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picture17 Aug 2007 @ 21:11, by Max Sandor

to make clear where we stand in relation to the other trends in Ifa worldwide, Heloisa and I drafted the following manifest:

Manifest of Hermetic Ifá

Recognizing that every Being in the world is a unique expression of the collective soul of the Universe with an intrinsic value and a special contribution to this world and all its Being therein, we:

- consider the freedom of a person only possible in the absence of dogmas, judgment and prejudice, superstitions and false mysticism, and consider this freedom achievable through the knowledge of oneself and one's relations to the other Beings in the Universe;

- remember that we have spirit, mind, AND soul and that this enables us to perform as witness and actor on the great stage of life;

- work towards the integration of the Human Being, its spirit, soul, and mind, seeing this very integration as the grand scope of the drama of the Universe;

- realize that the premise of "the end justifies the means" was at the root of the downfall of the Great Beings and all major civilizations;

- are aware of the always present danger of a philosophical or social system being turned into a religious cult and thus losing its inner integrity and functionality;

- nevertheless respect the traditional religions as cultural expressions in which many deep truths are embedded even if they are being abused to enslave Beings instead of liberating them;

- strive to distill the truth from the knowledge of the past and use the best of it while avoiding merging paradigms;

- aim at cristalyzing the basic truths of this Universe instead of adding to the complexity of existing thought systems, realizing that the very same basic laws govern all of the Universe;

- do not pretend to know what we do not know for ourselves, do not relay altered or uncertain information as true, do not disclose any truth that would harm and not heal, and do not pretend to converse with the essence of the All (Olodumare);

- do not pressure or coax anyone to be part of any philosophical system, and do not tolerate patriarchical nor any other autoritarian structures, mutulation or punishment, including fasting;

- recognize the three worlds of above, below, and the middle, considering anyone stable in all three of them as a genuine "Trismegistus";

- live as a true friend ("Awo") to all living Beings, as true philosophers ("Friends of Sophia"), the cosmic principle of Odù and its polarities, and as dedicated students of Ifá, the knowledge of Fá which is beyond truths and lies.

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18 Aug 2007 @ 04:13 by Merlin Silk @ : I can agree with this ...
... totally!
But I need one little explanation for drama as in 'the drama of the Universe'. When thinking drama I always thinking of drama in the old Greek tradition as whatever you do leads to disaster.


18 Aug 2007 @ 06:43 by vaxen : Nice...
I suppose I could agree also, since it's you and Heloise what 'rit it but...

``...the way they were able to do it was essentially this acceptance in Washington of an absolutely phony reality, one which is accepted in sort of a consensus way ... there may be disagreements on some points -- but there is a general consensus of the world that is brought to bear, and often it is in absolute contradiction to the real world. It is a false reality -- it's a Washington reality.''


Of old those who excelled in the pursuit of the way did not use it to enlighten the people
but to hoodwink them.
The reason why the people are difficult to govern is that they are too clever.
Hence to rule a state by cleverness
Will be to the detriment of the state;
Not to rule a state by cleverness
Will be a boon to the state.

-- Lao Tzu

what would you do
if you knew it were true

google:military psyops mind control  

18 Aug 2007 @ 11:42 by mx @ : drama, happyend & hoodwinking
For a lot of people, this part of the Universe is quite a drama, "life is a bitch, and then you die". But, considering that this is a draft, what would be a better metaphor, Merlin?

Hoodwinking: except for the Lao Tzu quote, I don't see a link to the links of Vaxen. But the perpetual hoodwinking of those around here ultimately in charge (and who blame all existing problems on the uneducated masses after withholding this very education or even perverting it), is a direct consequence of the "end justifies the means" paradigm they follow and which CANNOT work in the long run.
We aim to take care of that by the inclusion of:

"(we)... realize that the premise of "the end justifies the means" was at the root of the downfall of the Great Beings and all major civilizations;"

What may be missing is a hint that "no tradition, especially secret hierarchical ones, can survive generations unaltered. All are finally being inverted as to their original scope."  

30 Oct 2007 @ 18:33 by mortimer @ : emotional redlining
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