New Civilization News: Unlock Reality - update !    
 Unlock Reality - update !
3 Jan 2006 @ 22:57, by Scotty

The manuscript Unlock Reality which was on the care2 round robin was kidnapped .... no ransom asked for !

All was not lost however - there are still other copies SAFELY making the rounds !!

One copy from the yahoo group found it's way to Edinburgh (my home town) where it was presented to His Holiness the Dalai Lama. [link]

The yahoo group had planned on placing a copy of UR in several selected places all around the world but in the end they didn't feel that the vote numbers justified the book placings ... and the Trust agreed... and so now they are looking for nominations for THREE WISE MEN to whom they propose giving a copy to.

If anyone would care to propose a 'Wise Man' then please go to
The source of The New Plan to invite THREE WISE MEN to read UNLOCK REALITY

There have been many doubts expressed as to whether or not Unlock Reality exists !
I promise you that it does !
In fact - a member of this very site NCN is reading a copy of Unlock Reality as I write !!!!!
I won't name this person because I wouldn't like to be responsable for them being inundated with questions ( as this log is open to public reading ) - but they know that they are welcome of course to comment here IF and whenever they choose ! Their silence is also accepted with equal respect : )

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