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28 Mar 2003 @ 19:23, by Lydia Teo

I can't quite remember this quote correctly but it goes something like this~
*the world is such a wonderful place
I'm sure we should all be as happy as kings*
or rhyming words to that effect.

I am forever the eternal optimist, no matter what has happened in my life, my enthusiasm is only dampened for a while. Certainly there have been many, many times that I have been devastated, tried, tempered and generally brought to the extreme of my level of enducance and some how I have pulled myself up and continued, at times subdued, but none the less survived. I have decided that I am not a surviver but I am a "Lifer".

There is always not just hope but a divine plan that we are all a part of in the initial setup and playing out of.

So, get excited because what is happening in the world is what we have brought into play ourselves. We have all chosen what we want to experience, whether its the final throws of the negativity and destruction or the grounding of the new world in all its splendor and glory as heaven on earth. Below is an article called "GATEWAY TO THE DIVINE SOUL" which is just so inspiring and exciting.
Enjoy the feast!
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Laiolin and the Council of Aboraha through Judith K Moore
Channeled at the Mystic Bear in Albuquerque, NM
Transcribed by Nan King

We wish to speak to you about the concerns of this impending violence, through these inhumane acts of war. Your peace prayers are powerful. In these times of great transformation you are living between the worlds. The old world of fear is dying around you and the new heaven on Earth is being birthed. It is much like the twilight zone in a cave. For the light in the fifth dimension is shining through the darkness of the old world of fear. You are experiencing the death of the old world simultaneously with the birth of new consciousness.

Each individual that incarnated on this planet made a conscious choice, to either be one that experiences the new heaven on Earth or to suffer the dying of the old world. Remember, that those who have chosen to suffer the dying of the old world will do so with their teeth gnashing as was foretold in many prophesies. As was also spoken of in many prophesies, those who have chosen to embody the new heaven and new earth will be brought to the stilled waters and drink from the nectar of the sweet honey of the lotus blossom. The worlds exist side by side, simultaneously. As bearers of the light, offer compassion to those souls who have chosen to suffer the dying of the old world.

The President of the United States has agreed to act in a very important role for this time of transition. The determination of this President in his illogical way of pursuing global destruction is sparking your consciousness. We encourage you to send him love as he is a figurehead for a group of individuals who truly believe that Armageddon is inevitable and necessary and wish to do everything possible to fulfill this prophesy of doom. Historically you have been entrained that your opinion doesn't really matter, because of the many times that the righteous were destroyed and persecuted by the ruling class that had an agenda for power. The times have changed, as we are experiencing the shift of the ages, the fear grid has deteriorated and a massive shift in consciousness is at hand. The actions and feelings of every single individual is vital as consciousness reaches critical mass. The 101st monkey will be the one to tip the scales. The Universe supports your journey to freedom and wholeness. Everything that is being experienced is an opportunity for opening and awakening consciousness.

The one heart consciousness brings forth the peace. Never before, in the history of humanity, have so many souls sung these peace prayers. Know that the voices are heard, as these are the voices that shatter the paradigm and bring down the walls of Jericho. The New Jerusalem is at hand, and the golden age is emerging. This birth is inevitable. Focus on this truth, and hold true to your light. I urge you, do not be tempted to emerge in the illusion of fear and separation. It is within your benevolence, your compassion, that the energy fields will be sustained to carry this ship safely home. It is the time of the Resurrection. Although it appears that humanity is in the throws of the predicted battle of the anti-Christ, it is in truth the time of the greatest awakening in the history of this planet. You have not come now to open the gates of the New Jerusalem, to have then shut again. You have come to bring humanity through those gateways in the emergence of a new creation. Let this be your lamppost, and go forth with the knowingness. When you speak to your own heart, you know this is true. Go forth with this blessing, and be the light of courage, the light that lights the world.

We celebrate this awakening with joy. The gateways to higher states of consciousness are open, gateways that you were denied access to in previous incarnations. We encourage your journey of self to Self and wish to facilitate this long awaited return to Oneness. The golden soul body seeks reunion with your core soul being. Many obstacles have blocked the pathway of enlightenment as the initiate sought union with higher self. We offer this meditation as a tool to facilitate your journey to wholeness.

Meditation Gateway to the Soul

Take deep clearing breaths, allowing any concerns about the past or future slip away, and focusing your intent upon this divine moment which is the cosmic now. Focus on the heart chakra energy. Connect to the center of compassion; we call forth out highest consciousness, as we enter a sacred space. With your intent, accept divine guidance, divine protection, and divine will. Namaste.

We greet you with the joy of expectation for the miracle that is at hand. The divine breath has been received, through the womb of creation. We stand now, at the junction, the point of transcendence, the point at which the past is a memory unfolding. Enter the mythical journey of consciousness to the gateway of expanded consciousness. My beloved ones, all that you have known, in the cycle of creation, has prepared you for this communion with the divine breath of creation. Reflect now, on the gateway of your soul within your heart chakra, within that source, the gateway of your soul in the heart chakra. From that source reflect upon your divine journey. Journey from that place of third dimensional illusion, that perceptual reality that you live and dwell in, journey, to the gateway of infinity.

Enter your heart chakra, as you do, come into conscious communion with your prana tube, your golden soul cord. That golden rod of light that is the axis of your soul, which extends from your crown chakra to the souls of your feet. Come in communion with this sacred space. Enter, the lotus chamber of compassion, within your heart chakra, notice the lotus opening, and come into communion with your enlightened self, your bodhisattva presence. Take a meditative seat in the center of the lotus of enlightenment, and as you do so, with your intent, connect to your divine essence. Calling forth your high soul self.

Experience the vibration of the pure light of your own divine creation. Remember, my beloved ones, the vibration, the energy that radiates and emanates from you now is unique. It is as unique as an individual snowflake; it is your crystalline vibration. Your stellar resonance is only experienced through your divine presence. Be in this place of communion with your individual, unique vibration. From the heart of enlightenment, experience the song of your soul. Breathe it, open to it. Send it forth into every cell of your body; receive a communion of self with divine self.

Allow yourself to image a light radiating from your heart chakra, your own divine aurora borealis, radiating and filling your auric field. Attuning your conscious through your cellular structure to your divine vibration.

Experience alignment of divine attunement every level of your being, breathe it and experience it, as it is yours. It is your unique center. As you feel this radiance filling your micro-cosmos, your macro-cosmos, pay close attention to what you're feeling in the body. Listen to what your body is telling you. If there are areas where you feel blockages, where the radiance is not truly and wholly received, with your breath allow those blockages to dissolve. If there are areas of your body where you hold tension, or pain, surrender those areas to your own divine light. This light that is radiating from your heart is the ultimate healing light. It is your soul's song.

Notice as you allow yourself to come into complete communion with this divine vibration, how wonderful your body can feel. This is the divine breath. Now you are allowing your soul to breathe, in communion with your divine essence. Focus your energy on that lotus of enlightenment, with your third eye; see yourself, as you sit in a meditative posture in the golden lotus of enlightenment. From that vantage point, you may view a part of your consciousness that most humans know little of.

We bring you to the gateway of your soul. Image that you are viewing the back of your heart chakra. Image that in that you are in the lotus chamber and that with your third eye you are able to view the gateway. This gateway is as unique as a snowflake. It will be different for each of you. It is the gateway to the realm high soul. You are viewing the portal of intimate union with your soul essence. Allow yourself to send a beam of light from your third eye, in the lotus of enlightenment and connect the energy from your third eye to that gateway. The soul's doorway, this is portal of transcendence.

As you connect your beam of light from your third eye, some of your may see a black spiraling hole. If you see that, radiate your light of your divine soul self towards that black hole and allow it to transmute. Send forth your healing vibration, your unique signature, to that energy field and allow it to heal. If you see that kind of a black, spiraling hole, it is a place where sorrow absorbs joy, the place of your wounded soul The journey of your soul has been long. On that pathway many of you have been wounded. Some of you have healed those wounds and some of you have not. That black spiral is the very point that holds the magnetism from the wounds your soul life incurred on this long journey. Be your own divine healer. Send forth the vibration of your divine soul essence to heal the woundedness of your own self.

You may receive assistance from the higher realms by sending a golden of thread to the heart of divine creation. Through that golden thread bring the vibration of the Christ consciousness, the vibration of the I Am presence, and the full emanation of the Holy Spirit into your prana tube.. Fill your golden soul cord with that light. Allow your luminescent body to expand. As you do so, the light within your heart chakra becomes more brilliant as you are connecting to the divine healing force of the heart of the Mother/Father God.

With that luminescence, radiate the healing light and heal the gateway to the soul. As you do, set your intent, "through all the karmic cycles of my creation I have incurred a wound. Grant me now, the blessing of the healing of the soul." Now it is done. Feel the distortion clear. You can visualize, actualize, your divine gateway, the gateway to your soul.

Travel now through the doorway. Allow yourself to journey. As you journey, request union with the divine purpose, your soul mission. Request that your receive illumination. Your soul has learned many lessons on the divine journey of self to Self. It has experienced esoteric teachings. All of those lifetimes, where you reached cycles of heights of enlightenment are like pearls strung together on a golden thread, golden pearls of light. As you journey through that portal, set your intent to connect each of those pearls of the golden thread. Journey now, and glean and harvest the seeds of your wisdom of your soul journey. Each of you has a necklace of pearls of great price. Encapsulated in the time lines of your consciousness these are jewels ready to be harvested. Journey now on that golden thread and experience each lifetime in which you added a pearl to this golden thread.

Each journey is unique. Perhaps you will see yourself meditating in Tibet. Perhaps you are with St. Francis. Perhaps you were one of the women who cast herself into the cliffs of Dover rather than face inquisition. Each time find your hero self the lesson you learned in that lifetime. The purpose of why you became your own hero, who you were in that journey. Glean the seeds of wisdom on your soul's journey.

As you do so, you may feel heat in your heart chakra. This is good. You are bringing your seeds of wisdom these wondering journeys of consciousness into full illumination in your heart. Many of you were together in Atlantis, journey there. Go now to Lumuria, ancient Egypt, and the ancient cities of light.

Ask how did this lifetime come to be? That through the living of this lifetime I gained the gifts I now bring forward for the emergence of heaven on Earth, and for my own divine mission. As you journey infinitely, some of you will experience lifetimes in other cosmos on other planets. Many of you are experiencing lifetimes as nebula as light bodies of the cosmos. Continue to glean and harvest the fruits of your journey. It is all gifts my beloved ones it is all gifts.
Your journey takes you through cycles of creation, and at last you come to the source. You may see it as a bright and radiant light all through the cosmos somewhere in the distance, the very heart of creation. As you approach you may feel the divine breath that is the breath of God. As you approach this light, set your intent. State why you have come saying "I have journeyed to my own cosmic creation to be the way shower of my soul. I have come home. I stand now; ready to enter into full union with the divine light of creation. As I journey to that light I request intuitive knowing into my divine mission and the purpose of my soul." Breathe this intent. Experience it. Let it be fully received in your mind, body, spirit and soul. Go to the light enter union with the source. Many of you may be experiencing deep states of peace at this moment. Perhaps you are having light experience. Perhaps you are feeling warmth in your body. Allow yourself to surrender. Totally give yourself in sweet surrender to the will of the Holy Spirit, which is the will of your heart, knowing that you have come to point of sacred communion with divine source.

Observe what your body is feeling. Memorize the feeling, this moment of deep peace. Know that this is true, for now you are experiencing the vibration of pure love; the energy of cosmic creation that transcends all. With your intent, speak to your conscious mind, your living body. Ask it to receive and accept this vibration, to know that this union is possible on a daily basis. Receive this anointment from the source of your own personal creation. Breathe that truth into yourself. Receive it and integrate it. As you do so, set your intent, " From this moment forward I will follow my intuitive guidance. I surrender to the divine will, which is the will of my soul I receive my personal truth. As I do so, I am the I Am presence. When I return from this Holy Communion, with my divine soul essence as my source, I will bring with me this truth to be lived in every sweet and blessed moment of my life. For I accept now that I am a living temple of light. Nothing can distract me from my divine self. For I am hope." Let this be set in all dimensions and all timelines. As above, so below as the spirit so the soul, as without so within, blessed be, so be it and so it is.

You now receive complete harmonic alignment through divine essence, in this state of divine union of self to Self. You become whole as you always have been, for the journey may have distracted you from this original vibration. But the vibration was always there for you. This truth is yours. It is received. Because we are planetary servants, because we have come together, as a collective group, with prayers in our hearts for world peace, bring empowerment and freedom for the sake of the children, for the sake of the future generations, for the sake of the elders, the mothers and fathers, and all incarnated beings here and beyond the realm of life.
We know that each of your dearly love peace and desire to be world servants. You may do this now in a powerful way. As you return home from union of your own divine soul selves, we ask you to send forth your vibration to the collective conscious to humanity. With your heart open in this high state of consciousness you have a very unique ability to see the collective conscious of your species. Set your intent with these words, "Divine creator, I pray that this gift be received for all humanity. The union and the peace I feel now with my soul self is so pure and so sweet, I set forth my intent that the gateway of the soul is open for humanity to journey through. I pray that we as a species attain harmonic attunement with the journey of our divine soul essence. That we as a species, return to the source of our soul's divine illumination and surrender into perfect union with our divine soul record. Let this gift be received in the heart of my brothers and sisters. Let the highest gift be served."

Journey back pearl-by-pearl to the gateway of your soul. Bring your consciousness back gradually through that gateway, and as you return take a moment of respect and reverence for this is a sacred journey that you have made. You have made it for many others. Take a moment at the gateway to embrace the power of this divine journey. Ask that this experience be integrated. That this experience be received and is truly yours, and that you now ARE this experience.

Thank you blessed ones. We of the Council of Aboraha celebrate this Holy Union. Each of you are ambassadors of the Great Peace. Namaste.

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29 Mar 2003 @ 02:01 by jazzolog : Garden Of Verses
That would be Robert Louis Stevenson ("The world is so full of a number of things, I’m sure we should all be as happy as kings") and since he helped carry me so well through childhood, I do want to thank him and you for the reminder. Thank you too NewDawn for the meditative cleansing journey.  

29 Mar 2003 @ 03:25 by newdawn : thank you
and as soon as I saw the correct quote I wondered how I could have gotten it wrong in the first place! Can you remember what poem it's from? It seems so timely as there are so many realities that are available to us presently.  

29 Mar 2003 @ 04:39 by jazzolog : Through My Paces
Not wanting to awaken my daughter just now (sleeping in on a rainy Saturday morning) I rack my memory instead (or is it "wrack"?). I seem to recall in our copy, on my daughter's bookshelf, the couplet stands alone...perhaps as a frontispiece. Online however it appears to be among the listed poems of A Child's Garden of Verses. Click Happy Thought, which must have been RLS's title.  

29 Mar 2003 @ 05:05 by newdawn : Ahh, a Happy thought
childhood verses for adults. That's what we need to remember ..... the joy of *being*  

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