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4 Nov 2004 @ 20:54, by Craig Lang

"It has begun..."
-Ambasador Kosh
(On witnessing the destruction of the ship carrying President Luis Santiago - in the Babylon 5 season 1 conclusion: "Chrysalis")

The day after election day was one of what I call the "cellar" days, in which you feel that you are at the bottom of the canyon. I found that on several occasions during that day, I had to fight back tears. A deep blanket of sadness seemed to smother my heart.

I wondered at the road that we have collectively chosen. How could we get it so wrong, yet so many people come to that conclusion at once? And I wondered even more, where will this road take us? And the only answer I could provide was "Into the abyss", Or, to quote the title of Greg Bear's novel of apocalypse, "The Forge of God."


Wednesday 11/3/2004 was a very long day. The day began and ended in the lab at my workplace. It began with a cranky piece of software that just wouldn't seem to behave. I noticed that machines everywhere seemed to act up. I even noticed an inordinately large number of broken down cars on the highway. But most of all, I noticed that there was a certain moroseness in the air. There was was a dark cloud, a shadow, a sense of hopelessness in the air. Even those who were rather conservative politically seemed to have some sort of a sense that things have gone horribly awry. Yet we continued - taking the next step in our march down the road that leads us into the abyss.

Yet the decision has been made, and for better or for worse this is now what the present moment brings us. All possible future paths will begin at this waypoint. And the march continues...

I overheard two friends talking, both of whom are republicans. One had noted the atmosphere of sadness that seemed to pervade the place. The other commented, "I don't see anything wrong with the results at all". The first replied, "You will...".

In the eyes of the Universe, there are no victors or vanquished. There are only consequences. Regardless of how we voted, every American citizen now owns the decision, and for this decision, I believe that these consequences will be huge.

I spent alot of today thinking about this - in addition to debugging software, that is... :-)
What went wrong? Why do so many people not see what going on - where "Dubya" is leading he USA? It was the big question on my mind - mine and oh-so-many others'.

The writing that Ming posted, nearly immediately after the results became known, "Bush Again" seems to sum up my views in a big way. It somehow finds comfort in catastrophe, suggesting that perhaps this will push issues to a head even faster. Thus, we can begin to clean up the mess sooner, rather than later.

Is this so? Is it necessary to pass through the darkness on the way to the light? In the last two years, I have had this ever-present sense that the Changes have begun. We are on the road, and our pace is accelerating. There is no turning back. And where the road leads is anyone's guess. But wherever it takes us, the march goes on. defines "Abyss" as "An immesurably deep chasm". It is a deep place of darkness - but after the darkness comes light. With the abyss comes trial, and with trial comes growth. Perhaps these are "the Changes", which I believe are upon us. Perhaps this latest episode is just what we have needed to take us one step deeper into the forge - from which we arrive newly fashioned and stronger than ever before. And therein, for me, arises hope.

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8 Nov 2004 @ 13:13 by vaxen : Do'nt forget...
, Craig, many of us did not, and will never, vote for either of these two idiot puppet 'PARTIES.' There are many 'out here' who have forsaken the lie and will create a different 'story.' You, as a software engineer, might find it interesting to look into 'GEM.' There were NO choices. This was a 'SHAM' election. The Eastern Establishment all the way. In their made to order war for profit, their own, they are only digging their own graves deeper, and deeper. Sad? Be glad. They say it is darkest just before the dawn. You know the history of this sham Government, yes, so...

The Fifth World is coming. The secrets being hidden, from the general populace, will be revealed and there is nothing that the CABAL can do to stop it. Let them have their day in the Sun. They are reaping a bitter whirlwind of retribution where they could have had peace and developement throughout all the dynamics. Tear their masks off, all of them, and be encouraged that, at least, you are human and that the sorrow that you feel is only the birth of a wonderous new world. There is no creation without destruction. There is no destruction without creation. The two dichotomies, like love and hate, evil and good, go hand in hand. Cheer up mate.

Have you been to Bev Harris's site yet? Could use some engineering expertise. The GEM is not such a GEM afterall. ;) Peace bro.  

9 Nov 2004 @ 00:03 by magical_melody : Funny, the personality has so much to
say, and yet the soul says, 'SHhhhh!' and so it goes that way. Keep your eye on the {link:|sparrow} and {link:|sparrow 2}  

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