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 Is Humanity Insecure?7 comments
29 Apr 2007 @ 10:24, by swanny

April 29, 2007

Is Humanity Insecure?

What is humanity trying to proove or gain by all its exploits or are we simply fumbling in the dark of our insecurity or are we perhaps simply insignificantly complex or then again are we simply insecure because we seem alone in the Universe and have all our eggs in the basket of the earth.

This thread sort of ties three previous ones together. The consumer identity one. The new Earth one and the Human stupidity one.

I quess if I were to analyis the situation I would say yes human nature and humanity itself is basically insecure and perhaps or perhaps not with good reason. Or maybe its all of Mammality but we do the things we do in a sort of blind groping to gain some sense of our own value, power and worth. We make good and bad inventions in efforts to claim some kind of authority and credibility in the world and in the Universe because looking at us we see our aloneness and insignificance in the board Unverse. We are stupid out of blind insignificance, we surround ourselves and identities with material things to nullify our insecurity. yet at the same time we or some reach out to find ? some affirmation or confirmation in the Universe.

Hence the significance of Aprilla or Gliese 581c, the New Earth.
It is not totally necessary any longer to be totally insecure because we have a sign or affirmation of a sort that we are not alone here. Mammality is not alone in the Universe or less alone than it was.

So what does that mean... well it should be like finding a long lost brother we have now an opportunity to see ourselves in this. To find the sense of security we may have unconsciously been groping for. We have a new mirror of sorts and new place or companion in the Universe so we no longer need to be stupid or blind or materialistic or consumptive. We don't have to continue in our insecure and such ways.

Does anyone sort of grasp or understand this?


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29 Apr 2007 @ 10:38 by swanny : why?
Why because we reached out.
We reached out and "found" to some small degree perhaps ourselves somewhere else in the Universe. Do you understand. We or part of us is out there. Part of us thus is really and truly "UNIVERSAL". Really truly and in reality and truth.
Yes it is a small and perhaps insignificant part but none the less scientifically and perhaps spiritually a truth.

Is it true?

Well.... I believe it is true and a sign from the Universe to us saying hey you have now entered the Galactic... we bestow Universality to Mammality.

Welcome to the fold.


29 Apr 2007 @ 11:00 by swanny : You see...
You see in finding Gliese 581c we in a way have found "CHRIST" or a Christlike vestige. Why because Christ died was buried descended into the Earth and on the third day rose again and ascended to Heaven on the Mount of Olives..... HEAVEN....
where not Mars wasn't there or Venus or Jupiter or Uranus... but Christ or the human or mammal part of Christ is I believe there on Gliese 581c or Aprilla in Heaven as affirmed by Science and astrophysicists. And thats why this is significant.


29 Apr 2007 @ 11:30 by swanny : The Cross
The Cross

Hmmm just realized the sublime irony or fittingness in that the planets star is
located apparently in the Southern Cross....???? A celestial response to the charade of the fictional documentary of the Last Tomb of Jesus....

hee hee hee


29 Apr 2007 @ 15:15 by a-d : could you
elaborate a little more on this, Swanny; on both your article & your comments? I would like to hear more of your thoughts about this.  

29 Apr 2007 @ 16:30 by swanny : A hunch perhaps
Well if we take the position that life is good and that Christ is Good and life and Christ are complementary. Then finding life in the galaxy is good and like finding Christ who was sort of the divine ambassador of life and love. Did he not say
"follow me" and when he did not return in the second or third coming. We went seeking him or life in the heavens did we not. And though its been a bit like finding a needle in a Galatic haystack we have found him or life in this new earth and a bit of ourselves as well. He leaves the flock to seek out the one lamb. Well humanity went seeking the lamb. So I suppose it a streach of sorts but we have found that planet and Him who "ascended" to Heaven. Now where is heaven up.... space .....and thus where is Christ or life? In the Libra Constellation to the North west and in the Southern Cross star formation. By finding life or possible life we have thus found the author of that life Christ and or G O D. So we are not alone anymore and he saves or comforts us once more.
because we or life or possible life or Christ exists. We aren't just a fluke. We in fact may be part of some great intelligent design or plan. A plan that now seems to value Mammality and perhaps humanity. The insult made by the documentary Last tomb is being responded to in a sense by the revelation of this new find. We insult the Christ once again and he comes through with a show in the Heavens.

well anyway.


30 Apr 2007 @ 00:21 by a-d : THANK YOU, Swanny!!!
cool!I would agree with you 100%! Just adding one piece of info: Christ-consciousness ( in its most perfected Human form as Jesus from Nazareth; the great Anarchist; ADVOCATE & EXAMPLE of self-governing ) did not "ascend" . He DID ASCEND (into a higher Light Octave of (Cosmic-)Human form where He and Anybody who accepts the job if mastering this octave, has freed themselves from physical death, the inevitable Outcome within the Cosmic Energy-Octave where Humankind has chosen to be,dwell and remain in for far too long.... by refusing to understand the VERY TANGIBLE truth in what He tried to teach and even show us by his own example!.... We have been a bunch stubborn idiots, by accepting to be in mental-emotional = Spiritual BONDAGE (of IGNORANCE; forced upon us by even bigger Idiots; the Crooks, because we didn't believe in the Message of & Example by the One Who Knew!...) far too long already! Maybe this newly found Possible New Earth will wake us up a little more!  

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