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 As Goddess wills
picture 15 Jul 2004 @ 12:14, by Scotty

I thought that to want the ‘best’ for someone was a nice good spiritual attitude to have !
Well - I’ve been thinking about that !
I’m just begining to wonder if ‘sending out love ‘n light ‘n peace’ or whatever to people is really a good thing ! hmm – I’m begining to doubt it quite seriously !

I’m begining to realise that if (allbeit with good intentions and despitethe fact that it’s comingfrom my heart ) I send out thoughts of healing - or any other energy, no matter how positive it is - I’m actually judging someone to be in need of something !
It’s like I’m saying or thinking that maybe they’re not in a good place – that maybe I’m a bit superior to them because I can see what’s ‘wrong’ with them and they can’t !

I think that I’m forgetting that everybody is divine – no matter who they are or where they are on their spiritual path !
I’m forgetting that the divine in me is the same as the divine in them - and that we can meet if I learn to recognise and affirm their / our divinity !
Mind you – this isn’t a bad thing to discover about myself – because I can do something about it – I can learn to just simply change my attitude !
There is a very cool teacher named Byron Katie, who says to go ahead and make the judgments, judgments are natural, human... but turn them around. What you say about another, is how you feel about yourself. Recognize it, and use your judgments for self knowledge. If you turn them inward in this way, they will not be projectiles to other people, and you will grow.

I’m really glad to be learning this lesson – before it’s too late - you see sometimes if one sends out energies to people that were unasked for – it can come flying back again – like a bad Karma – only a hundred times worse – and then one finds that one has mistakenly taken on others peoples ‘stuff’ and not be able to process it !!

What’s worse is – if I think that I can ‘take on’ responsability for someone else as to who they are and how they feel - then I’m trying to steal their power away ! In doing that I’d actually be giving my own power away !!

I think I’m going to first of all work on myself and as for the rest I’ll simply add 'It will be as Goddess wills '!

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