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picture2 Apr 2003 @ 11:03, by Craig Lang

The recent events of the war, environmental degradation, and the endless scandals from human greed, recalls to mind a metaphorical journey I experienced a few months ago - an experience that occurred while in the deep trance of a hypnotic "Life-Between-Lives" session.

Hypnotists often do alot of work swaps with eachother, experimenting with new techniques, exploring new metaphysical horizons. Often it is simply fun to learn more about the fascinating world of deep trance, spirituality and metaphor.

At times deep trance work can give rise to some fascinating and deeply creative journeys. I don't know if journeys such as these are spiritual, metaphorical, or perhaps past/future life experiences (and perhaps such explanations are not even important). But I believe they tell us alot about our interactions with the collective unconscious - helping us to tap into the aggregate psychic flow of humanity. I believe that one such journey taught me much about the coming crossroads lying ahead for humanity. In a rather unexpected way, a turn of the metaphysical path brought me to a view of - well, I'm not sure of what.

I am a Sci Fi junkie, and so this vision presented itself as a classic space-opera. It came to me as an interesting story, yet it seemed like something more than that. So here goes:
It is far into humanity's future. Humanity has undergone a tremendous psychic/spiritual emergence. Benevolent ET contact has occurred and Earth is now a participant in the interstellar community of beings. We are a star-faring civilization. This particular crew are explorers on a deep-star exploration craft. They travel the galactic rim mapping new worlds for exploration and colonization (shades of Babylon 5, Star Trek, etc...).

One world visited was an ancient, dead world. It had once been teeming with life, but it was now lifeless. There was the possibility of re-terraforming it (restoring it to life) as a possible colony site. But in addition to this, there was the sense (people in this future time are highly telepathic) that this world was sentient. So the crew decided to investigate it. What they found there was eye-opening.

The world had indeed been populated, ages ago. Vast runis spanned every continent. Yet, at the northernmost point on the planet, surrounded by ruins, there was a crystal Citadel. The Citadel had a pristine, undiminshed character to it, as if time had not touched it. It was a crystaline city within a city, a radiant place of white, gold and crystal, undisturbed by time.

Several of the landing party volunteered to enter the Citadel. There was an opening into the interior, a wide gate with the remains of a road approaching it. The team entered and found that the way led to a central hall. The hall contained something that immediately caught one's attention - and it has stayed front and center in my mind to this day...

At the center of the hall was what one could only describe as "The Archive", a crystaline formation which (literally) spoke to its visitors. Thoughts - apparently from this source, entered the mind - telepathic greetings from the Citadel, itself.

A dialog ensued, and the Citidel explained that it was the archive of consciousness of this world. Long ago, when it became apparent that their world was doomed, those who were left archived their remaining consciousness in this place. This formation was now the last remaining sentience on this world, a silicon repository of this world's soul.

This conscious Citadel further explained what had happenned to it's world. At a critical point in history, the master-species ("The Masters" as they called themselves) had achieved very high technology. They had also arived at the threshold of spiritual emergence. As with every race, they had reached their critical crossroads in history.

The Citadel explained that for every race, there was a point where the collective growth both of technology and of psychic awareness brought them to a crossroads. Those civilizations that did not choose the higher path would end up destroying their world. Those who chose the path of emergence would find a whole new level of existence awaiting them - as they took their place in the universe. In this case "The Masters" failed to make the transition.

In truth, many of "The Masters" had begun to make the transition, experienceing this awakening. But out of fear, the rest of their kind backlashed against them, in a desparate attempt to preserve the old ways. Thus the awakening did not take hold. As a species, they developed into a technological but aspiritual civilization. Within a relatively short time they had destroyed their world, and themselves along with it.

Those few farsighted individuals who had made the ascencion-transition could also see that the end was coming. In the last days, they built the citadel as a last refuge for the group mind. Their bodies might die, but the collective mind would live on. Here their collective sentience lived on as a reminder and warning to others - that at some point in the collective lifepath of each sentient race, there will come a time of trial. It will be a time of both awakening and danger - a critical crossroads. It will be a time when the critical choice must be made. Ascend or die.

I came out of trance, wondering about this strange story that had presented itself. It was comforting to envision humans traveling about the galaxy. Yet it was also spooky to realize that at its heart, the story was a warning.

The time is upon us when as a people, we must awaken or die. Do we ascend and survive? Or do we go the hapless way of "The Masters". To survive we must choose the higher path, because he present path can carry us no further.

The Journey to the Citadel is a story that asks of every citizen of this pale blue dot we call Earth: Which road do you choose - Awaken or Die?

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2 Apr 2003 @ 20:41 by vibrani : Craig
Thanks for your article. I agree with the information about each civilization being challenged. Lemuria was mostly heart energy; Atlantis mostly mental. The challenge we are faced with is if we can balance technology with heart and integrity.


Thanks for the note. I think that one of the signs of the higher path is balance. A theme is most spiritual traditions is moderation. To go too far to one side of any choice is to establish a polarity - taking us right back off the path. So you're right - the key is to balance the gift that is technology with our essence which is spirit. Thanx again for the comment.  

2 Apr 2003 @ 22:31 by spiritseek : Craig
Your story seems much like a movie I saw a few years ago. I believe it was Mars. Someone else had the same vision and wrote the story of that movie. A very important lesson in it.


Thanks Marie,
My sense is that this is a universal theme. The beauty of deep trance work such as we were doing is the ability to tap into the universal archetypes of the human collective mind. I think that this is an idea who's time has come, and so quite a few others have probably had the same vision.
Thanx again for the note.

3 Apr 2003 @ 02:51 by shawa : It is litterally true.
It´s only the form of the "message" that is Sci Fi (cause you´re a Sci Fi fan?). The contents of the message apply directly to reality.
Get out of the Matrix (=Ascend), or die!  

3 Apr 2003 @ 02:52 by shawa : And ?
What will YOU do, Craig ??? :-)
Gee, I'm thinking, I'm thinking.... :-)
Now, where did I put that ascension ladder?
Another note:
Messages of the spirit are often presented as metaphor. In this way the Spirit speaks to us in the way our mind is most receptive. In my case, it was a Sci Fi scenario.
Maybe it´s easier than you think ? Chuck the ladder, you already have everything that is needed! ;-) (Sh.)  

3 Apr 2003 @ 03:34 by newdawn : ...
wonderful journey. Up, up and away!!  

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