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2 Aug 2004 @ 10:57, by Craig Lang

To see beyond, look within. To see above look below. To see the large view the small, and to see the many look at the few.

Some thoughts on the changes upon us, and how they are indeed in progress: Both large and small, pivotal events seem to be manifesting in our personal experiences, as they are in the events of the world.

My own sense is that in many important ways, they are one and the same. As within, so without. Changes in the large and changes in the small mirror eachother.


This week was an interesting exercise in perspective. Sifting through the commentary and dialog of my previous post was an interesting experience - as there were alot of neat views expressed there. IMHO it is important to learn from dialog whatever one can. And this, along with several other events over the last week have brought home to me some of what is happenning in the world. It dramatized how the aggregate and the individual - can sometimes seem to correspond closely in life.

In my own life, the sense of being at the cross-roads seems to become ever more pronounced. Last week, in my day job, my employer announced that they are going to lay off about five percent of the staff - individuals yet unspecified - on a specific date. Thus, as of next week, I may be in the market for a new day job. It is uncertainty at its finest, and drives home the same sense of deep, underlying change which seems to permeate every aspect of the world.

In the global realm of politics and world affairs, I see the same thing. There is a deep underlying sense of disquiet, a powerful need for change. Yet at the same time, there is a tremedous sense of uncertainty - and even fear - over where such change will take us. We know we must change, but it is difficult to see the future of such changes. So we travel an uncertain path - going we know-not where...

At the metaphysical level, so many tell me of how they sense the ever-increasing dynamic of change as well. It is a force in consciousness that seems to be driving an ever-increasing number of people. It is a force for growth, but just like in world affairs, it is also a force for uncertainty.

"The Coming Change" seems to be an ever growing current in the collective unconscious that seems to swirl just below the surface of overt awareness. Yet evermore, it seems to mainfest in an increasing number of ways. Dreams and impressions which people have described (and I have experienced as well) show this current of change rippling the surface. The sense of the pace quickening, of the crescendo, seems to increasingly fill one's psychic awareness. And so the dynamic of this single author on a seeker's journey, and the dynamic of the aggregate - a vast network of change - eerily seem like reflections of eachother.

And then I look around and see those for whom life is business as usual. While I sometimes look at them with envy, at other times I want to ask "don't you see what's happening?"

Last night, I got a call from one of our neighborhood political "chieftains". She wanted to discuss some upcoming campaign activities. And in the process she made several comments which suggested that many of her views were "business as usual" in the political world. Then, in the paper, I read several comments by both "liberal" and "conservative" politicians. They were the same arguments I have heard many times before. Again, business as usual.

Then I logged on and read some articles - including several on NCN. I looked at some of my e-mail - both personal and business, and noted the tone of some of it. And once again, the renewed sense of the force that is "The Changes" hit me dead center in the heart chakra.

The message to me is clearer than ever, that the time for "business as usual" is over. It is time for the old to pass, and the new to come.

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2 Aug 2004 @ 13:18 by vaxen : Cycles...
here in the MEST universe all is cyclical. Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva. Creation, Survival, Destruction, Repeat...

Start, stop, start, stop...create, survive, destroy, create again. Birth, Life, Death, Re-birth...



3 Aug 2004 @ 20:01 by magical_melody : There you go Craig,
The Creator reminding you once more of the temporary assignment you are on, so that you stay on track with the 'real work' that you've been being prepared for. Flexibility essential, as it appears the stable and reliable lot, is not...the spot for you. I support you now in giving a wee bit more focus and time to those 'other' projects... You know what I mean jelly bean?  

4 Aug 2004 @ 18:58 by astrid : Craig's "A World of Change"
Dear Craig,
You are so right on in your perceptions about "A World of Change" going on while there's the other polarity out there too, kinda' running paralell: "Business As Usual".
I have also noticed this very same (???) thing in my life. When I made a change (in favor of The Highest Good Of All ) I soon realized that very ISSUE-At-HAnd, so to speak, took a "life of its own" and was being "all of a sudden/out of the blue" implemented by thousands of other people in the World-At-Large, whereas just months before NOBODY did it ( this new way )!!! I hope this explanation makes sense to you, Dear Reader.
I eventually discussed this pheonmeon with some of my girl-friends, who indeed had reflected in these same lines of thought in their own lives, having had the SAME EXPERIENCE, thinking that they were "just dreaming"!!!!
What this proved to me was the importance and POWER of ACKNOWLDEGMENT about what (EACH ) I need to change and actually go on doing it --and the HUNDREDTH MONKEY- Syndrome/Effect will cick in "no time" at all!.... in other words: the Change we --each and everone of us-- implement, will spread "like wildfire" .

Since "Things" around us in Nature, are a "sort-of" ALARM-CLOCK of what we should do on the inside: wild-fire in our Neighbourhoods, like the fire here in So. California last summer, was there screaming in our ears: DO SOMETHING LIFE- bnenficial!!! Protect/support/promote LIFE instead of your stupid Business as Usual, ALRIGHT!...?... OR MOTHER NATURE HAS TO DO THE CLEANSING > Healing FOR YOU!!!!! So IF indeed many enough people here, this year will do OUR part in changing ways TOWARDS LIFE, then we don't "need" to see another wild-fire, which indeed would be third summer in the row, for SO. Cal. I personally think it is enough to have had wild-fires here TWO SUMMERS IN A ROW!!! I am more than happy to implement healing here with changing my own ways to be ever more Life supporting, knowing that when I do it, it will catch on soon enough by thousands of more people to do the same change!
The more on an ongoing basis we allow HIGHER CONSCIOUSNESS to take root in us, the smaller and smoother will the earthquakes be here (the same goes for any earthquake-prone area, I believe, which is pretty much ANYWHERE on the Planet).
Keep up The Good Work, Craig!
with Love/ Astrid


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