New Civilization News: Is there an Oversoul ?    
 Is there an Oversoul ?
picture 29 Nov 2005 @ 12:32, by Scotty

Since I came across a conversation in the asylum about Oversouls the question of whether I can accept this idea or not has been almost constantly rolling about in my mind !

Basically I find that I'm strongly resistant to the idea - my first reason being that I'd feel like some kind of marionette ... simply living out a life so that some puppeteer could learn from my experiances !

But even trying to keep an open mind on the subject I find that I'm STILL resisting the idea - and I don't really know why !!
I'm googling away trying to find more information and different opinions on the subject ... anyone who'd care to put their 2cts worth here would be more than welcome : )

Here are some links that I've been looking at ~

Sumpter on Oversouls [link]

Channeled information [link]

Ashram of the Oversouls [link]

Shamans and Oversouls [link]

The Parallel Lives Concept [link]

The Soul-Theory in Buddhism [link]

So far this is the info that I liked the best !! ....The God Game [link]

The Oversoul [link]

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Ron Wennekes)

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