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picture 27 Jul 2006 @ 15:34, by Scotty

In my previous thread - as in several of my threads - I talk about being One !

The more I talk about it the more I realise that I have to really LIVE it .. right here and now - in the present - and in all the future presents that will become my Now !

Everything is constantly changing - objects relationships situations ( the list can continue on and on and on ad nausium ) and our reaction to this reality of change depends on how we look at it!

The bad part about this is - as much as we'd like certain things to stay the same - (our friends family etc... ad vomi) they don't !

The good part is - new things can happen and sometimes things can turn out even better than we expected!!!!

One of Buddha's favorite images was that each and every one of us is a wave in the great ocean of life... if we don't realize or see this oneness then we'll just continue to feel seperated and the result is we'll suffer.

Buddha once asked a studen 'What is the length of a human life?' ... After several incorrect answers the student finally said 'It is the length of one breath ' to which the Buddha replied ' YEAH ! at long last you've understood the lesson !!! Yahoooooo !!!!

And that's what the secret of living in ONeness is about - everything is constantly changing and constantly new - we can't hold onto a moment and we have to let it go !

The leaf that falls from the tree to the earth becomes the food for the tree ... everything is linked - everything becomes one like the waves in the ocean ... we are One and we can live it in our ever changing instants .. in our Now.

I'd like to share the following with you because I believe it's really important !!

"Realizing oneness puts an end to grumbles;
Consequences thought of first as to oneself.
Viewing beings as equals avoids prejudices;
Each eats karmic fruits of his own activities." ~ Yutang Lin

Working with Oneness
by Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee
From Chapter 1, Global Energy Patterns

"The new energy that is becoming available to us is an energy of oneness that can help us live our true role in relation to the planet, a role of stewardship based on conscious interconnectedness."

"Only as individuals standing on our own feet can we make a valid contribution to the collective. Otherwise we remain caught in the collective and its patterns of co-dependency that block any real change or development. Taking responsibility for our inner and outer life is necessary if we are to participate creatively in the life of the whole."

"As a culture we are so identified with patterns of hierarchy and their levels of exclusion that we overlook the primary truth that the dimension of oneness is all-inclusive. The moment we turn our focus away from our own ego-self and participate in the work of the whole, we step into the circle of our own wholeness."

From Chapter 2, Everyday Life

"If enough people are prepared to participate, to work with the energy of the planet for the sake of the whole, the planet can awaken as a self-nurturing, self healing, self-sustaining system. This is the work that needs to be done. And there is an urgency."

"When we are fully engaged in life there is an empty space where only our Beloved is present. And this presence is also all around us, in our ordinary lives, in the simplicity and complexity of ourself. In order to awaken to this divine presence, we must accept all of what life brings us and also accept the aspects of ourselves we have tried to reject and leave behind."

"Most people forget that life is alive and gives us what we need. The more you give yourself to life for His sake, for the purpose of His work, then magic comes into your life and manipulates the patterns of reality to enable you to work more freely, to give yourself more completely."

From Chapter 3, The Plane of Unity

"We need to learn again to see with the eyes of wholeness. This is what is being offered to humanity. It is already present but unnoticed. We are so conditioned to work and struggle that we do not appreciate what is being given freely. Looking only to the physical, we do not see the signs of His invisible help, His intangible presence."

"If we allow ourselves to be open, we will be shown the possibilities of oneness, the world beyond our prison walls. If we remain within the patterns of our present consciousness, isolated by our fears of what is new, then we will not be able to read the signs of revelation. We will be unable to consciously participate with the new energy, and it will never realize its potential."

"Working with oneness is to work with completeness: everything is present at each moment in time. But we need to make a shift from an attitude that sees what is missing, what is absent, to an awareness of wholeness."

"What has been hidden is being revealed, and we are needed to consciously participate in this process of revelation. Our consciousness is being used to make His oneness known to the world."

From Chapter 4, The Heart of the World

"The knowledge that is needed to help in this time of transition is being given, but we have to be receptive to it - to know that it is here. This requires us to take a step away from our insular attitudes and become attuned, not just to our own heart, but also the heart of the world. Something is awakening within the heart of the world that needs our attention."

"The heart of the world needs to know that we have heard it, that we are attentive to its awakening. Then it will tell us what we need to know. This knowing is being given directly to the hearts and minds of those who are listening, who are attentive."

"Everything we need is present, but as always what stands in our way is our own self. The ecstatic mystic Bayezid Bistami, who was immersed in unity, expressed this primal truth: I saw my Lord in my dreams and I asked, "How am I to find You?" He replied."Leave yourself and come!"

From Chapter 5, Spiritual Security

"Life needs the presence of those who belong to God in order to become awake. If our spiritual practice isolates us from life, from the completeness of creation, then we miss the opportunity that is being offered.

"The more we are free of our attachments, the more fully we are able to give ourself to the flow of life, whose energy takes us where we need to be. The energy of life then supports us, even our burdens."

"If we allow life to guide us, we will realize a natural dynamic of self-preservation, a deep respect for life itself, and the knowing that we are the sons and daughters of life's longing for itself'."

From Chapter 6, Joy

"We cannot quantify joy. It slips through our fingers and runs down the street laughing at us. Unexpectedly it may come to us, like a jester, joking at our seriousness. It makes fun of the way we look to the future for fulfillment, because it knows that only the moment is real."

"Joy is an expression of wonder, and it reminds us of life's secret: that 'He who was a hidden treasure wanted to be known, and so He created the world.' In the joy of life we can feel the presence of this 'hidden treasure'. Joy can open us to life as it really is."

"The journey is ever onward, demanding, exhilarating, until one day we realize that we are the ocean itself, and each sunrise and sunset reflects upon the waters of our being. Then the joy of the soul is given to all of creation as love finally claims us for its own."

From Chapter 7, Magic

"Magic is always present. Without magic the world would lose all its color and vibrancy, all its tricks and surprises. And yet we have forgotten the presence of magic. Just as we have forgotten that the world belongs to God, so we have abandoned ourself to a world without magic in which we see life only through the veils of our own limitations and inadequacies."

"The energy that gives sustenance to all life flows through specific patterns, like power grids. Part of the potential of humanity is that our consciousness can be directly attuned to these patterns, allowing us to alter and redirect the energy that flows through them. This is a part of our magical nature. Each human being, as a microcosm of creation, has stamped into her consciousness the blueprint of creation, and the human brain has the potential to access this blueprint - to directly work with the patterns of creation."

From Chapter 8, Imagination

"The power of His oneness is needed in the world: it can heal the divisions and distortions that scatter us, that make us fight each other and ourselves. Through oneness many things can be revealed, many things can happen. Life is waiting for the imprint of the soul of each of us to release the energy of oneness."

"We carry the heart of the world within our own heart, and through living our destiny we nourish the heart of the world."

From Chapter 9, The Children of the Orient

"Life is present all around us and we are a part of life. If we stand outside of life, the ten thousand things bombard us relentlessly, and we are pushed further and further to the abyss of confusion and despair. But if we stand within the circle of life, then all of its multiplicity is a natural outpouring of life's abundance, nourishing and supporting us, and helping us to realize our true self."

"Seeing with the sincerity of the heart, we glimpse the oneness of all life and its divine simplicity. God is a simple essence, far beyond our understanding and yet stamped in every cell of our being."

"Without the full participation of the feminine, the energy of oneness cannot become part of the earth. The physical body of the feminine is the connection between heaven and earth. Without this connection a quality of joy and belonging to God cannot be lived; oneness will not be made manifest."

"We are the link of love; we are the heart of the world; we are the future. And yet we still look at the shadows of the past, not recognizing the dawn as it breaks around us."

All excerpts from Working with Oneness by Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee, published by The Golden Sufi Center. To purchase or download as a pdf, visit the store.[link]

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