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30 Aug 2007 @ 02:44, by swanny


August 29, 2007


Care or die!
I don't think it can be put any more simpler. If we don't care and care enough about the things that need caring for and pretty soon or now, then we and a lot of species will simply die and become the remains of a ruined planet. So unless we have a burning death wish I suppose we better start boning up on our caring muscles. How much time ? Well this was a fairly wacky weather year don't ya figure. I mean unless you're in a cave or on the space station, the weather was pretty.... well .... I mean really why beat that dead horse any more. Are we asleep or awake I suppose is the real question. Do we care or don't we and ...
etc. etc.. It starts with caring and then caring leads to actions and habits and behaviours and then things gradually change.

Care or die?
Care though not because the alternative is death but care because it is the logical and right thing to do and remember once you did care until the pain of love and life sucked that care out of you. Caring is the natural thing we do as humans. Not caring that is not natural. Or kill yourself cause living with out caring is about the same as being dead or half dead anyway.

I care or try too most of the time.
Its tough to care but its mostly the right and natural thing to do.
Don't do it for me though, do it because its the human thing to do.


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30 Aug 2007 @ 11:40 by swanny : Pain
The Pain of life
Youtube =

sir ed  

2 Sep 2007 @ 07:12 by hazel123 : re care
lovely moving song you are right but people are to self motivated materialistic and selfish me me me that is all i see i have lost my faith in the human race  

2 Sep 2007 @ 10:53 by swanny : Misplaced...
perhaps then your faith was misplaced...
for where and in whom is faith best placed...
We place it in our fellow humans out of the convience and become disillusioned but
to place it in God is somewhat trepidacious as well because
of the difference in timetables so you raise a good point
where and in whom or what can we best place our faith....?  

7 Oct 2007 @ 03:20 by swanny : Innovate?
Well a similar sentiment...
innovation and caring perhaps?
link =
pressure or perhaps... the conviction that there are better
and more "holistic and
sustainable ways" aye?


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