to self.

In this vision, - I saw that when a civilization grows and matures, it reaches a crossroads - a decision point. As the population gets close to the carrying capacity of their environment, the collective psyche also reaches a critical mass. Emergence occurs. But so does a backlash - a conservatism that rebells against the deep societal changes that will result (sound familiar?).

For each civilizaiton, this is the ultimate test - do they evolve to a higher ethic, and unite for the higher good? Or do they continue on in the old ways, surpass their world's carrying capacity, and end up in final disaster?

In this vision, I saw fate of our world as being indeterminate, but the choice was clear. We must learn to communicate at a deep, honest, level - with respect, caring and empathy, raising our consciousness to a greater collective whole. Yet each must be true to self, excercise one's own discernment, and recognize that precious boundary between self and world.

I wish I could say that I understood more of this vision. And furthermore I pray I might one day meet what I saw were the requirements. At present, I suspect that few of us do. Yet as I look, I see this as the greatest requirement for our survival, to grow collectively to be better than we are.

To paraphrase Jeshua's teaching on love of neighbor, "Love God selflessly (however God manifests to each of us), and love one another as you love yourself." - Then we will truly inherit our world.


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8 Jan 2003 @ 20:15 by martha : Jeshua
I believe this was his only commandment. And how I get it to work for me is to bring forth the energy of what I feel like then I see a baby, a child or an animal.

Evolution is a fascinating subject and I could write a great deal here but I'll refrain. I like what you wrote Craig and do have some thoughts!! Now there is a surprise.

I just finished reading "Children's Past Lives" by Carol Bowman. One of the best books I have read on the subject of reincarnation. Which got me thinking about something Barbara Marx Hubbard said on one of her shows. She believes and I concur that part of this evolutionary leap will involve each soul remembering their past lives as they are reborn so we don't keep repeating the same stupid mistakes. Makes perfect sense to me especially since I have glimpsed some of my "past experiences" and used the knowledge in this life. And it isn't the big deal people make it out to be, just like channeling isn't a big deal. There is so much fear in our society to prevent this natural evolution. People have made what are really normal parts of our self disconnected and unusual. This is one of the big lies in our society.

CL Note: Martha, I love your domain names... :-)
I think that you are right in that the greatest commandment: "Love Thy Neighbor" is the foundation of all other teachings of Jeshua. Yet as with all spiritual truths, His message was both blissfully simple and endlessly complex.

Thank you for your comments. I've been seeing many similar in the last few days/weeks. The message is coming through loud and clear - "for those who have ears, let them hear"  

9 Jan 2003 @ 10:03 by spiritseek : New World
The mentality of the world is coming closer to what you just discribed above. I feel it in others words when they answer/speak something like this. More people are awakening to a new dawn, its just a matter of time.  

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