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31 Mar 2006 @ 17:10, by Geral W. Sosbee

As I read the daily news reports of the corrupt and criminal fbi agents (as I have documented at, I must ask the nation a very common question ( in the minds of many activists ):
Where have all the true lawyers gone, long time passing ? Where are the JDs, the SJDs, the constitutional law scholars and thinkers in general (those who critically examined and took to heart the meaning of the Bill of Rights and the United States Constitutional safeguards against abusive and murderous government agents)? Then , I respond that these attorneys are busy in and out of court making money (hand over fist in some instances), striking plea bargains for innocent defendants,reaching settlement arrangements (in order to garner fast, easy money), seizing assets to cover legal fees, etc., so that by retirement age these prima donna guns for hire may continue the same comfortable life style that they have grown accustomed to over the years. They are seldom concerned with the destructive impact of corrupt law and policy upon the lives of those targeted for political persecution both under criminal and civil law.

The problem (in my opinion), aside from the obvious abandonment by these attorneys (including those in the law school and university ivory towers) of their civic responsibilities to their fellow man and to their profession (notwithstanding the puny pro bono records carefully documented for political show) is that the nation meanwhile is become a totalitarian state bent on the for-profit subjugation of all people by the strong arms (and weak minds) of the fbi and the cia (and others). The lawyers in the main have become tools of the emerging fascist state that even they now fear. The supposed defenders of our Rights at a most critical moment in history are in 'the other room ' (one that is soundproof and cut off from the reality of the inhumanity that is become the hallmark of the USA criminal justice system).

Specifically, the fbi for example recently charges a man with the newly discovered offense of:

"traveling in interstate commerce to engage in sexual activity with a minor and traveling in interstate commerce for the purposes of engaging in illicit sexual conduct".

The heart of such cases is the presumption by the fbi thugs that they may, by the use of an hypothetical construct, read the minds of the accused, predict his behavior with pinpoint accuracy, and determine the future course of events not yet clear to the otherwise objective mind, nor to the accused himself; in doing so the fbi predators have captured the supportive attention of the media which is always ready to get on board a moving freight train of decadent and destructive public policy.
* Note that the individual charged in the sex case referenced above has committed no offense, no plaintiff or complaining witness exists, no victim exists, no crime has been committed or reported, no evidence of any crime is extant, and no law has been broken (except for the imaginary one contrived in the perverse and often criminal mind of the fbi, or other accuser) who should himself be charged with false arrest or filing false charges, among other offenses, in connection with the preposterous charges against an innocent man. In essence the fbi and their minion police agencies pretend to safeguard the imagined rights of non-existent persons at the expense and destruction of real life human beings who are as innocent as may legally be conceived in a theoretical sense. See:
By studying this and similar cases the astute student may gain new and important perspectives from "inside the criminal mind" of the fbi and other accusing parties. For more on this see the links below.

Meanwhile, with regard to police and fbi misconduct, most lawyers are silent (out to lunch), or worse, the lawyers sometimes can be seen on TV also getting on board the popular movement which is profitable for all but the accused, or the targeted.

Alas, I have personally known many attorneys who, while representing drug dealers and other violent and dangerous types (often with real as opposed to imagined victims) in the general society, engage in the consumption of cocaine, marijuana, etc.,while publicly pretending to uphold the values of mainstream society. These same attorneys mostly avoid the truly difficult, complex and unpopular cases brought against the accused by a broken and corrupt regime headed by the fbi, or other incompetent police agency.
Attorneys also generally avoid Civil Rights and Human Rights cases against the fbi because the victim of the fbi criminal campaign has no money, and because the attorneys are fearful of fbi retaliation.[For examples of current violations see:]
Also see:

The instance cited above (regarding an imagined sex offense) is a hot potato with most lawyers because they do not want to be seen as apologists or defenders of an accused who may be facing a variety of illicit sexual conduct charges and the parade of horribles associated therewith. These attorneys do not mind representing murderers, drug king pins,or other despicable types; and these barristers boldly proclaim that their law firm does not ever represent defendants in alleged child sex abuse(and related) cases, period, even when no crime has been committed. Neither do many attorneys show any interest in prosecuting a civil case against the fbi or the cia because "there is no financial future in it".
Well, how convenient for these legal practitioners, as they now enjoy the best (from their perspectives) of both worlds: on the one hand they can join the lucrative freight train of popular opinion regarding the condemnation of any person falsely accused of largely imaginary sex related offenses; and on the other hand, these same attorneys can sell out their conscience (with handsome returns)in the representations of some extremely unsavory characters. When the smoke clears, these attorneys are left with one small problem (as I see it): they have allowed the fbi and the prosecutorial freight train to roll over and destroy the guarantees of personal freedoms and individual liberties afforded by the uSA constitution.

For more on imagined offenses and the criminal machinations of those who allege them,see:
Also see a summary of the crimes committed against a former fbi agent (Sosbee)and note that no attorney will come forward to prosecute the civil case inherent in the terrorists' assaults on Sosbee:

Thus , the lawyers, mostly silent on Human Rights issues, slink from their civic duties, abandon their sworn promises to uphold the constitution, and otherwise cower before the menacing shadow of the fbi (and others) who have turned this nation into a virtual prison for all but the torturers and assassins of the ruling class. Indeed, all criminal cases (and many civil cases) today contain Human Rights issues, not just for the supposed victim (if one exist), but for the accused as well; the failure of American Jurisprudence to take this fact into account represents the continuing deterioation of the U.S. judiciary.

The answer to the question posed in the first sentence above is that the lawyers have gone to the black hole of greed, self absorption and pusillanimous retreat. The damage to our nation (and its social fabric) resulting from their incompetence/indifference is incalculable.

The statements above do not represent legal advice.See:
* On 4-5-06 the following news item appears:
By MICHELLE SPITZER, Associated Press Writer

MIAMI - A deputy press secretary for the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, Brian J. Doyle, was charged with using a computer to seduce a child after authorities said he struck up sexual conversations with an undercover detective posing as a 14-year-old girl.
See recent article on
press secretary arrested

Sosbee writes:

As suggested above in the context of the phony criminal charges in a different alleged sex abuse case,Brian J. Doyle is obviously innocent.

For more on imagined crimes alleged by the criminals of the United States government see:

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