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 Unlock Reality !! ...HELP !!
picture 17 Sep 2005 @ 21:06, by Scotty

Everywhere I go these last few days I seem to keep tripping over comments about some mysterious manuscript called Unlock Reality !!

It has people fairly buzzing - but the funny thing is hardly anyone seems to have read it ! The ones who claim that they have read it say that they promised not to talk about it !

Has anyone here ever heard anything about it ?

I'm begining to think that it's maybe a publicity stunt for a new book about to come on the market - or a film !
Whaddya think guys 'n gals ??

..... here are some of the comments that I've been finding

Unlock Reality
"It is claimed a book exists which explains the
construction of the Universe in terms easy for anyone
to understand. It's entitled Unlock Reality. It has
been suggested this could be the little book mentioned
in Revelations.

It's said that one schoolteacher doing proof reading left
for the Himalayas with his copy, not having been seen
since, while an editor in her 70s took up sky diving
shortly after completing work on the text. The rumour
is, people are being warned of its possible effect
before being allowed to work on it.

There are strange accounts about people being moved to fulfil childhood dreams after reading this thing !"

it says: "Unlock Reality has to be one of the most
unusual publications on the planet, with the potential
to produce a shift in perception that could change the
course of history and quarantee the survival of the
human race."

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Tibetans Unlock Reality

Latest news

While none of the monks from Tibet have claimed authorship of Unlock Reality, (the manuscript that has caused a treasue hunt frenzy in the UK), recent claims that a copy has found it's way to a main Tibetan Temple are not being denied.

It would appear that a British reporter got wind of this text which prompted a man doing proof reading to leave for the Himalayas with his copy never to return and that this reporter has since been trying to find a copy of the text to complete a story. Some money being offered has fueled the frenzy as apparently there are 50 to 100 copies which have just been left outside somewhere to be found using the site.

We can confirm there are 50 copies listed as released on the Bookcrossing site, but no reports of Tibetan findings.

Our sources tell us there are two monks involved, but we cannot confirm their origin at this time...... [link]

(the pic .. Chandra image of the supermassive black hole at the Milky Way's center ~ NASA/CXC/MIT/F.K.Baganoff et al.)

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