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18 Oct 2004 @ 11:45, by swanny

"9/11 as metaphor"
10-18-04, 04:41 am (PDT)
There is a term in film making which I can't seem to recall
which in effect means that a film takes on an "unintentional"
effect on the audience and world at large.
I was wondering about this in regards to 9/11.
The "unintended" aspect that seems to have emerged
despite the "intentional" ones.
It becomes kind of a metaphor of sorts describing a
quintessential "shared" moment in time. It is one thing
for 9/11 to have happened and it is tragic true but in the
bigger unintentional picture perhaps it is a "witness to history"
effect occuring or to "horror" or perhaps simply to "reality".
Never have so many perhaps witnessed via a medium an
act of such a nature.
Now was that intentional.... it is hard to say.... Could the
results be predicted..... not quite exactly..... What in effect then
happened?.... What did we witness?.... The brutality of humanity
or wait..... is there something more here..... we witness sort of the
power of intent and yet the power of unintent perhaps as well.
Certainly it had the effect the perpetrators "intended" yet metaphorically something else is happening almost on a
spiritual level..... we are caught in the dilemna of "existence"
why are we here ...??? to witness ourselves and our self-destructive tendancies and brutalities....
We capture as it were or are caught in kind of a philosphical
or quintessential struggle of humanity. I don't know if that was
an intended effect though. We witness a tradgey but we witness
it together enmasse and it poses a question to our very souls.
?Why are we here? What are we doing? Who are we? Who are
This kind of shared question is almost like a group meditation
a group query.
We are all gathered at one shared moment asking the same
"deep" and unanswerable questions and they resonate in us and out to the Universe. It is well for each of us to ask these question
but in masse there is like a shared prayer or intent or solicitation
effect to the Creator or Great Spirit.
We are caught in a Celestial group hug or concern as were....
and take solace in the shared echoe as it resonates in atmosphere and ? possiblity in our sharing and togetherness the Universe

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1 comment

18 Oct 2004 @ 15:15 by swanny : The Global Truth
The Truth of 9/11

GLOBALLY........ it stands.
Divided.......... it falls!


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