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 The Reevolution of Humanity2 comments
6 Dec 2007 @ 18:49, by swanny

Hmmmm this thought of "REEVOLUTION" comes to me today
but not sure what it means or how it could happen....


Perhaps it ties in somewhat or how with
"World Harmony One"......

video link = [link]

yes help and togetherness is perhaps desireable....

yet I'm of wonder that maybe humanity somehow evolved down the wrong path
and that the path turns out to be a dead end
and that somehow now we have to retrace our steps and latch on to a new star...
now not exactly sure of the who how or whats or whys and stuff
but did humanity alone not the world or gaia persae....
take a wrong turn somehow
followed a false god or false profit or prophet????
yet it seems to evoke more questions than answers
and that even if its possible for us to reevolve more along the lines of the planet....
how could that be done
wheres the repair manual?

sir me

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7 Dec 2007 @ 12:02 by swanny : Mutual Truths
Yes some how we are caught up in a gambit of ugly truths and beautiful lies
when perhaps the simple and plain way lies elsewhere.
We need not combat one and other with separate visions and seperate realities.
We should instead build upon our "common and mutual truths".
Therein lies the way. For whatever false hoods or truths we may choose to believe true harmony is not of them but of our mutual doings and truths.
And what is the universal truth? Well we may never know but we will be nearer
to it by our mutual and common truths than by our seperate dogmas.

sir ed  

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