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9 Feb 2005 @ 23:03, by Mathues Imhotep

More tools for connecting and expanding our collective vision of Global Unity!!

My name is Mathues Imhotep (Mathew Schlueter), author of the 7th Seal – Hidden Wisdom Unveiled – A Reflection of Self-Discovery (

I am a visionary, healer and spiritual teacher. I am also a systems engineer and information systems programmer. My 25 years of experience designing business applications with the most advanced computer system ( on the planet has giving me many insights into what is possible. These attributes, coupled with my very forward thinking ability to be expansive and see the big picture, has created an excellent combination to manifest several extremely beneficial services. The web pages and programs will be released for beta testing over the next two months.

Global United Resources Unlimited (GURU)

The first, which is the foundation or essentially the infrastructure for engendering the other elements, is called It is a very easy to use and very powerful information retrieval and management system. It will allow members to post their unique abilities, desires, needs, intentions, services, products, projects, and resource requirements in one central database. This master database will automatically connect all the relevant information and create a direct hit report detailing all the potential relationships which are available. High priority items may be flagged for immediate notification through email upon the users hit relevancy and match criteria.

This system will also foster all levels of relationships from the most intimate to the very professional, enabling the qualifying of potential partners for business development. The member profiling can reveal very specific qualities, traits, interests, experience and associations for picking the most perfect matches for any type of relationship.

This organization will also connect inventors and entrepreneurs with aligned investors who are best suited for each project and angel like funding that trusts the vision of the creators to fulfill their calling.

Several programs are being utilized for creating the funds for capitalizing this aspect of the service. One of them is designed to create a financial wind fall for everyone who touches it, especially including the finder. This program is being named “Wind Beneath Your Wings”.

Spiritually Aligned International Networking Team (SAINT)

This organization is being created to connect the dots between all like-minded and intentionally aligned individuals who understand that it is through organizing who we know and what they know that is one of the most powerful tools for manifesting what we want, collectively and individually.

As an agent of SAINT you will be giving a special membership to GURU that will be reduced in cost and enhanced in functionality, giving you the tools to manage your contacts and their information most effectively. You will receive various types of finder fees and profit sharing potentials for the different types of dots you connect, ranging from projects to just people. You will be included (if you choose) in a Self-Supported Ministry (SSM) and an off-shore business trust that protects you and your earnings to the highest degree.

This networking system and its mission will reach all corners of the globe and foster even greater global unity. It carries a very high frequency and noble desire to raise consciousness by facility the creation of all altruistic, humanitarian, charitable and life-supporting efforts. This is accomplished in many ways, including expanding the personal liberty and pursuit of happiness for every individual, no matter what belief or faith.

The underlying energy that is present in this manifesto is the “I AM PRESENCE” from all the Ascended Masters from all races. Therefore this overall effort and movement has been named the (Intentional Alignment Movement) IAM because it supports all people, walks and ways, with the common denominator of agreeing to unite under the umbrella of human neighborly love for an array of shared purposes.

Conscious Charity

A portion of the funds raised will go towards further developing the finale pieces of this consciousness raising and sovereign spiritual movement. The Sanctuary of the Beloved Sophia (SBS) will provide various services that will uplift humankind and those less fortunate in poverty stricken regions of the world. This spiritual organization is rooted in natural law, and reinforced by common law for the protection and fostering of greater global community. This branch of the Order of Melchizedek supports all forms of self-realization, enlightenment, and ascension that are in alignment with the underlying Return of the Goddess. Sophia, the Gnostic (From the Gnostic Jesus who taught the personal acquaintance with Divine Consciousness) Mother of Creation, is seen as enfolding all indigenous cultures basic beliefs in honoring the supreme nature of the Mother. Edifying her magnanimous nurturing, creative, compassionate and Spirit filled force as the source of all life.

Healing services and advanced techniques for healing and awakening are offered along with education on Self-Help and the guided discovery of Divine Consciousness.

SBS will build Temple Communities where refuge and solace maybe sought on the path to sovereign spiritual liberty and divine awareness.

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11 Feb 2005 @ 20:04 by astrid : Mathues,
This is COOL! I can already "see" it all in Action!  

15 Feb 2005 @ 07:24 by redstar : Fascinating Concepts:
I was checking out the Be the Dream site and although I found the overall content excellent, somewhat perplexed by the repeated use of the term "New World Order" which I feel resonates more with Zionist terminology. Maybe you could use "New Civilization" instead!!  

23 Feb 2005 @ 12:54 by redstar : Mathues
Ok, I went through some of the info on Genesis11 project and I think the ideas are great stuff.  

22 Sep 2005 @ 16:26 by rayon : Just exploring
and looking up. Elizabeth Haich has been a favourite author since 1972 but I am tortoise and not hare. Hope to revisit your site at some time. Good to know it is here and locate familiar areas.  

10 May 2006 @ 00:33 by Thurman Murman @ : Hey, but I was thinking...
These all sound like great ideas, but, won't our insanity get in the way?

Oh yeah, P.S. - I picked up the black outfits, white Nikes, and the Kool-Aid mix for next week's party!  

24 Apr 2007 @ 18:40 by zuu @ : I'm there.
You guys supplying the LSD and mushrooms??
I got the pot!  

29 Apr 2007 @ 06:41 by vaxen : You know...
Matthew you really must get a few pages up if you are going to be talking to those of us who came out of DARPAs' smooth ranges. Some of us have even helped to build the library of congress so... please, no spoofing.

Oh, and some of us are beyond 'ascending.' Good luck, anyway. Maybe someday you'll really have something to show for all the talk. But for now... get the links to work and get something there other than the trivial advert spaces in the linkages above. Not a good showing but, good luck anyway.

Many of us were into advanced computing 40 years ago way out at sea. But you're so advanced you probably didn't even realise that we were in space long before NASA.  

14 Nov 2007 @ 16:12 by Wayne @ : Namaste
Are you still out there. Would like to interact.  

2 Jul 2008 @ 04:44 by Heremaia @ : Sons of Fire
I have a book called the Kolbrin its got some manuscripts written by the Sons of Fire, might shed some more light on some of your topics. This book can be purchased from plus an other source of info about the book can be found at the James Mccanney audio archive web page its in mp3 format december 20th 2007 talks abit about the book and its history as well as other past shows i recommend down loading and listning to them all. The site were i found the first six books is at http:/


4 Dec 2008 @ 05:52 by Ray @ : wounderful ideas
this is a great concept, that I feel will pave the way for a great need in the future, and help now as well. You are definitly, on to a good thing. God luck and God speed.  

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