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30 Jan 2006 @ 10:40, by swanny

JAN. 30, 2006


Well here on the mountain (sort of) perch of Sir Ed, I was contemplating the global situation at large and wondering hence if what is transpiring to this fair Earth is perhaps a kind of Global Transformation or a " Global TRANSBIRTH".
Now this or something akin is truly happening. It is not the fantasy anymore
of some eccentric and air-headed saints, as something truly is occurring to this Earth on a global scale.
How do I or we know or can tell?
Global Warming.
Global Warming can no longer be denied even to the most suspicious for the evidence at this point is surely "in our faces".
But what then does this mean and who is doing this?
Well change is thusly occurring and it is frightenly occurring on a global scale.
Thankfully it is occurring somewhat slowly which is a blessing as an immediate change would surely be the death of many.
So what of it and who is behind it?
Well is this transbirth, this transformation, this global warming if you will a good or bad thing? Well it is perhaps to early to say and at this point no one really knows if it is good or bad and it in truth will probably be a bit of both.
But the key is somewhat that we must have and put forth "faith" that it will ultimately be for the Global Good and Benefit of all or most and that the changes may just be beginning and will progress for some time and we will have to adapt to this newly transborn and transformed Earth as we will be transborn and transformed as well.
It then is neither good nor bad but simply a bit of both then. Changes and adjustments will have to be made and the light-workers and saints among us will have to act as midwifes and such to those of lesser or scant faiths.
At any rate, why is this occurring.
Well I suppose it is a natural or semi-natural function of our evolution or growth in this cosmic realm. In some ways yes, we all, or humanity is responsible for the change and the planet itself maybe responsible more so and the God and Universe
and time themselves so...
We have to thus set forth faith that this change no matter how unpleasant initially or consequently change can be and will serve us and all the planets offspring for the benefit of all the biosphere ultimately.
Let us assist the process thus by quieting our fears and envisioning a smooth transition of this new global infancy.

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1 comment

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