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picture4 Apr 2003 @ 09:26, by Craig Lang

How many of us baby-boomers have said to ourselves: There must be more to life than this. But what is it? How do I find it? Where to from here - where does the path lead?

How many have found the answer? And how many of us know how to ask the question? Some interesting experiences over the last few weeks have helped me come to terms with the question, even if I haven't come any closer yet to the answer...

At the present time, many of us baby-boomer forty-somethings find ourselves at the point in life: Half way through one's career; Having been successful at some endeavor; Perhaps having a professional reputation, etc... Materially, many have "arrived" in some manner. Married - perhaps for the second or third time - and in many cases, this one has worked.

From the outside, life looks good. But from the inside, the new question arises: Where am I? Where does the road lead to from here? There must be more to life than this.

"Cubeworld", the world of the corporation, that endless sea of Dilbert cubes, no longer holds the attraction it did five years ago. There is the sense that this world was once meaningful, but is no-longer. It is a sense of loss, yet a sense that the old is passing, and the new is arriving.

So, what is the "New"? Over the last four-plus years, I have asked this question endless times. It has been the defining force in my life - and I am not alone. In the last two years, I have attended endless series' of workshops on topics like career-transition and self-analysis. And there I find many others, all asking the exact same questions: "Where to from here?"

Since the answer is probably something unconventional, the path to it is probably so as well. So like many others, I have sought a metaphysical path to try and find this answer. Taking up spiritual interests, studying and practicing meditation, etc. have led to a shift in the path - the red road, the golden path, or just "following the breadcrumbs". And while I still do not (and maybe never will) know where the trail is leading, I have noticed one very interesting thing. At times, synchronicities abound.

It is said that the occurrence of synchronicities is a sign that in some way, one is on the right track. In many cases, for weeks at a time there seems to be an unbroken chain of these amazing "coincidences". Then, just as suddenly they stop. life becomes bleak and one feels lost. There are no breadcrumbs in sight. Which leads me to the next discovery: Prayer works.

Prayer leads to miracles. God listens, but the response can be subtle - under the radar of life. But each has an important role in life - they provide us with hope. The path is still there, even if today one might not see it very well. The next breadcrumb is probably just within your reach.

A couple of weeks ago, it was a rather gray and clouded time. It was a week in which our nation was teetering on the brink of war. It was a time in which the day job was giving me a rough time. And in many other ways, life seemed pretty bleak. But it was also a time of prayer - and in a moment of pleasant suprise, a phone call came from a friend - someone I hadn't talked with in months. We talked for hours, twisting eachothers ears into square knots.

My friend reminded me of a book I had just been planning to order from Amazon - "The Power of Now", by Eckhart Tolle. I had been reading alot about mindfulness in recent times (for me this is a skill that needs alot of fine tuning). And suddenly, out of the blue, comes what is probably one of the best books I have read on the subject.

My friend had two copies, one she regularly loans to friends. And as luck would have it, the last person had just returned it. So she loaned it to me, and I read it cover to cover.

It didn't make any external changes in life - yet. But internally, it was life changing. And in the last two weeks, the synchronicities have resumed. Where do they lead, I still don't know. But Eckhart Tolle's advice is to focus on the present moment (with some excellent ways of helping you do just that). And when one does, the path becomes clearer - both up close, and further into the distance.

So the end result: The road still winds. The next breadcrumb is often still hidden. Most of us are still seekers - and few if any ever find their Holy Grail. Yet there is joy in the seeking - and the synchronicities continue - Signposts along the golden path.

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4 Apr 2003 @ 19:23 by newdawn : ?
are there any web sites on this or ways of focusing on the present moment? confirmation is always helpful and can also provide new insights.  

5 Apr 2003 @ 01:02 by scotty : Craig
your log couldn't have come at a better time for me - thankyou de tout coeur ! (syncronicity ?)
(I'm off to look in Amazone !)  

5 Apr 2003 @ 01:24 by shawa : Hello.
:-) It´s good to know other people have this midlife crisis! ;-)  

5 Apr 2003 @ 06:27 by spiritseek : Meeting like this...
It seems the same people on NCN always seem to meet in the same places? Maybe its one of those soul-groups that chose to do so here and now! I for one am so glad I found NCN and all its vast knowledge of people and spiritual love that I have grown leaps and bounds. Thanks Craig for your posts on personal experiences, it does help to examine ourselves to check and balance and move on!!! Love to you friend, Marie  

5 Apr 2003 @ 08:49 by petavie : Hello
Thank you Craig for posting this. :-D  

5 Apr 2003 @ 11:24 by martha : psssss....craig
whispers martha, "You have many holy grails in one life. Life is a process of going from one to the next and enjoying the process along the way."
CL Note: Thank Martha. I knew that the grail shelf in my kitchen was getting a little full... :-)  

5 Apr 2003 @ 11:32 by craiglang : Some Mindfulness links
- {|}
- {|Mindfulness Meditaiton}
- {|Mindfulness In Plain English}
- {|Living in the Present Moment - Importance vs. Urgency}  

5 Apr 2003 @ 11:39 by craiglang : Some Links on Synchronicity
- {|Synchronicity}
- {|Trust Synchronicity:}  

5 Apr 2003 @ 11:43 by martha : which reminds me
One of my all time favorite movies was monty python searching for the grail.
thanks for the links craig. Now can you give me a link for more time in my day so I can read them.

When I find a site, perhaps an FTP site, where I can download some extra time, I will let you know. I may try do download some for myself... :-)  

7 May 2003 @ 02:26 by rainbowfish : Synchronicity and Midlife: Traveling the
Hello Folks,

I've just joined NCN and it's very comforting to know there are so many of us who are travelling in the same direction, never mind forty somethings as well! (I'm 48). You seem like a nice bunch of people too. :)


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