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 What if ?
picture 20 Aug 2005 @ 22:08, by Scotty

What if... for some reason or other you were to find out you only had one day to live ?

I mean Really ! Think about it !
One day !

What would you do ?

What would you think ?

What would you feel ?

What would you want to teach your children before you died ?
What would you want to share with your family ?
What would you want to say to your dearest friend for the last time ?

Who would you want to spend your time with ?

What would you want to spend your time thinking about ?

When we become aware of how short our time on this planet really is we become conscious of all those things which are truly important in life and those which are quite simply trivial.

I can only sit on one chair at a time - no matter how many chairs are in my house -just like I can live only one day at a time - no matter how many days I have left to live in my life !

One day to live - in reality that's all I have - I don't want to waste it thinking about the who's and the what's that might be getting me mad or angry or upset or fed up or or or !
Having said that - all the things that I don't want to 'waste' my precious time on are valuable in that they are the things that help me know what I DO want !

Knowing what is worthwhile and living it -That's what I'm going to do today ... this One day that I have to live.

: )


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