New Civilization News: Thoughts revisited....    
 Thoughts revisited....
picture 26 Dec 2008 @ 23:02, by susannahbe

Image : Love Frequency by Susannah Bec

Our Choice:

Any situation can be transformed by a shift in attitude or understanding. Anything can be resolved, evolved, transformed. Nothing is static, except for maybe a rigidly guarded viewpoint/standpoint.

We are part of an evolving universe/god/creator/energy, and hologram like, everything contains the reflection of the whole.

We are all participants in the universal play, and all have power to change the reflections that we see in our world, by examining our own beliefs, fears and programming. It is inside us that the control panel rests.

The world is our mirror, if we are unhappy with any reflection, we have a choice, we can continue to act it out externally, or we can adjust our reality from within.. it is our choices as individuals that will eventually decide our collective future.


We have the choice, of where, in the midst of everything, our attention will be placed and focused.


Psychic pollution is toxic and detrimental to our divinity. We are sensitive instruments and our vibrationary level/frequency is affected by our observations.

Like a tuning fork we tend to vibrationally attune to the object/subject of our observations.

It makes a difference where our attention is focused, it makes a difference how we "vibrate".

We hold the key to changing and helping to birth a new consciousness…

The control panel lies within.


When you are within it, you are attuned to it.


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