New Civilization News: Young Boy Sparks New Future Religion    
 Young Boy Sparks New Future Religion
1 Dec 2003 @ 07:29, by Christopher Harper

It was 2020, on a quite night where a few friends delighted in what they had achieved without an ounce of brick and zero mortar. A new religion started from a little idea - but one grounded in truth so its understandable that it easily flourished thoughout the world.

Now 15 years later peoples from throughout the world were actually taking time to honor its many tributaries - and the many souls that it had saved.

It's vision began in a website in the year 2003...when a dream was shared for the world to receive. It began something like this...

I had a dream that one day everyone would honor the one God of love at the altar of all great religions. In this acknowledgement everyone would agree - we are all children of God first...and as his children, we would start a new religion - one without bricks and mortar, one that only serves the one God of Love. It's purpose would be that it's members work only to honor every path people walk in their way to God, knowing that the key to finding God is found in desire to know him and a willingness to exercise it by walking a path to greater understanding. The rest of the process we knew God would provide...guiding each to his kingdom, via the path he saw fit at any moment in time.

This religion was called COG. It wasn't Christian based but Christian it was, it wasn't Islamic based but Islamic it was, it was Buddhist or Muslim, but both it was. It was none of these but part of all it was...for it was a religion like a river of love - that flowed without conflict, without judgement, embracing all that it touched.

This religion called COG became a centerpiece of trust for which the whole world could embrace - for it sang a truth that touched the sole of every human heart. Never had there been a single religion that was grounded in the word "religion’s" true meaning -which is "realization of our oneness with God."

Prior to the moment when this religion was discovered there as great conflict among its many paths. The Muslim God was seen as different from the Christian God, the Buddhist God or the Islam God - and as a result, each fought to convert the other to their God. Mother Earth cried as blood soiled her garments - saddened by the conflict that kept eclipsing her joy.

Little did they know that COG all started when a young lad named John questioned his father after school one day, asking, "Dad, what religion are we?" In his answer a new religion was born...when he replied, "son, we are Children of God first and foremost, and as Children of God, we can choose from many paths that will lead us to knowing him in our lives. So you might say we worship the one God of Love on the altar of all religions." To this his son replied, "but what religion are we?" "Children of God," his father replied. "But dad Children of God isn't a religion," I mean, are we catholic or something like that?" A little saddened at seeing that his son needed to be something...the thought came to mind that their religion could be called the Religion of COG, so he reply, "son, our religion is the "Religion of COG!"

"But let me explain," he quickly followed having seen the great puzzlement passing across this son’s face. "The religion of COG is the one religion over all religions. It's the one common purpose of all religions. What it teaches is that every religion out there is all about helping us to rediscover that we are in fact children of God. God is our creator, our Father and even Mother to some. Our God is the same God of Love at the altar of all religions. We are all a part of His one family. There is nothing that can separate us from Him - except our thoughts if we choose. And even if some believe they’re not His children doesn't change the fact that He created us all.

"You see son, he continued, "all religions are like different paths you can walk to get to you true home with God. God doesn't care which one you take. He only cares that you are walking back to the understanding that He Loves you just the way you are. This will never change for God’s Love never changes. So today you can say we walk a Christian like path - but tomorrow he might have us change if He thought it would help speed our journey back to him. See son, God doesn't care as long as we are walking a path that acknowledges that we are His children and His Love for us is without end."

"Do you see John?," he questioned his son. ", I see" he replied, still having a little frustration of not being something common with his other classmates perhaps."

A little saddened as well, his father later prayed, "God, why can’t everyone see that we are all your children, why such separation and frustration, all the darkness that's blinding so many eyes – when truly God, we are all your children?"

To this came God’s reply, "So start a new Religion called COG, that has no traditions, leadership, prophets, or edicts. It has no bricks or mortar, no books or bibles. There is nothing to donate to, support or dictate. It is to be something that everyone can be…without sacrifice or judgement coming from their current religious choices. They can be a COG Islam, COG Christians, COG Moslems – it matters not. It’s only purpose is to embrace one truth, and one truth only: “God is my Father and I am His Child.” ”

The rest became a movement from all over the world – when a simply story was written and God’s Love became better understood - and embraced by His children one heart at a time.

God’s children the world over heard the story, read it from emails, web sites and words share from every language. People began standing in their truth first when asked, what’s your religion?…proudly responding, “COG!”

Before long COG became common ground for all great religions – creating a great honor for every path to God. The extremists from all path soon lost support for their conflicts – as adoption of COG released love held hostage – proving to all that there is only one final truth – that each and all are one common expression, all flesh and bones, all Children of God.

So the next time you’re asked, “What’s your religion?”…perhaps sharing the religion of COG would be a great new place to start.

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