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picture12 Aug 2005 @ 22:30, by Jeffrey Edelheit

Is the earth really a vehicle for us to travel among the cosmos to a unknown destination?

Recently I visited a place called Crater Lake in Oregon that was formed over seven tousand years ago by an erupting volcanoe. What is left is a crater filled with water and close to 1000 feet deep. As stood at the rim looking down at the hues of blue within the water and surrounding trees and rock formations a realization came. That the earth is really a living micro organism that was designed to take us throughout time and space. One can say a living space ship. I felt that the trees and plants came with the DNA of the planet and that we are just visitors. Think about it, scientist know that the universe is expanding and we continue to move as a solar system. The original designers must have realized that the journey would take a few millions years. give or take a few. So what better way to for the travels to live then to have a way for human life to continue based upon generations with the continuity of life cycles and the common link between them being the soul. The planet was designed as a perfect eco system with built in ways to replenish renew and continued revitalization. it's incredible. Except the natural elements of our space ship or host has been disrupted by our developed habits and lack of understanding of the inherent dna and balanced eco system of earth. All that we need in order to be on this vessel was provided. The question is how did we move from guests to what we may call a parasite which is feeding off the resources of its host to be point of depletion. At what point do we embrace the natural order to know what not to mess with but instead respect. It is our purpose now to conquer nature as oppose to true co existence?

curious as to your thoughts on this.


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