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 What will/would the Awakening be like?9 comments
3 Jan 2008 @ 15:50, by Craig Lang

For years, many including myself have been writing about a coming shift in consciousness - a psychic/spiritual emergence or Awakening. Since this sie is all about the coming New Civilization, I thought I'd pose the question here as to what people here feel that might be like.

I am currently writing a novel series about the transition, the time in which we make the change in consciousness, the apocalypse, the transitioning to the fifth world, or whatever one wants to call it.

There will most likely be a series of books (the first of which is pretty much done and looking for a publisher). The final book will be that in which we make the above-mentioned transition, whatever that might look like. I am currently trying to form a picture to the conclusion in my mind as I write a general backstory for the series.

My questions for the general NCN world are this:
1) How do you think a transition will actually occur (if it does)?
2) Will it be associated with 2012, or some other time? Gradual or sudden? etc...
3) What do you think the world will look like after such a transition?
4) What would life be like in such a world?
5) Will it be Psychic emergence? Some form of enlightenment? Something else? Or will we simply learn (somehow) to live together in a better way?

I have a zillion questions about this, and I've played with some ideas myself. But I'm most interested in the perspective of people in NCN, since this group is about the New Civilization.

Let me know what you think.
-Craig Lang

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4 Jan 2008 @ 01:21 by istvan : Well, you asked.
1) Consciousness does not, can not shift, CONSCIOUSNESS is ALLin ALL . As in the words of Jay Jae Jah Noh: “Consciousness is reality. Consciousness is That Which Is. It is God Truth, the One. It is prior to all things; it is all things. It is the cosmic energy from which all things take form”.
What needs to shift is the awareness of this One/God/Reality/Truth. Awareness is a modification of consciousness, adapted to operate on our level of existence, of forms. The limited human mind can not directly perceive realms beyond forms.
So the transition has to; and will be within expanded awareness of this consciousness beyond the manifested.
Only when God is allowed to descend trough the hart, love is possible. Thus the transition will occur.

2) The mind always has to associate things it can not comprehend with things it can. 2012 is as good as any. The gradual transition is already happening if one can notice it. The sudden is almost impossible without prior preparation.
3) Your guess is as good as mine.
4) If you have ewer been in love you already know.
5) Living in EXSTASY can only be alluded to; within the world of the limited mind of humans.

PS this group (NCN) is mostly interested in sophisticated chatting. It might also be well to look elsewhere for more visions.  

4 Jan 2008 @ 03:26 by bushman : Hmm,
I don't agree on your PS anan, lol. I do agree it's about awareness, I see it happening to all life forms, not just humans. Animals, Trees, bugs, they all seem to be wakeing out of thier instinctive mind thing.

It seems to be a gradual thing, and in the end or the next resting point we may see animals and plants and bugs doing things not related to instinct, maybe a deer doing something out of revenge haveing mallis and fore thought.

I think every living thing is phycic, the real change would be that of trusting your intuition/vissions, maybe knowing where that spot is in your mind that lets you see the future momments before they happen in the solid reality.

Seems like it could get awfuly boring living in exstasy all the time. Probably why the creator made the universe the way it did, lol. Basicly I think the Govs of the world don't want people to wake up, and will do anything to slow it all down, you know more people winning the lotto or keeping them occupied with TV news and sports games, not giving them time to just sit and think. No time to put logic to it all. But some of us are very much aware of whats happening in this world, all we can do is point it out to others and move on. I personaly don't like the idea of being one with all, to me, it will destroy the diversity and free will to be and think as an individual. Life is about death and death gives life to others, shall we be sad all the time? Shall we worry all the time that with every step we kill a bug or something? Till one day we evolve into Gods and can't do anything without causeing some sort of damage someplace else, what a terrable life that would be and extreemly boring. :}  

8 Jan 2008 @ 18:40 by freo7 : Earth is Shifting *ITS SELF NOW*
My questions for the general NCN world are this:

1) How do you think a transition will actually occur (if it does)? ANS: It is happening now in the NOW. and it is happening with or without your conscious choice to participate - N O W.

2) Will it be associated with 2012, or some other time? Gradual or sudden? etc...ANS: Yes 2012the collective culmination (completion) of the change in vibrational frequency of the Earth as we know it from 3D into 4th and 5th D = composite dominating critical mass = vibrational frequencies of every atom of Earth GAIA. Some channelers say that our time is not right as we measure it from the Gregorian calendars though and by it 2012 really is 2008 in Universal Cycles of reciprocal energies which is what is happening now and impacting every atom of Earth NOW as I said be4.

3) What do you think the world will look like after such a transition? ANS: what I am seeing and experiencing already are added colors of the visible range of colors in rainbows and an almost sureal view of all that is Earth from the 5D of us all here and now as compared with the old 3D view. IT's all in the eye of the beholder depending on which dimension of us all and ET`ALL we are being and therefore seeing and experiencing from.

4) What would life be like in such a world? ANS BOY YOU ARE SO behind the curve here in this Q!

5) Will it be Psychic emergence? Some form of enlightenment? Something else? Or will we simply learn (somehow) to live together in a better way? ANS: You really need to wake up and start doing your own HOME WORK because you can never see any higher vibrational frequency = energy band/range *that you are*. ALL YOU ANSWERS requested above are totally unique to YOU and your programming = you accepted versions of so called Earth reality but in reality that must include your universal accepted = believed reality also.

I have wanted to tell you these things since the day I came to NCN (WHAT A GREAT PLACE!!) BUT you were never OPEN to receive because you had it all figured so we all just went on without you.... until N O W.

Mah Gii Kah Oui dear late comer!!

Brenda McCann, aka Freo`7 *See catch-up archives here:


1/11/08 CL Note:

Hi Brenda,
Thanks for your comments.
I wasn't aware that I had it all figured out... :-)

Interesting note about seeing that which is at the level at which you are NOW. That's a neat observation.

I'm mystified. Have you tried to teach me something, individually? Or are you speaking generically about the NCN membership? Individually, I have never had any correspondence with you, so I would be a bit curious about how I am not open to what you have to say? I'm always interested in ideas and lessons that you, or others, have to say/teach/describe. Please let me know - perhaps by private message - if you were speaking 1:1.

In support of what you are saying, I hear a lot of similar things from clients, teachers and peers - and yet I do not believe that any of us has the absolute truth. In my book, none of us are entitled to judge another. None of us are perfect. The road to enlightenment contains an infinite number of steps.

One spiritual teaching that I find fascinating is on the Joy of non-knowing. When someone speaks to me with a lot of certainty, and furthermore, claims that I am deficient in (something) - presumably relative to that speaker - this teaching, plus alot of discernment, come to mind. As Paul said (1Cor 13), " for now, we see through a glass darkly..."

Well, enough on that.
My original intent was to get input on peoples' ideas about what life will be like post-2012. I'm eager to hear peoples' comments.

Thanks again for your insights.

8 Jan 2008 @ 20:25 by bushman : Hmm,
Freo, don't you think your answers are like how a mechanic seems to expect every driver to know every tech detail about thier car and how it works, right down to the tech of how the fuel was made? I don't personaly think it needs to be so complicated that one would need a degree in metapyhsics. :}  

9 Jan 2008 @ 02:45 by a-d : Good thinking ,
I would agree with a lot of what Bushman says.... I just want to turn the tables on Animal's behaviour as you say : "maybe a deer doing something out of revenge having mallis and fore thought." I personally think Animals will have ever more 'SPACE' to express THEIR divine Nature, just like we do, the more the old -PSYCHIC-WALLS crumble, fall away, leaving the Sky open for the truth of our SPIRITUAL Being/ness to be expressed un-obstructed!... I see this happening with all my four-legged more & more already!

(note, never ever confuse "Psychic" with "Spiritual" ! They are indeed each others' opposites! PSYCHIC is falling apart,dying not allowed any longer as the source of energy: sucking other's energy, to keep itself alive, when not accepting fresh cosmic energy into one's being (in other words: vamperism is of psychic quality. Of course; psychic can do a lot more -even some "Good" Things... but nothing that the Spiritual approach couldn't do even better!)

The so called "New Age" Thing is not really NEW at all... not at all newer than the "New World Order" either, which is indeed to re-install the Feodal System OPENLY back in its Place.... ( which it OFFICIALLY left with the Advent of the French Revolution 1789 ) You know; the whole Upstairs/Downstairs -way of life as the only possible!.... "New Age" IS THE OLD PARADIGM in a new Package, presented to the Mainstream OFFICIALLY for the first time in 1934 ( or was in 1937.... with the advent of the publication of the first issue of the "New Age Magazine" the time the so called TeosophicalSociety set up its Head quarters in India. The TRUE New Age is all about the Luciferian "religion" /Ideology: ME,ME,Me AT THE EXPENSE of all others!...JUST ME is all that matters ; to hell with everybody else! They are after all there for ME. to serve ME & -only- ME...Etc,etc...
ALL top Crooks follow that principle... as Lucifer -is a symbol for PERSONAL GREED, which automatically vindicates ALL DESTRUCTION!....

Then we have the (to the establishment really troublesome OFFSHOOT of New Age, where people started to take LIFE & LOVE, Truth & Honesty = ETHICS/Moral behaviour into account!... which is, btw, Brenda's and Adi's (and to some extent also my own )approach to "New Age"

The cycle we are about to end now has gone on for millions of years back & forth.... and never quite made it into Cosmic Awareness of Consciousness -the way we seem to have -at least possibilities- within our grasp today... Sooo.... the more of us, who are willing to expand our Understanding of LIFE beyond what the fraudulent "Science" and its "Proofs" to keep up their lies (like "Darwinism", "Psychology"; a la Freud, "Technology" -as we know it today, as well as all the so called "Religions" etc,etc... ALL FALSE and all on FALSE foundations and they are about to crumble, the better our chances are to make it this time -as it were.
[ ] here is an article we all should pay some serious attention to!... Read it all the way to its bitter end, so to speak. This is just one place where the sham is discussed.
Here is another article, discussing our Modern Life/style from another angle. Very poignant one!
[ ]

The scam artists themselves have also published countless statements where they openly -and proudly- tell us how they screwed us with the false "tis&that" ( those "things" I mentioned )
2008 will be very interesting year indeed!....
BTW, I think Solara's 2008 Surf Report, published here on NCN by Magical Melody, is quite good reading, discussing what already is in full swing of "Changes To Be Expected".


Bushy.... Bushy.... you are in real trouble out there in water (more like sump) you cannot tread much longer,; it will suck you DOWN!!! into its murky bottomless silt of the so called "Science"!... Don't take my word for it: do SOME DEEPER search!...
I see a very good guy in you, with a lot of Heart, who out of fear & confusion sometimes choose the wrong side of Life -which I know you love, despite this dangerous mess/confusion/ in your Knowledge Base. I would hate to see such a sweet guy go down!... )


9 Jan 2008 @ 04:44 by bushman : lol,
I dont know what you mean ad, lol. I don't believe in anything, I am motivated by what I know and see with my own 2 eyes. An old native american saying, "if you fall into a fast moving stream or river, don't try to swim to the edge to grab onto anything, push yourself out into the middle where its deep and go for the ride, till you are deposited into its destination". Something like that, lol. Fact is we don't know anything, other than the edge some of us have thru knowing the laws of probability, or whats likly to happen if we take a peticular corse of action. This is something that can only be learned thru trial and error. Some people might interpit it as phycic, but to me its not, I see it as an educated guess at best. :} I have no fear, as in, I don't fear anything. I make caucious decisions out of expiriance, and rarly leave anything to chance. I still wouldnt want to be some soul sitting on a cloud playing a harp or lamenting all my mistakes or weeping for what could have been. We are here now, trying to answer questions that can't be answered other than with faith. Cosmicly bound as you say, but we know nothing about the cosmos, other than what we see with our own 2 eyes hearts and spirits, we still don't know what true either way, and that to me is the whole point of the ride of life, to be entertained while growing in all dimentions of soul and personal expiriance till we get to our destination. We may choose to get back in line and go on the ride again, we may choose to just hang out at some cosmic taco bar for eternity, or as Q on startrek once said about his cosmic home, "sometimes we take turns just playing the scarecrow". If the waters suck me down Ill play the fish for awhile till that gets boring. :}  

9 Jan 2008 @ 14:22 by a-d : I wasn't very clear....
I'm afraid!... ; )... Only a few of my statements were my comments to your statements, Bushy... most of my comment was/is me commenting other people's comments here and my comment/s to Craig's Questions. (But as always; it was interesting to hear more of your commenting, Bushman. Thanks! : ) )) /A-d  

11 Jan 2008 @ 19:09 by craiglang : Interesting comments
Thanks folks,

It's tough being so "behind the times" ... :-)

But seriously folks, I expected that this would stir up a bit of discussion, and I see I was right. Everyone's comments contained interesting notes and perspectives. Especially inetersting is the idea that each person may/will experience awakening differently. That's one thing I've noted so far.

However, I have also noted that there is a critical mass building, of both psychic phenomena, and of spiritual transformation. The comment was interesting that they are not the same - very true, though I question whether they are opposite of eachother. I have noted that they tend to go hand in hand. Hence the question (maybe the definition of "psychic" and "spiritual" is really the question, there).

Thanx again for all for your comments.
Keep those cards and letters coming.


11 Jan 2008 @ 23:55 by a-d : Dear Craig,
if you don't mind I will respond to your ponderings about the differance between Psychic and Spiritual: Psychic is from person to person; a "horisontal" catching up Waves in the Ether, so to speak.... very much like (Good Ol' fashioned Cable at the bottom of Atlantic for talking to people on the other side of the Pond on your phone!...It works.... ) Spiritual is connecting via Satellite your cellphone to someone else's cell/phone there -or here.... In this case; the SATELLITE, "UP There" is the Key -and the Big Difference!.... Now.... in terms of where and "how" we get our cosmic energy to live: either we do it PSYCHICALLY, sucking life from others around us (including Animals Plants & over all Nature ) -OR we get it straight from Cosmos; "vertically" as it were! : )And with this "Little" difference a WHOLE LOT of OTHER (IMPORTANT) Things will occur in our being/ness!


CL Note:
Thanx. That's one of the best definitions I've heard yet.


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