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27 Nov 2005 @ 10:36, by swanny


NOVEMBER 27,2005

1. Why..., do we humans, try to bite or modify, the planet that feeds and sustains us?

2. Might there be some "consequences" in doing this?

3. Are the problems and challenges we now face the result of doing this?

4. Is the reason for our doing this, that we foolishly want or desire or need to have things both ways at the same time? i.e.: We wish to be masters of our destiny but do not want to acknowledge, face, or take responsibility for the consequences of our decisions and actions.

5. Can we have it both ways at the same time or are we in vicious cycle of denial?

6. Are some, most or a few of us in denial and delusion and if so what will or should
be done about that?

7. What can be done in a concessionary manner to mitigate this unfortunate global condition if we can maybe admit that it even exists?

8. Could or should we do some soul searching perhaps and see how we can live more appreciatively of the planet that is feeding and sustaining us and how and what will we do in that regard?

9. Could we set a time table of goals or targets or plans and actions we should take
before we..... well you know and might this be the intent of say the Kyoto Protocol ?

10. What else should or could we do to show the planet our appreciation and mend our ways and what must we do to prevent this from occurring again i.e.: how and why did we mess up in the first place, not to bear blame but to teach and learn from?

11. Was it possibly our own "human" arrogance that led us to believe that we could do a better job feeding and sustaining ourselves from nothing and of running the planet in and with all it's details than the planet or the Universe from which it came and in hindsight what is with that?

12. How's your day going so far?

A concerned earthling.

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27 Nov 2005 @ 11:41 by swanny : Link...
What is with this Anti-Earthism
It is "illogical"

Search for latest info on human induced
climate change greatest in last 200 years
than the previous 650,000 years

Youth Enviro Summit Link =

UN Summit Link =

UN Env Summit Link 2 =

LOS ANGELES, Nov. 25 (Xinhuanet) -- With the first in-depth analysis of the air bubbles trapped in the ice core of east Antarctica, scientists have discovered that today's atmospheric carbon dioxide levels are the highest in 650,000 years.

The analysis highlights the fact that today's rising atmospheric carbon dioxide concentration, at 380 parts per million by volume, is already 27 percent higher than its highest recorded level during the last 650,000 years, reported scientists in two papers in the Nov. 25 issue of the journal Science.

One study chronicles the stable relationship between climate and the carbon cycle during the Pleistocene (650,000 to 390,000 years ago). The second paper documents atmospheric methane and nitrous oxide levels over the same period.

Carbon dioxide and methane, known as greenhouse gases, are blamed for global warming. Scientists believe that humans have been accelerating the global warming trend by emitting more greenhouse gas through industrialization.

The ice core from Antarctica, containing hundreds of thousands of years-worth of atmospheric air samples within tiny bubbles trapped in the ice, adds to this argument by extending Earth's greenhouse gas record by 210,000 years.

The new records should help scientists better understand climate change and the nature of the current warm period on Earth, and may also aid researchers in reducing uncertainty in predictions of future climate change, said the researchers.

"We have added another piece of information showing that the timescales on which humans have changed the composition of the atmosphere are extremely short compared to the natural time cycles of the climate system," Thomas Stocker, senior author for both studies, said in a statement.

The new studies confirm the stable relationship between the Antarctic climate and greenhouse gases carbon dioxide and methane during the last four glacial cycles.

The ice core analysis also extends this relationship back another two glacial cycles, to a time when the warm "interglacial" periods were milder  

27 Nov 2005 @ 18:13 by hgoodgame : Answers -
As individuals, our every thought and action plants seeds which develop into the life we are now living. You can look back over your life and see the steps you took that brought you to the very place you are today.

The world is like a mirror for us to learn in who we are, how we are. We do this collectively as well. What is of utmost importance is that we bring our own actions and attitudes into an alignment of peace and compassion. When we recognize the impermanence of all things, it gives rise to compassion. When we correct our own course, our future is assured though not necessarily tranquil until all seeds of past negative action have been 'eaten'. By understanding it is 'us' who have brought bitter fruits into our lives, we can be grateful for their appearance and know we are burning yet another seed.

Yes, in life we do indeed reap what we sow. All these events that are now occuring on our planet are the result of past decisions and actions. We cannot 'unmake' what has already been planted, but we can wake up and learn that we are all together creating the dessention existing today. Each must first take responsibility for their own 'mess', try to give more than we take, and remember that whatever we think or do, so will it come back to us.

It's not 'them' that need to be 'reformed' - it's 'us' who are in need of 'transformation'.

Deep peace of the smiling stars to you. ;)  

27 Nov 2005 @ 20:15 by swanny : Action...
Thanks Hgood....

I wonder though....
How do ideas... and good and constructive "ideas"
get translated or transformed into actions.
Usually most things in "this" world don't happen
without "money" being involved at some point or ratio
although is money or a lack of the only thing
stopping good sense from occuring in our daily lives and actions.
Do we need to "pay" people to learn or unlearn certain things perhaps
to make them and ourselves "good or better stewarts" of this planet now... and
in the future....
yet money creates problems of its own....
and I don't think most or some need or want more money but perhaps
more "time" and maybe "energy" and constructive relationships to live a more fulfilling and satisfying life. So what helps in that process....
What are the steps to take...
what do we do "now" and what do we do "next"?
I suppose we need to stop talking perhaps and
or state what we intend to do and just do that! Like what?
What is it that is needed to do now and day to day
towards acting and leading perhaps to good example and .... such
and "realizing" a change in life style.
Okay then what does the day to day life of a good green and global
stewart look like. Well I suppose I drive a hybrid solar car
less and walk more and eat more organic foods than the ones I am
and eat more vegetables and less meat to make better use
of the farmed land. And I guess I recycle most of the products I consume
or find or innovate them into retail alternatives. Like the funnel
I made from a plastic food bottle and the coffee table
I made from scraps from the dumpster and picking up the odd litter on
the street more than I do and donate to environmental organizations
more like green peace and the sierra club and world wildlife fund
and wildlife hospitals and I try to fly less and use less electricity
or use more green electricity. And use less or make better use of
water. And try to buy more recycled and refurbished goods and wash
clothes less and use the things I have more or better rather than
throwing the old things away and just getting the new. Extend
the life of things and resources. And support wind, solar, ethane
and geothermal energy. And help to design more energy efficient homes
and reduce urban sprawl and preserve good soil and farmland by
building buildings in bad and unfarmable sites. And being an informed
and green consumer. etc etc etc...


27 Nov 2005 @ 20:56 by hgoodgame : The answer again is simple -
The doing of it will take practice for many. But our concern is first of all 'being it' before we teach it.
Live life from your heart. Imagine the long term consequence of each action you take. It isn't going to happen overnight, but we have to tackle it as individuals, looking at how clean our conscience is in each action we take, each thought we give power to.

There is NO formula, there is only mindfulness of this moment we are in. All the above things you mention, as a gentler effect on our beautiful little planet, these are all good. It sounds like you are doing your best to do your part.

As we change our inner landscape, the outer will change of itself, it's a projection. Do what you can to feel you are giving good service to the earth, stay positive in spirit, and BELIEVE. ;) Many people are starting to wake up.

A true green global steward would leave no footprints. ;)  

27 Nov 2005 @ 21:00 by swanny : Footprints...
Ah yes ecofootprints...
A mentionable measure...
however perhaps incomplete possibly...
but buildings can learn...
How Buildings Learn by Stewart Brand

and I wonder about that...

How could a building learn...?

What do you suppose that means?  

27 Nov 2005 @ 22:50 by scotty : and don't forget
money is a kind of energy !!
Most people tend to value themselves according to how much they have or haven't in the bank ! If we valued ourselves as much as we value money then the energy would shift ... that at least is what a very learn-ed building told me : )  

27 Nov 2005 @ 23:12 by swanny : hmmm
Well I don't know if I'm old enough to
talk to "strange" buildings....

did it have any ID ?

Was this a strange building ?  

28 Nov 2005 @ 00:45 by hgoodgame : Have you read the book, Swanny?
I haven't so I can't comment on it. We could use the building as a metaphor of ourselves and take it from there though. What kind of building are you?  

28 Nov 2005 @ 01:14 by scotty : Not old enough Swanny
but YOUNG enough !!!! : )
Only the child inside can talk with buildings *wink*  

28 Nov 2005 @ 01:37 by swanny : Haven't Read
Yes a metaphor and quite a good though
slow one... a building afterall is sort of
a reconciled footprint in a way....
they last longer than us afterall....
so .... not sure quite what to make of it...
what kind of building am I....??
thats quite a interesting thing to ask and study the answers..
but hey then buildings then are in away a kind of "bridge" between
the earth and humans then isn't it.....  

28 Nov 2005 @ 02:04 by hgoodgame : Here's a link
to some information about the book, you may enjoy it..

My guess would be that buildings learn the same way we do, by what doesn't work and what does. Only after inhabiting them and staying aware, mindful, do we find out this answer.  

28 Nov 2005 @ 02:24 by swanny : Wow...
Wow is that ever good....
but an awful lot of practical info...
to much actually ...
It almost like an explosion of truth
against stupidity.... or arrogance..  

28 Nov 2005 @ 16:45 by hgoodgame : I particularly liked
the part about Frank Lloyd Wright, that all his roofs leaked, and when questioned about it said, 'if it doesn't leak, it's not a roof!' HAHA  

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