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 Out of the shadows.......
picture 28 Dec 2008 @ 20:22, by susannahbe

We project our own shadows onto suitable screens
and rage at the images and cry at the scenes
it's everything I'm not, It's unfair and untrue
whereas the shadow contains the un owned bits of you

To honestly face whats projected outside
and own it as ours, means nothing to hide
we take back our power and then can begin
to realise the truth, the control panel lies within

We don't see our shadow but others often do
and though hard to face up to, many times it is true
that often we're guilty of the behaviour we hate
our 'unconscious' projected, we take up as bait

Words and Image - Susannah Bec


"The best political, social, and spiritual work we can do is to withdraw the projection of our shadow onto others."
- Carl Jung


Projection is an unconscious psychological mechanism.

Whenever a person is convinced that the awful qualities seen in another person have nothing to do with him or herself, a projection is mostly likely being engaged. This does not mean, however, that these qualities are not present. It merely means that they probably exist, to some extent, in the person observing them.-

Link: What is projection - [link]

As with all unconscious contents, the shadow is first experienced in projection
This means that an unconscious quality of one's own is first recognized and reacted to when it is discovered in an outer object. So long as the shadow is projected, the individual can hate and condemn freely the weakness and evil seen in others while maintaining a sense of righteousness.

Link : - [link]

Projection and War: link - [link]



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