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5 May 2004 @ 10:59, by Craig Lang

In the last week or two, I have heard more and more people tell me how they feel an increasing level of anxiety, depression and overall gloom. I have wondered if it was simply the weird weather we have had this spring, or if there is something else afoot. However in the last couple of days I too have felt this same sense - a perception of "gathering darkness".

What is the cause? There are alot of possibilities, so let's look at few candidates.

1) The News:
This week's Whitley's Journal paints a picture that is not real pretty, to say the least. And you don't need to go to Whitley's site to find this. Just look in the morning paper...

Furthermore, there is enough chatter about "peak oil", the "jobless recovery" and other very much less than positive politico-economic news, that it tends to foster a very dark overall outlook.

2) The Weather
The old cliche that "it must be the weather" seems to have a fair amount of validity. Max Tobin published an interesting log entry on Negative Ions, that I think might help us understand this a bit better.

Furthermore, there does seem to be considerable change afoot in the weather, as described in the April 24th, 2004 Whitley's Journal. Cool springs and cold falls, unstable and violent weather, etc - give a sense that something is very much out of whack in the atmosphere. It is the powerful sense in the air that "something isn't right".

3) Metaphysical Currents
A number of sensitives have told me that, especially in the last two to three days, they have had the sense that "things are changing". Several have described it as "a full moon". Others have described it in astrological or calendar/numerological terms. Their message is the same - "we are at a crossroads", and "There is evil afoot". This message has been nearly unanimous from every sensitive who has described their impressions in these last few days.

One person, whom I know well from meditation circles, has suggested that there seems to be a lot of people dealing with various internal issues. He claimed that this is usually mistaken for external influences. Yet my observations on this are two-fold:
- Internal and external are often indistinguishable. As within so without, and as above, so below.
- The number of such "internal issue" descriptions from so many people suggests to me that this is a commonality of some sort. What is cause and what is effect is unclear. But they all seem to be part of a pattern that seems noteable "out there in the world"...

So, what is going on? Is it simply alot of people having a bad day? Is it an overall reaction to bad news? Is this just "the nightmare season"? Or might there be a deeper metaphysical process that is taking us through a crossroads of history?

Turning the corner, I can say that I for one, believe that with the darkness there is always light. After trial comes joy. In a world that seems to show ever-increasing polarity, there is the promise that this will lead at some point to transcendence and awakening. Many/Most of the worlds religions speak of a time of trial followed by a time of light. In some sense, is this promised time upon us? While I, too, can feel the stress of the current world situation, I firmly believe that it is leading us to something better - I just don't understand what (or how).

Furthermore, we can also remind ourselves that the "better" which we seek comes from within. Each of us learns and grows, perhaps fostered in an important way by the current times of trial and adversity. And as we grow we contribute to the critical mass of light that I pray is coming forth in the world.

I don't have the answers but I can tell you that like many others, I certainly have alot of questions. As I believe is true for many, along with the questions comes hope. And at least for me, the hope of this day is that, along with the gathering darkness, comes the gathering light.

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5 May 2004 @ 12:11 by jmarc : Something is afoot Watson,
I can feel it too, and i don't think it's just the weather. I've always believed also that it's always darkest before the dawn, but let's just hope we can muddle through the darkness, eh?  

5 May 2004 @ 12:20 by skookum : I think we should
really try harder to focus on positive thought. I am all for knowing the skinny on things, but I cannot remain healthy emotionally if I dwell on those things that are wrong in the world, especially if I am not personally able to change them.
There are those whose role may be to be the 'watchcriers and squeaky wheels', and they indeed are important raisers of awareness. However, even they must restore their light and take a break from this or become jaded, negative and cynical. These things do not contribute to raising the light, or the good works on the planet. Keeping our light shining is continually a difficult proposition. The 'something that isn't right' is within ourselves. The power of thought is real, it only makes sense to keep them as positive as possible.

In the darkness, if someone lights a candle.. that would help a lot. In case there is no light...perhaps we can take each other's hand.

Marissa, that is one of the most insightful comments I have heard in awhile. Thank you.

As within, so without. The degree of light and/or darkness in the world is really, in aggregate, the light and/or darkness within ourselves. Another way of viewing what you are saying (assuming I understand it correctly) is that we indeed make our own reality - and through the filter of that reality we can fill the world with our own light.

Thank you for your insight.  

5 May 2004 @ 12:33 by spiritseek : Venus's approach...
let us not forget that Venus is coming close to the Earth and will be here around June 8th. I broke this down to numerology and if it is really off by two days then the number is 666. June=6,day=6,year 2004=6. Its true what we do during these times is very important and that is maintaining our light among the dark, to keep positive and calm. I believe there will be issues that will creep up within us and that they will need to be faced and dealt with.  

6 May 2004 @ 12:32 by martha : While I agree with Marissa
about staying positive (say this for Jazzy's benefit), I have also been on edge the last few weeks. I have some days that I am very anxious and discover repeatedly that someone I love is in distress. i don't ask for this psychic info to come my way, it just does. So now I'm just trying to stay relaxed when i have these episodes. Had one yesterday but don't know what I was picking up on. Nora and I talk about this a great deal. Staying positve and relaxed helps but it doesn't work all the time.
Hey marie 6 is one of my favorite numbers...hahahaha...the devil made me say it!  

8 May 2004 @ 18:07 by spiritseek : so is mine...
I don't fear the number 666 I just know there is tremendous energy associated with it. Its what we do with that energy!  

8 May 2004 @ 19:09 by scotty : Being 'sensitive'
to the world around us brings with it 'feelings' that we have to deal with .
Knowing that 'something' is happening can have a draining effect on us - that's if we listen to the fear in ourselves that is !

I honestly believe that good bad light and dark are not 'opposites' - they're just the way life is - and we make judgements about the way we see things !
Letting these feelings affect us doesn't help us - doesn't help anybody !
I've stopped looking for good and bad omens - I'm learning to look for opportunites - to be just a little bit more brave than I was a minute ago - to try and use my sensativity as a stepping stone to awareness - to accept that life is a paradox of darkness and light - and that it's up to me - to us - to decide what the outcome is going to be .

(and when all that doesn't work - I blame the fact that I can't sleep on the full moon - as I have done these last few days -err .. or should I say nights!)  

8 May 2004 @ 21:03 by skookum : that dang full moon
bothers me for a bit.. have trouble sleeping.. less patience... and no it isn't pms...dang.. forgot to wear my hematite lol

you and me scotty.. sounds like we have similar trouble with that moon!

I have learned even things that originally were considered a bad thing... have eventually been for my good.  

8 May 2004 @ 21:40 by martha : Me too...
can't say I have had good sleeps lately but I think it is because I am restless.  

8 May 2004 @ 21:50 by skookum : If you do a lot of needlework
you are probably not this restless all the time.. I feel it too...not like me really...maybe waiting for something?...*shrugs shoulders  

10 May 2004 @ 14:52 by craiglang : Quiet over the last couple of days
Not sure why, just like I'm not sure why the last little while before that was so restless. But over the weekend there was the feeling of warmth and the sense that "things will be OK after all..."

I noted that in the last few days, I have spent most of my time focusing on the little things. Working on my book, spending the day at the botanical gardens with Gwyn, and doing things that simply ignore the ugly world of the newspaper...

But there just seemed to be a lot less heaviness, and alot more enjoyment of life "out there", "in the air"  

10 May 2004 @ 15:01 by scotty : -things are going to be ok after all !
Yep ! that's what I think too !
I'm still not sleeping better - I tend to get up in the middle of the night and go out onto the balcony and watch the stars - and listen to the bats 'kreeekin'! But I feel that ultimately - it's all going to be ok !
Something is 'shifting' !

'maybe waiting for something' - yes Marissa - that's the kind of feeling it is !  

12 Jul 2004 @ 17:35 by wisewoman : BALANCING THE LIGHT .. DARK
The ongoing quest in duality .. rumour has it that it is preordained to remain balanced .. maybe not simultaneously ?? I seek to get past the DRAMA of it all>> to find the stillness @ the center .. where Spirit dwells.. then view/decide/act from that perspective.  

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