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 A New Age ?
9 Sep 2004 @ 13:46, by Scotty

Is it really happening ? I for one think that it is !

There’s a whole lot of bad stuff going on in the world today – it’s easy to get caught up in it all – it’s easy to think that the world and the people in it are going down the toilet !
It’s difficult to step back a bit and try to look at it as a whole and try to put the whole picture into a clearer perspective. But that is what we have to do if we don’t want to be submerged and overwhelmed with fear and lose all hope that things are going to get better.

The worlds population is increasing at an unbelievable rate and this is resulting in changes that are happening so quickly that it’s becoming absolutely mind boggling to try to understand any of it all - and it’s even harder to see or even begin to understand all it’s implications!.
Distance is no longer a barrier either - more and more people have greater access to information and this growing communication is having an effect on people's attitudes – their values and their beliefs ! It’s helping people to have more information – to see for themselves that there are other altrenatives - that they can ‘choose’ – and that being able to choose what they believe in gives them the possabilty to take their power back - to decide their own fate - to create the kind of life that they want for themselves and not simply do as they’ve been told or taught to do – the chains that were imposed on us and our own self-imposed shackles are being broken !

The world has changed in other ways too - it seems to me that there’s a greater momentum toward peace in the world than at any other time in the worlds history and after decades – centuries even - of violence there are signs to be seen all over the globe that we are moving nearer and nearer to peace !
People are living longer too - this of course brings with it new sets of problems BUT it will also generate its own solutions ! As people begin to live longer it stands to reason that they will aslo be even more concerned about having long term solutions for our environment !
It used to be thought that the ‘Sciences’ were were going to be the salvation of all mankind and that thanks to new discoveries the world was going to become a new etopia ! But it isn’t - and we’re becoming more and more aware that technology simply can’t solve every problem and more and more people are realizing that the most important solutions to life lies ‘within’! Interest in spiritual things is growing the whole world over and thanks to the internet anyone who’s spiritually motivated can easily learn about any number of spiritual schools and choices that one has of possible paths is seemingly limitless !

There was also a time when there were all sorts of predictions about ‘the end of the world is nigh’ - that drought and famine was going to dessimate the entire human race – that there were going to be global desasters that were going to destroy the entire planet – nuclear holocausts caused by mans insanity etc etc .. some of these predictions were to my mind simply fear ploys – to keep the people under some kind of control – either by the church or the state whatever – the end result was the same !
I thnk that if we had continued on the ‘old mind set’ way of living then there was a good chance that some if not most of these disasters ‘predicted’ would quite likely have turned into self fulfilling prophesies - now though I beleive that the danger of all these destroyed earth possabilites has passed – what’s more is I believe that this has happened because of the growing use of healing energies and prayers that are being sent out into the world – and that this is bringing into effect real and positive changes - the result of all this is a healing of the global consciousness ... the fact that I’m here today to write this and that you are here to read it shows me that the mind set HAS changed – is still changing !

We’re not out of the woods yet though – not by a long ways ! All these changes – albeit positive – still bring about difficuties ! W’re all having to adapt and think in ways that we haven’t ever done before – old structures are either changing or disappearing and this is causing stress and often crises are coming up as a result ! All this is causing suffering and confusion – but one lesson that people are begining to understand is ‘our interconnectedness’ ! We’re also learning that our inner thoughts as well as our outer actions are having an effect upon ‘everything’ ! We’re learning that the healthier each one of us becomes in our outlook and in our way of living the better it’s going to be for all of us – and the planet too.

The New Age is just around the corner – all that’s happening in the world at the moment are the birthing pains !
We must not give up hope - we must not loose sight of our visions !

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