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picture  COA Summer Solstice Rite Saturday, June 23rd 7:00PM
19 Jun 2007 @ 06:38, by Letecia Layson

In the Dianic tradition, on Summer Solstice we celebrate Goddess as
Mother/Maker and the diverse ways we create in our lives. Through movement,
trance and ritual enactment, we will work the power of fire in its many
aspects and applications: Fire as the power of the will, fire as a healing
power. Because of the possible intensity during this ritual, younger
children's participation will be limited to daughters 11 and older.

Place: Topanga Canyon (Indoors) Donation Requested: $13.00-$9.00 (sliding
scale) No woman is turned away for lack of funds. *All proceeds help fund
COA's community rituals and special events.

*A red or orange jar candle (all candles must be in a holder)
*Healthy vegetarian food and/or drink to share (absolutely no alcohol
*Plate, cup, utensils for the feast (In honor of our Earth Mother COA will
not provide paper goods)
*Wear comfortable festive clothing and supportive shoes (the floor at the
community house is terrible for bare feet)
Optional: Decorations for our communal altar - flowers in vases are always

Please leave a message including your name, phone number and the number of
women you plan to bring. Let us know if you or your guests are newcomers,
and if you or your guests will be bringing girls under 17. Womyn only.

Newcomers are warmly welcomed! We want your experience to be optimal so we
have created these guidelines in your interest. Women new to Goddess
spirituality must be advised that the ritual is a participatory religious
service and is not structured to be an introduction to the Goddess of to
Feminist Witchcraft. The following books are suggested reading before
attending a public ritual: The Spiral Dance by Starhawk [link],
The Holy Book of Women's Mysteries by Z Budapest [link],
Ariandne's Thread by Shekhinah Mountainwater'Invocation to Free Women' (audiocassette) by Ruth
Barrett [link] and Felicity Flowers, Women's Rites Women's
Mysteries by Ruth Barrett [link] . These are available
at the COA Store or your local book store. If you are planning on bringing
newcomers to the ritual, please be responsible to them and COA by preparing
your guests in advance. Give your guests a general idea of what to expect so
that they can participate in benefit of themselves and all women present.

The Topanga Community House, 1449 North Topanga Canyon Blvd., in Topanga
Canyon. Please RSVP before Thursday to with including your name, telephone number, and how many women you plan to bring. This is a participatory ritual is for serious seekers only. Once the circle is cast we cannot admit latecomers, so please arrive on time, Doors open at 6:30pm and will be locked at 7 pm. Carpool if possible.

From Pacific Coast Highway (Hwy .1): Turn onto Topanga Cyn. Blvd. and drive
into the canyon. 2 miles past the town you'll see the Community House sign
on your right. Drive up the hill to the hall and park. From the 101 Freeway
-Exit Topanga Cyn. Blvd. South and continue into the canyon for 5.9 miles.
When you see the "Pat's Topanga Grill" on your right you have about half a
mile to go. You'll see the sign for the Community House on your left. Drive
up the hill to the hall and park

*2007 Ritual Schedule*
Lammas: July 28 in Topanga
Autumn: Sept. 22 in Topanga
Crone Encounter: Oct. 20 in Topanga
Winter: Dec 22 in Topanga

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