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picture20 Oct 2004 @ 12:57, by jobrown

Life's challenges come in many forms, but I remain convinced of this: that anyone, regardless of social, economic, or educational background, can come to the same discovery that I did. All it takes is a deep longing to find the truth, to find the inner freedom that does not depend on words, beliefs, experiences, or circumstances. It takes a burning desire to not settle for anything less. If, so far in the course of humanity's evolution, only a relatively few people in any given era have awakened fully, it is because the journey demands a total commitment. Nothing less will satisfy.

I invite you to the challenge.

WISDOM is the process of integrating into a practical way of living the gains obtained by exploring one’s inner consciousness and connection with the Source of All.
It is thus the living experience of sharing with all beings around us the treasure found in our heart and inner consciousness.

Contrary to outer appearances, in every human being there is always a pristine, natural tendency to relate to others simply for the sake of love and sharing.

"When we seek at the level of the intellect
(of our beliefs and philosophy),
we will always find what makes us different
and what divides us.

But if we seek through the level of the heart
(through our feeling experiences),
we can always find what unites us
and what makes us One."
Hazrat Inayat Khan — Sufi Master

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