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21 Sep 2004 @ 17:43, by Craig Lang

I got a few interesting comments back on my last post on "Psychic Fulfillment". A comment that I got back from at least one person was that in these times, it is more important to focus on the large than the small. To me this suggests that even focusing on the question of the day-job is in effect, a form of "service to self". But is this in fact, the case?

The phrase "think globally, act locally" often rings in my ear. To affect the big, we must change the small. Another cliche which I have so often heard is that one can not help the world unless one first helps one's self - making sure that one's intentions are positive. So if that is the case, is it really service-to-self to seek a fulfillment on the small scale? Is it really a non-positive thing to ask about psychic fulfillment regarding something like a day-job?

The universe exists in a grain of sand. To build a better universe, we each must ever-strive for a better individual "us". One way to do that is to balance focus on both the small and the large, while working to influence that which is within our own individual circle of influence - approaching all with a true message of positive intent.

In the end, all we can change is ourselves. And when enough self-change has occurred for the better, the universe must surely improve as well.

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24 Sep 2004 @ 20:10 by vaxen : in the end...
we can change a lot more than ourselves! the problem is that many dyed in the wool 'changers' often refuse to look within and instead go about wreaking havoc on the rest of existence! case in point: Iraq. that, of course is only one very tiny example of how 'we' are changing 'other than ourselves' but i hope it will suffice to disengage you from the thought that the only thing we can change is ourselves. in the overall overall that may, of course, bear some semblance to the truth that everything is a projection, your own. you are your own creation. no moral 'judgement' implied.  

25 Sep 2004 @ 20:59 by skookum : since we are
all connected in many ways...and change within changes without, sometimes reaching farther than we imagined.  

3 Oct 2004 @ 18:41 by astrid : Someone once told me.....
....that we do our greatest service of Love, when we least think of doing so. In other words when are spontaneous, responding from that Heartsapce where we flow with the Moment, responding to our Outside World from there. I thought to myself; yeah, right!....and when I try to be Good, it doesn't count, huh? But I did have several feedbacks later, that proved this statement to be "true"! I stopped then to think about this subject anymore and just try to allow even my "BAD" feelings to freely flow in and thourgh me, knowing that clean, fresh Life Energy ( Good feeling/"Holy Spirit") will eventually flow again.Observing this Energyflow through me takes me faster than anything into the space where I will do good again,even when I don't "plan" it!.... does this make sense? I hope so, because it really works quite well ( for me & maybe for others as well... )  

5 Oct 2004 @ 21:15 by ov : Change and Control
I forget exactly where I read this but it has to do with change and control; you only have control over yourself, you can influence those you come into contact with, and you can appreciate the universe at large. That last bit is about opening yourself up to the opportunities that are out there and being able to use them to your own advantage. Sometimes I think there are too many people that want to impose their solution onto everybody and they don't even take the time to look at some of the other solutions that are already ready to go. Then again, I could be projecting, :-)  

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