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 My Other Me !
picture 18 Jun 2004 @ 16:25, by Scotty

Just what on earth does the word Truth actually mean ?
I think it’s something that we all crave more than anything - even if it hurts
But what does it mean – how does one find it ?

Maybe I’m an optimist kind of person – I think I’ve always believed that ‘something’ ( the truth ? ) would set me free ! And so I began a sort of hmm.. dunno what I’d call it – a quest ? A pilgrimage? Trying to find myself? Find The Ultimate Truth ?
Anyway - I found Buddhism – I started practising – I became even more aware of suffering than ever before – this was discouraging and yet I kept - I keep on going !

But what is it that makes me think that I should keep going? Have I got some kind of trust in something, some reason for going on.

I knew - or suspected - that finding out what Truth is would be more than just a mental exercise in meditation or whatever – it would be a living reality - a whole different world to the one I’m used to.
Not just ‘different’ – but Completely different !!!

I’m begining to get a ‘glimmer’ of what it might be about – like learning to recognise my ‘thoughts’ are nothing more than thinking - and realising that in between the thinking bit there’s a wee space !!!
It’s like a silence !! But it’s alive !

It’s like discovering another entity of Me ! Dare I say a sort of living presence that I find myself moving towards ! Jeeze - am I God ?
The ‘me’ has suddenly seen and recognised the ‘Entity of Me’ – like in the silence of myself .
I’m being connected to .... to what ?
I think to everything that is !
What do I call that ? The Source ?? The Truth ??
Am I just begining to discover the truth of the whole universe? Is this what exisistance is ?
Call me crazy if you like – but that’s what it feels like !

Well – I did say I only got a glimmer of something – I don’t know yet if it’s the Truth - but I know this ‘space’ where the ‘entity of me’ lives is drawing me to it – to me!

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