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 Not always Easy
12 Sep 2005 @ 21:08, by Scotty

trying to follow the path we've chosen.

When I first 'happened' upon NCN I thought I'd found a site full of Spiritual Titans and that all my many questions would be answered ! heh heh heh

One thing I learned from that was - to try not to have too many 'expectations' !! : )

Another thing I've learned is - I've always got MORE questions - that when answered - lead again to more questions !

Something else I learned is - I'm human ! Not a Titan.

I'm looking to find a way to live differently to the way that I've lived most of my life - to be greater than the sum total of all my parts ! (if you know what I mean)

I think the most important lesson I've learned in my time here is - I have a choice !
In everything !
Every moment of every day and every contact with every other being ... I can choose how it's going to be - for me !

The freedom to excersise these choices doesn't just happen automatically as I thought it did - it needs working on !

So ..
I'm going to try to become more aware of my choices.
I'm going to try to become more aware of being in the Now. I'm going to try to remember to ask myself what the possible concequences of my choice will be and will it bring me and other people happiness.
I'm going to try to remember to be guided by my heart. (it's all about 'feeling')
If the choice feels comfortable I'll know I'm on the right track - if the choice feel uncomfortable I'll stop for a moment and ask myself what it is that I really want.

I know though that I am the real author of my life !

My next reading material is going to be Consciousness as an Active Force ... here's the [link] in case anyone wants to read it too !!

: )

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