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picture 30 Mar 2003 @ 21:33, by Julie Solheim-Roe

voices voices voices of the heart
the tongue of the bones of the blood
of the homes
from the bones, the blood, and the home
the voices the voices
the voices from the hearts

There seems to be more of a line in the sand for me with what is going on right now. The altar where I will sacrifice no more the compromises that support lies. In the world and in my experience of it personally and transpersonally.... Tecia talks about the solar weather... I know that there are these waves, like 'Horton Hears a Who'... the waves of what is happening in our birth life death blood swimming pool of humanity in relation to the All, the solar system and galaxy... and yes like the solar weather... there is an interconnection on the level of the star energy dance between the movement of life, the electricity and the subsequent organic relationships... there is some reason for the human condition and it is different than the ideas of transcendence and 'awakening' but indeed it has to do with Consciousness. Ming talks about the issues of what could be 'before the before' ... Stephen Hawking talks about, if there could be mathematical proof of the beginning, then there could be proof of a 'creator'. But the idea of Creatrix, that is the ongoing, never-changing AND always changing, Source, that from the inside out and outside in.... in Hawking's movie of 'Brief History of Time'.... that indeed it is a BOWL like matrix, not a point. There isn't a point. The patriarchy, the thoughts that don't work, are the linear ideas that talk about a beginning middle and end. And just one story. When they are all converging and happening simultaneously -- yet in some sort of harmonic and then not... order dance or UNDERSTANDING of what is working together. The massive hypnotism of the FRAMED linear thought, that is the escape from feeling what is going on. What is really going on. Again, the red pill vs. the convenience of the lies. This is the line in the sand. My soul is a radical soul. My essence, where I orientate and come from. There is something not about right left or centre. But off the line. Get off the line.

The profound statement of supporting the troops. Patriotism. To support a state that supports killing our troops and pretends it is about heroism. The heros are not the ones who kill or organize the killing or defend the killing. And the ones who glorify killing our youth because that is the only place where a man can find some path forward in a systematized lie. The industrial military complex is just a means to give meaning to these lives that cannot find a break. And we will not make them into heros later. The heroism is the lie of the idea of what it means to support them. True support, would be to care enough not to terrorize young men and women in the false idea of glory. Therefore, I realize, the best way to support our troops is to stop trooping youth and their promise. To stop the machine that trips the troops into terror. I support the troops to somehow be saved from the horrific system that cares not for their souls, voices, hearts, blood and bones. Of the sons or their mothers. Mostly minorities and from the lesser sides of the tracks.

This is the time when the pure radical inside of me is closer to the surface. I feel closer to my soul than ever. And I don't feel that it can be about what we've been trained to think is reasonable. When the WAR THAT HAS ALWAYS BEEN HAPPENING is so overtly obvious. It is not that the war was started or that THIS war is wrong. It is that THIS SAME WAR has been happening in the streets of our inner cities between the hip-hop-nations and the police state. In the jungles of Nicaragua and South Central LA. But now we are watching the same war, the same lies... so obvious for whoever wants to awaken. And now the war, the SAME ONE that has been going on for 500 years... is obvious for it's overtness. And yet because it is so overt, it is more covert and more insidious! To all the men who say they can talk about diplomacy and pragmatism. I say, this is the line in the sand where it matters no more. To awaken, to be liberated inside... we must help the sand be wiped from the eyes of those who are blinded by the lighted up lies of Rome.

On Friday my week was made when I spoke with a man in Brazil about the government of Lulu and their pledge to end poverty. He said the one thing that is good from all the current madness, is that the UN and all the nations can see Rome and it's imperialism like never before. Said GWB even looks like how you'd imagine a Roman Caesar to look. The jaw line. Like I keep saying, it's all in the EYES. Someone told me he blew up frogs as a child. Today Kelly said she spoke to Bruno in France. The European news is telling it like it is. This will be a blood bath on all sides. And Iraqis from Turkey and Jordan are coming home just to fight against the Americans. No matter how much they hate Hussain, they will defend their homeland against foreign invaders AT ALL COSTS. And the French think, we told you so....

Found this on today:
"How you know world is going insane. The best rapper is a white guy, the best golfer is a black guy, France accuses the U.S. of being arrogant, and Germany doesn't want a war."

Found some poems from last year that seem relivant tonight:

Moonshine nights
Crazy displaced peoples
find the eternal
temple familiar
in Southern fields of comfort.
Pop songs and fantasies
of Martigras' orgies
light up the sky.
A race between Mother Moon
and Madmen.

- - -

I wait always
a thousand yesterdays
for something to change,
Someone to call me
a name
which lasts ~
who clings fast
who clings last~

I am the feather
between reality's

- - -

He is my ALL
He is my Nothing
In the depth
I am lost~

In the light
I evaporate.

- - -


~On such matters~ What
does anyone know?

~A babe sleeps~
~A nation slumbers~
And, still, still
No One awakens.

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