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16 Feb 2003 @ 04:24, by Lydia Teo

As I drove today along the expressway I scanned the burnt countryside. A month ago the most devastating fires in living memory swept through my home town...

As I drove today along the expressway I scanned the burnt countryside. A month ago the most devastating fires in living memory swept through my home town ~ Canberra. Although my house was not one of the 420 houses that burnt down, I remember the day very well. And yesterday,as in a rememberance of that day the weather created a storm that brought back the terror vividly. The sky was hidden by a dark sheet of swirling dust and dumped a heap of burnt leaves in my yard. "Oh God, the fire must be near" So much for being in charge of my emotions!
Thankfully the hysteria passed as quickly as did the wind storm.

I drove and looked at the completely black radiata pine forrests where I used to pick mushrooms and enjoy the cool shade and protection of the trees. Further along the gum trees were also totally black and broken by the gale force winds that the firestorm produced. The scrubby grass was just a wash of black and the path of the fire was wide, jumping the expessway to burn the stubble on the other side.
The devastation of those fires was intense, I remembered the intensity of the heat that the wind was driving along. I remember the black and burning leaves and twigs falling into my yard and the acrid smoke that made it difficult to breathe.
And the blackness was intense that afternoon, even when it lit up with the orange glow of the fire that was closer than I had realised.

As I drove I noticed under a couple of totally burnt small trees or were they shrubs, green new growth bursting forth.
Wow, it was only a month ago that all was burnt and life. And what has happened in the month since the devastation?
Those neighbours that didnot know each other now meet because of the shared devastation, the whole city has rallied around and supported those whose homes burnt down, we have celebrated our diversity with our annual multicultural festival, we rallied in huge numbers in the civic square to proclaim peace, not just the population but also our local politicians who joined the locals in the show of solidarity for Peace, we danced at the multicultural ball and played like children. We brought light and laughter to the situation. We became a single unit made up of individuals who were joined together in common cause. We found a common thread, despite our individual differences.

This is my world. I can walk with love and courage regardless of what is happening around me, even though there are lapses, reverting to old behaviours of emotions and patterns. I take a deep breath, disregard the very best of advise of others who have my best interests at heart but who still are caught in the same patterns of response as before, and walk in a new direction... following my heart. I walk with Harmony in my life and relationships especially the difficult one that I am going through presently.

May the new patterns of dealing with situations be guided by unity of humanity and harmony that is lived within each heart.


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16 Feb 2003 @ 06:39 by martha : Fires
Such a lovely story and thank you for reminding me. Your last sentence says it all. I hope ming puts it with his quotes. Peace  

16 Feb 2003 @ 10:10 by shawa : Ooooh...
...that reminds me that we have fires too - along the Mediterranean, and how scary everything is when the sky is black, and that orange glow...
(((hug, if you will allow me)))  

16 Feb 2003 @ 15:09 by newdawn : hugs
hugs gratefully accepted and reciprocated abundantly!  

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