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 furthering our Journey
picture13 Aug 2005 @ 14:30, by Jeffrey Edelheit

the journey of our soul the path of the physical existence.

In pondering my physical reality upon this planet I do wonder about the separation between the soul and physical realities. I have come to the conclusion that my mind has its own limitations in what it can understand. I can feel the presence of my soul and know it has its own set of values and perceptions. An example of my minds limited ability to comprehend would be: if i look at a ball there are sides. If I look at a model of our earth it is relatively round just as a ball is. Logic tells me that if I stand on one end I am right side up if i go to another I am upside down. Meaning someone somewhere on this planet is right side up and someone up side down and doesnt even know it. Or some more pondering: how can space ever come to and end and what is the origin of life of all that is?

My mind cannot grasp these answers. When I am in contemplation and go to a place of quiet within me or just in the moment, I am able to feel what I call another presence within. This presence I call my spiritual self. It comes to me in the form of my inner voice and has validated its presence through amazing times of what one may call synchronistic events, thoughts and feelings. So for me I know I am more then just a physical life form yet I can and do ask the quesition Who am I? As time goes on it seems many of us are gathering in clusters based upon the law of attraction. For me this mean the bringing together our experiences over time and finding common ground in which to share. But at these times of so much uncertainty and distruptions our sharing and gathering may be for a much greater purpose being motivated by the future.


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