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27 Dec 2002 @ 01:44, by Jenese James

Let us now share with you a proufound the moment of conception there is a spark of light, an explosion of energy and what you call a soul is concived, at the moment of death that spark of light, that which you call a soul, is obsorbed into all that a flash the light that you are , the essence which is you, the product of all your dispersed like an explosion, you are but an energy beam of all that exists. You have formed yourself your human form/body and have grown it from within your self. Every cell in your body is infused within you. You as that energentic spark that was concieved, and that which you are is obsorbed into all that is. The you you are and have been as this physical energy spark, is not lost, nothing can ever be lost within all that is. You are expanded, you not ony become dispersed, part of all that is, but you are enriched, you are still you in knowing yourself, yet you are more

Understand this you have never been seperate from all that is, the universe or force. From the entire universe comes you, gathering yourself together to form a physical form, upon death your energetic self/spark is obsorbed, dispersed into all that are not re obsorbed, for you have always been part of all that is. Your current beliefs hinder your understanding, for nothing can ever be seperate in actuality, all that is is everywhere, so how can anything be seperate from it.

Your trying to name is has helped create the seperation. And why are you here ? why did you do all this....why ? ...because you could ! Life is experiencing. Everything is experiencing. Again your beleifs about life seperate you from your own knowing, and therefore your own experience. There is no mystery of life to uncover, no specific path, no true way to be for all ways are the way to be in life. The beauty and mystery of life is simply that you EXIST. How you live your life is up to you. There are no right nor wrong ways, just many ways.

Many of you consider your life to be a series of experiences, some good others not so good. Still others feel that their experiences are so bad that they themselves are bad, worthless, no good, and your societies tend to reiniforce this. Yet let me share with is simply expereince....and how can you fail at that? No matter what you do in life you can not fail experiencing ! Now do you wish to judge that ?

Understand that your judgements of your experience will determine your life and how you live it.. But know this .....In this moment, you are who you are. You are who you are because of your experineces., every single one of them has shaped you into who you are today. And in a very real sense, you are who you think you are simply by the judgments you place on your experiences.

You are not at the mercy of any past life, nor lives yet to come. You exist in the only place that you can ...the PRESENT. So the choice becomes do you like yourself in this moment, are you ok with your life in this moment. If not why not....and are you willing to change them.....and if not now, then when ?

In your Dreamtime.....sleeping you are all different are people who know, you are people living life, choosing senarios that will best express your actions or change your actions to best resonante with who your wish to be. The veil between the worlds is thick only because of your understandings and beleifs about dreams themselves. If you did not dream, there would be no movement in your life, your choices are chosen in the dreamtime.....sleeping....and you will discover that without fully knowinng it you will have made the choice to change. Your world depends upon it.....are you willing to overcome decades of inertia and mindlessly following the leader to create from your own inherent knowingness.

The essence of all that is, is love, and you are a portion of that essence, all of you are, there is no getting away from are love at your core, your physical body is powered by the love you are..... energy, the energy of all that is.
For now however it is dulled down by living in fear, subtle fears about making a living, day to day fears of making ends meet and other equaly seemingly important things. You hold your lives in your own hands, or should we say hearts...and minds.....and without the dreamtime sleeping no change would be possible..........

We tell you this also.....there is nothing outside of your self that determines what type of life you end up living and experiencing....nothing....You are all self perpertrating, self generating, self created and self creating beings. You yourselves collectively create the momentum for what befalls you both individually and collectively as a race. There is no thing out side of your god or force as such that says it must go this way, or this must is no such thing...the choice is always yours and as always so are the responsiblities. You are not a victim in your own lives, let alone your world. You are self determining beings, co creating your world. The collective consciousness .....that which is all of you..... has been termed God, for that is the beleif in which you live....Yet it is not outside of you as you have personified it, is all of you, individually forming a collective consciousness known as humanity....this is the energy that powers your world....not something outside of yourself....but from within....from within all of you.....within the dreamtime sleeping

You are a spark of the divine, and therefore you are divine in nature. The core of you is love, the essence of who you are is love, that is what all that is is. Yet you know not what love is.

Let us share with you....the love that is, is the breath of a cool breeze on a muggy day, the love that is is the first rain drop on a parched desert landscape, the love that is both within you and surrounds embraces everything that you are, for it is you. The love that is, has allowed you to be

Expressed in physical form, the love that is becomes the virbration of joy. The core of you as energy, as a light form is love. When you create your physical form you are love, your form resonates at that vibration or tone. Look at your new borns they are love manifested in its purest sense/meaning/term. How then could you be anything less ?

When the energy essence which is you translates into physical form, the energy essence which is you grows the form. In other words, because you are pure love made physical, that energy, that love that is you, which is all that is, becomes the core energy harmonic of your body. In other words, you being love, your core harmonic in physical terms is love. At the vibration of that which you are, which is love, that energy weaves the body cell by cell. And what is the first organ created by this energy ? YOUR HEART !

And what is it that you have you been taught about your selves and your bodies ? In religious doctrine, you have been told that you are SINFUL....Here is the root of everything you beleif about your bodies and your selves. And why we endeavour to turn you from your religious. For from our perspective there is no truth in them and they seek to entrapp you and hinder the development that is necessary, nay, vital for you to understand your self and the world in which you yourselves co create.

We sense at this time, that the energy within your world and you yourselves are walking up from a deep hypnotic trance that has placed you at the mercy of religious dogma, subverting your inherent knowing and placing abhorant beleifs in your trusting minds and hearts. We watch humanity struggle with its own identity, trying to come to terms with concepts that are based on erronous ideas and limiting beleifs that do not free you from your prediciments, but hinder you even further. We speak to you from our hearts, from the energy of the divine love, that which is all that is, and that which is you. In this sense we will not play your game of feeding your egos, but challenge you to break out of your own self imposed limitiations. We will in a sense burst your self created bubbles of beleifs, by sharing with you the truth of your prediciments, in this way you yourselves can do your thinking and feeling and tap into the vast resoviour of knowledge that is your inheritance of being a divine spark of all that is.

Let us continue......As we have are divine love, merging with all that is at the moment of your physical death in energtic form. That energetic form created for you this body...grew this body within the dynamic of the vibration of love. Meaning that every cell, every fibre of your being IS the vibration of love. Because this is not the common understanding upon your world, many distortions have arisin. One of the many is that you are sinful, that your body your flesh is something to be free of. This is not so, for your body is your spirit your soul essence, and a portion of all that is, how could that be sinful ? You where made in the image of God, and the understanding of God at that time was akin to all that is,... a divine force.... and all that is is love so now, what image were you made from ? The Essence Of LOVE is your image. That is what you where 'made' in the image of . God is not a man, although man is a god in a sense. Yet to a religious person, they would not agree with that for man can never be like god...that is a blasphemy....then what is the point, if the child can never be like its father.

Let us share with you a deep dark secret....The Gods who created you where part of all that is, as are you...but they where not ALL THAT IS...there fore they where not gods in that sense , they were like you are becoming now, sophisticated in your technology enough to manipulate life and create new forms of life through the biology of genetic manipulation.....and so they created their imigae and likness....and like them you are a spark of infinite divinity the vibration of love. But they where not the God of man as personified by a Father in Heaven who only had one son, born of a virgin. No they where beings who where more sophisticated in their knowing then your race is now. And like your race, they also had ego' and personailites, that demanded aligence to their their laws...and to essentially what was their world...but they did not come from your world...neither did they create your world...for that was always here...remember everything came into being simultatneously as it exists now....simultaneoulsy

What has been handed to you generation after generataion is several stories merged into one....and these are very ancient in your terms....yet you pick up this story in your bibles...and by then it is very old....yet there is an older version still that gives the bible its true meaning but one that must never be openly discussed, for if so the story of mans god will find it has built its house on foundations of sand and will be washed away by the tides of deeper open enquiry....that is why the truth will always be concealed within your religious understanding. The truth of your beginings, the truth of yourselves not as sinful creatures but of sparks of love, part of all that is.

However our essential message for this timing has been posted, and that is that you are in essence love, a part of all that is, and though you are now in physical form, you have never been seperate from the love of all that is for you are in essence love and being love you have weaved your body to the energy of love, which is its core harmonic in which your body functions, anything outside of that vibration is not your core essence and will eventually over time degenerate your body. Your body is not sinful nor is it something to discard in your haste to get to a ficitious heaven. Your body is love made is you as manifest spirit, your flesh is just as much spirit as you are there can be no distinction between your body and your spirit for you are one and the same. Both are energy vibrations of love and you form, body and all a part of all that is. There is no seperation between you as physical being and all that is, for you are all that is made manifest in physical more no less.


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27 Dec 2002 @ 02:59 by jazzolog : Still Dreaming
Thank you for posting an extraordinary and deep mindscape. And thank you for including another link to your site, where so much truth and beauty awaits. Are you channeling these messages, and might you share some of that process with us?  

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