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2 Aug 2004 @ 04:55, by Lydia Teo

Can our thoughts and feelings affect matter?

Are we really a connected or are we separate individuals?
Is there really a universal energy that ties all things together?

Well, as I see things, it's about time this becomes a proven fact by the scientific community.
A new civilisation? Why not! Time to prove that our thoughts influence and manifest our expectations and experiences in the world we live.
Will the sceptics ever believe? Only if they choose to. As the saying goes "the proof is in the pudding"

A Global Experiment in Love and Communication.

Can our thoughts and feelings affect matter?

Are we really a connected or are we separate individuals?
Is there really a universal energy that ties all things together?

On Saturday, September 18, 2004 lightworkers around the globe are invited to join together to take part in a scientific experiment that will answer these questions. . .and more. Under the auspices of Measurements Research Inc., an independent laboratory in Providence, Rhode Island, and in conjunction with our hosting partners, we will be presenting a global experiment to scientifically monitor the effects of human emotion on specified target objects. The data collected will be used as the basis for a scientific study and subsequently published paper to the scientific community. To accommodate different time zones, this experiment will be conducted on two separate occasions at 11:00am (1100) and 4:00pm (1600) US Pacific Time on 18 September 2004 for twenty-five minutes duration.

The purpose of this experiment is two-fold: First, to introduce and substantiate the veracity of certain metaphysical concepts to the satisfaction of the scientific community. Second, to activate a new form of global telepathic communication, which is called the Web of Love.

The Web of Love
<> <>

We have been aware that many of the new children being born on Earth have a way of communicating telepathically. Some spiritual teachers have labeled this ‘the Web.' It has been suggested that the collective vibration of humans is now high enough to sustain this form of communication on a worldwide scale. All we have to do to activate this web is to join together with focused intent to transmit love and healing energy. This experiment will enable us, not only to accomplish the very first activation, but also to scientifically measure and prove the effects on humans.

The actual protocol of what will take place is now posted on the web site at: The Web of Love site also has other interesting information from both the scientific and metaphysical perspective. See what others are saying about this grand event. We are about to make history! To see how to participate please follow the links above. You can participate as an individual or a hosting partner with your organization. Please mark your calendars now for this event and we will see you on the Web!
Steve and Barbara Rother

and the entire staff at Lightworker.

"When we all hold hands we can change the world". . . . the Group

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2 Aug 2004 @ 19:31 by ov : Collective Intention
Thanks for the heads up on this Lydia. This idea of collective intention through group meditations seems to be a popular sujbect these days.

Got this message in today's email from James Twyman

"There are currently over 300 schools in Japan teaching children who have
demonstrated psychic and Indigo abilities, serving over 30,000 students. I had
the chance to meet with a group of these children in Tokyo on Sunday. They came
with a message from all the students in their program, asking us to join them in
a day of prayer and peace on August 6, the anniversary of the first atomic bomb
falling on Japan."  

16 Sep 2004 @ 13:06 by othomas : Better than too late
I just found this posting. It is 17 September where I live,San Miguel de Allende, Mexico
Owen Thomas  

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