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13 Feb 2003 @ 02:12, by Jenese James

What is it that has bought us to these times in history ? This question has been on my mind all day. and although each of us can come up with some answers the thought still remains...what is it that has bought us to these times today.

Here we sit, in the suposedly enlightened 21st century and we are witnessing the most arragantly powerful nation on earth show the most callous disregard for human life. what has bought us to this place ?

The world watches in sheer horror as the war machine of this powerful nation defies the rules of International law not to mention the voices of its own people..who themselves march in their millions.

Calls for impeachment .....who amongst them will stand up and raise their voice...risking their entire career and possibly life to do so...who amongst them inside the congress wil stand up and say no there anyone ?

What can be done to stop this insanity?

Know that when the first bomb drops....all of us will feel the shame and the sadness as millions of people die over our need for oil...why...because we are all one.

what has bought us to this point in time?

This is a war that opens the door to sheer terror ......funny how the human race has the pathological ability to completly deny its own reality

humanity I weep for you.
yet I welcome your return

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13 Feb 2003 @ 04:23 by istvan : What is that brougt us here?
What is it that has bought us to these times in history ?
Just by asking this question know that you already have the answer.
The legacy(some call it history) of humanity is not a very attractive picture for those who have, and had glimpses of the potentialities of life on Earth.
I perceive the current happenings as a process of awakening of a new being on earth, the ones who are struggling to break the confines of the natural behavior of the animal heritage of the pre programmed notions and drive for self preservation depicted in humans as self importance.
As we struggle to evolve beyond just animal existence and have glimpses into possibilities of becoming more than our heritage, we humans are beginning to experience the pressures and difficulties of an evolutionary quantum leap that requires feats of courage, yet beyond the reach of most people.
Think of it this way: according to some research we are expanding the ability of our senses. Not long ago we were able to see much fewer colors, hear much more limited sounds, etc.., than now. our brains are expanding in time above the homo sapiens capabilities who mainly and only exist as sophysticated animal.
On the road to Divinity the pull of the old is becoming stronger until it will become so unbearable to some that they are willing to drop the legacy of the old, because it has become too painful to exist within the old self. Many of the pain we feel now are due to this.
As we have more and more glimpses of the potentials of Earthly living(possible new ways to exist and still be on Earth)we must learn to endure the pains of letting go of old addictions.
The road to becoming Homo Novus, a new manwoman is neither easy, nor difficult, but it requires to experience both the pleasure and pain of growth and heed their massage.

"The whole nature of man must be used wisely by the one who desires to enter the way. Each man is to himself absolutely the way, the truth, and the life. But he is only so when he grasps his whole individuality firmly, and, by the force of his awakened spiritual will, recognizes this individuality as not himself, but that thing which he has with pain created for his own use, and by means of which he purposes, as his growth slowly develops his intelligence, to reach to the life beyond individuality. When he knows that for this his wonderful complex separated life exists, then, indeed, and then only, he is upon the way. Seek it by plunging into the mysterious and glorious depths of your own inmost being. Seek it by testing all experience, by utilizing the senses in order to understand the growth and meaning of individuality, and the beauty and obscurity of those other divine fragments which are struggling side by side with you, and form the race to which you belong. Seek it by study of the laws of being, the laws of nature, the laws of the supernatural: and seek it by making the profound obeisance of the soul to the dim star that burns within. Steadily, as you watch and worship, its light will grow stronger. Then you may know you have found the beginning of the way. And when you have found the end its light will suddenly become the infinite light.
Note: -- Seek it by testing all experience, and remember that when I say this I do not say, Yield to the seductions of sense in order to know it. Before you have become an occultist you may do this; but not afterwards. When you have chosen and entered the path you cannot yield to these seductions without shame. Yet you can experience them without horror: can weigh, observe and test them, and wait with the patience of confidence for the hour when they shall affect you no longer. But do not condemn the man that yields; stretch out your hand to him as a brother pilgrim whose feet have become heavy with mire. Remember, O disciple, that great though the gulf may be between the good man and the sinner, it is greater between the good man and the man who has attained knowledge; it is immeasurable between the good man and the one on the threshold of divinity. Therefore be wary lest too soon you fancy yourself a thing apart from the mass. When you have found the beginning of the way the star of your soul will show its light; and by that light you will perceive how great is the darkness in which it burns. Mind, heart, brain, all are obscure and dark until the first great battle has been won. Be not appalled and terrified by this sight; keep your eyes fixed on the small light and it will grow. But let the darkness within help you to understand the helplessness of those who have seen no light, whose souls are in profound gloom. Blame them not, shrink not from them, but try to lift a little of the heavy Karma of the world; give your aid to the few strong hands that hold back the powers of darkness from obtaining complete victory. Then do you enter into a partnership of joy, which brings indeed terrible toil and profound sadness, but also a great and ever-increasing delight. “ M.C.

P.S.Old Europe - or old America

Nice article by Graham E. Fuller.
"Think about it. France and Germany have put five centuries of wars behind them, including two devastating world wars, to form a new union with shared currency and desires to forge a broad common foreign policy. Such a step is revolutionary among ancient nation-state rivals with different cultures.

But it doesn't stop there. The European Union is a remarkable experiment - the first time in history when states have been willing to give up real hunks of their own national sovereignty in order to join a new civilizational project. Turks, Bulgarians and Latvians are begging to pay the considerable admission fee to be let in.

The reigning premises of the Union are that states must be truly democratic, they must protect human rights and civil liberties, and that war among its members should be an unthinkable option. These states see themselves as a gradually expanding community, acquiring ever new members and geographical spread - but only after they meet strict criteria. They aspire to form a new force in the world - and are well on the way. This is the first time we have witnessed the emergence of an "empire" built on consensus and common desire rather than power and conquest - hardly the stuff of the "Old Europe."

It is America that represents the "Old World." This is not a pejorative aspersion. The United States now sees itself as the benign hegemon - or policeman - of the world, undercutting any and all efforts by potential rivals, friendly or not, to cast a shadow over overwhelming U.S. power."


13 Feb 2003 @ 12:56 by vaxen : ;)...
"Learning blocks", i.e., assumptions, prejudices, and reflexive attitudes or mindsets in particular comprise 110% of the obstacles to comprehension and effective engineering. The nature of reality cannot be taught nor can it be learned; but it must be REALIZED. The operating paradigm actively displaces the truth (it is time-bound, which reality is not - The greatest obstacle is the premising of space as the quality of vacuum, but space is itself created and is NOT what it meant by "vacuum", absolute vacuum in the context of vacuum energy physics, it is absolute nothingness that has to be the starting point for mentation in this field.) The schizoid break stifles realization.  

13 Feb 2003 @ 23:26 by sevenlamb : I perceive what is happening
As RAPE. Until we can see this clearly, and why this is so, we, as a people are not at a 'moment of awakening'. We are in a moment of recombinant atrocity. I have seen no signal, nor sign, of any kind of 'awakening'. What I have seen, is many talking of such things. And those who talk the loudest, are often the least capable of implementing something active. This is part of the reason we can be so easily swayed from our own persons, communities, hopes and dreams, into a domain where we must consistently murder the world and each other, in secret, while pretending to some great and noble wisdom, righteousness, or credential to defile, deny, silence, bury and destroy.

It's really all clear with any rational glimpse at what we call 'education'. It isn't. It claims to be. It's rape disguised as a gift. It makes the claim louder, charges more, kills faster. It's still rape.

And the best thing about rape, is that you can, especially in America where this is an ancient tradition, always: blame the victim for the tortures you imposed upon them.

Our world, and people, have been stolen from themselves. Until this is clearly admitted, openly, and with clear cross-cultural and cross-class support, those who have stolen our lives, children and hope will continue to thrive...and elaborate their scalar domains of rapacious erasure, conversion and inhuman abuse.

And we will continue to be buried, along with sacks filled with dead children, broken dreams, and our stolen persons, aspirations, and lives.

Viva America - the Game of Dead Winners  

14 Feb 2003 @ 01:40 by simpleman : I HOPE THIS COMES OUT RIGHT
When I ask myself "what is it that has brought us to these times" I think American. What I mean is, I think of things like freedom, rights, and the ability to prosper. Unfortunetly, when a few kind of took control of power, a crazy cycle began. That power lead to wealth, and then to greed, and now to fear. Fear is what I believe is driving our current situation. The powerful are afraid of losing what has taken them years to accomplish.

We, as citizens have allowed this to happen, and to some extent even contributed to it. We have allowed companies to inflate the cost of doing business, and make a profit, outrun the idea of supply and demand. Payscales have gone through the roof, primarily white collar salaries, but in some cases blue collar. Don't you ever ask yourself, why does the CEO of that company have to make millions of dollars? And, after his salary is set at millions, the people right below him have to make millions, and eventually you get to the workers, who make thousands. That, plus believing to be successful the company has to grow year after year, which then multiplies the cost of doing business. Fact is, the cost of doing business does not have to be what it is. The only reason it is, is to accomidate inflated salaries. When most of your large companies are practicing business this way, everything is inflated. The prices of raw materials is inflated, the cost of making the product is inflated, and the cost of the product is inflated. Before long, everyone is paying to much.

Whats the solution? I really don't know, but I believe it is in the way we do business. Let supply and demand dictate, not salaries. Scale back, change the definition of success, slow down the process, become a more responsible society. I suppose the biggest question is, HOW? Well, I believe we have the power, but just don't know how to use it.

Like I said, I hope this comes out right. And, I'm sure there are other reasons for our current situation. But, my opinion is the rich, and powerful, through their greed and fear are dictating how we live, and we need to change that. What is your opinion?  

14 Feb 2003 @ 02:12 by tochtli : it's human nature
from the beginning of time as we conceive it, and throughout history, there have been wars and mass killings. this is nothing new, the only difference is that our new weapons kill many more than the old ones. we're a bellicose species, it's in our genes, part of our animalistic nature. of course, this is not an excuse. we're evolving and part of the evolution is to transcend those instincts if we are to survive...

sometimes i think that a big clean-up is needed so we can start anew.  

14 Feb 2003 @ 05:03 by newdawn : what has brought us here? our journey
in order for the new to enter, we who live on a planet of free choice, must allow all the negativity, filth and everything that is in direct opposition to that which is to be, to come to the surface. Only when the darkness can come to the surface to be seen and achnowledged as a part of our own selves aswell, when we can no longer point the finger at others and say that "I am without blemish" while you drown in the mire of human effluence, when we as a member of the human race and can see our connection to all, that what I do to another I do to myself aswell. Only when this darkness surfaces can it be transmuted by our own unconditional love that is for all members of the human family. This is a part of our joint journey as humanity to experience and to bring into the light by the decisions we make for Peace or destruction. It is a choice. My choice for myself, my children and the world is for Peace. I chose in my daily life choices that focus on Peace and Unconditional Love as a responce to that which is going on around me. Why? because responding in the same way that we have for the past several thousand years HAS NOT WORKED. Time for a change. Come on in, the water's fine...  

14 Feb 2003 @ 05:43 by istvan : It will come out right.
Simpleman...You ask those questions and i have to say the same thing as i suggested to Jenese and was confirmed by her, that she alrady knew tha answer, and so do you.
The corporations have to change to Coop-erations.To achive this we have to study why the experiments with cooperative movement back in the sixties and seventies fizzled out. As far as i know most of them have been ripped off by their own cooperators.
We have to revive this movement, but on a much higher level. When the I=We there will be no problem of the ripoffs succeeding.
It would be nice to seriously examine the ways we are ready to revive the movement, by examining the faults and possobilities.I hope someone has the energy to do this. Why not You? are right a big clean up is way past due. Your change of perception, as you described in your log was one of those gifts of existence for your personal evolution from the cage of the genes, away from the legacy af the anomal base. We must treasure these awakenings within ourselves and others to continue and come to flowering by heeding the messages they provide. The ego will rsist in countleess ways, but it will fade in the presence of the light of wisdom.
It takes time to allow this process to flower and produce seeds.
"The secret of the seed is in the fragrance of the flower"  

14 Feb 2003 @ 13:41 by sharie : Great Replies!
This is the most cooperative string of comments I've ever seen on a newslog. Great insights and suggestions.

Let's not accuse all Americans of the crimes committed by a very small percentage. Our presidential votes haven't been counted for decades. My newslog entry of today outlines the work of several researchers.  

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