New Civilization News: What to believe ? Which Truth is True ?    
 What to believe ? Which Truth is True ?
picture 24 Aug 2005 @ 12:34, by Scotty

Sometimes I have the impression that I'm being bombarded with new information new insights or discoveries that overwhelm my ability to comprehend!

New ideas which challenge my understanding and above all challenge my ability to be open-minded and flexible - they conflict with my built in sense of 'reason' !

But ! Is reason alone sufficient for us to adequately understand the world ??

The following links I've posted here are the ones that I'm looking at currently - I think it'll do me good to start looking at questions that quite frankly make me feel uncomfortable sometimes !
At first reading I felt that most of the things they say were 'crazy' to say the least - but then I know too that a lot of people sincerely believe the truth of them.
Sometimes Truths are found in the most uncomfortable of places ... so at least I'm going to venture there !

" A happy man is the one who possesses consciousness. But happier is the one that does not possess it ".

"It was Mark Twain who said he thought he knew it all as a teenager and thought his father was quite dumb and that by the time he had reached his twenties, he was surprised at how much his father had learned in such a short time. Who is more dangerous, the young (or old) fool who thinks he is wise or the wise man who thinks he may be a fool?" ... [link]

Chem trails etc [link]

The Reptilian Agenda [link]

The Cranks Net .. [link]

Goddess Mystery - The Shining Ones - Tolkein Science - etc etc [link]

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