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14 Dec 2004 @ 12:47, by swanny


WHAT..... strange seed is this that doth grow, the dust and filth of despair and wretchedness.

Tis not Love for Love hath wings, Tis not joy for no happy song it sings, and tis not grace of common variety for it is of slow passion, yet here it doth labor and grow, taking and transforming as it nourishment, this
bitter sweet sewage and sludge and makes of it so into these lines most
clear and plain.

Ah but alas for once this was a great city and planet of humanity,
yet some poison of heart did render and wreck upon it disaster great and speedy
and though the whispers of love and light sought vainly to shore up its moorings, it
succumbed and died, deaf and dumb and dead to their ministry, collasping like some great house of cards upon itself and own weight.

But look here what time in its glory and wisdom doth now fashion, this seed, this plant, this tree that we now gaze upon and behold. Yon tree that hath sprung from the wreck of Love and Hate , of Good and Evil,

Tis a wonder, aye? That doth now grow and since so be its nature of darkness and light and of good and evil and of love and hate..... Let us call its name the
Rainbow Tree and eat of its fruit that be both bitter and sweet as is this life we call our own.

a. g. jonas.
(c) 2004

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14 Dec 2004 @ 13:17 by swanny : Image

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