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18 Mar 2003 @ 04:46, by Lydia Teo

"What if they gave a war and nobody came?"

Remember that bumper sticker of the Viet Nam war days? I am constantly reminded of it the more I see the world-wide support for Peace. Certainly brings a big smile to my face. We are making a huge impact on the future of our planet. Please keep up all prayers and efforts. Do not forget action in the 3-D plane.

Even though Bush has given his ultimatum, and it "appears" that war is eminent, it is NOT a done deal yet. Prayers are MOST important now. Please do not lose faith!

Do you know that at any given time, there is at least a minimum of three possible realities that could be playing out in your existence?

If someone tells you your future looks a certain way, ask what the other realities look like. All the psychic or intuitive is reading/seeing is the one reality that you are giving the most energy to - the one that has the most charge and color.

If you change your ideas, or put your focus on another reality, your future will change.

You should never believe what another person says about your future. It is only their truth based upon your energy at that moment.

If anyone says something bad or detrimental about your future, ask them to give you ways of easily changing your energy patterns or vibrations to change the outcome of your future! This should not cost you. It is their responsibility to give you tools to heal yourself. You merely need to change the vibration and the focus. That alone can open up a new possibility - a new potential for your future.


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18 Mar 2003 @ 05:46 by spiritseek : Great
I need to be reminded that I can change my future,always. Some need to reinforce this now more then ever, and stop stirring that poison Kool-Aid.  

18 Mar 2003 @ 06:17 by shawa : Me too!
Thanks for this post! :-)  

18 Mar 2003 @ 12:09 by sharie : creating our experience
When I was 16, my older sister told me to sit down with a friend of hers who was a Tarot card reader. I knew nothing about it, and was very innocent. She told me my boyfriend was going to break my heart. He did. Broke it into a million pieces. Yesterday I got a postcard from him. Thanks for the post. And thanks for the reminder... no one else can create our experience but us.  

18 Mar 2003 @ 21:58 by newdawn : Re~minding
"If you change your ideas, or put your focus on another reality, your future will change." I sooo need to keep reminding myself of that one statement  

25 Mar 2003 @ 06:41 by daniela @ : good reminder
thanx for this reminder. i know it and then i forget and then i´m glad to be reminded : ))  

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