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17 Jan 2006 @ 20:27, by Vaxen Var

Mark Your Calendars

By Cliff Jones

"It is difficult to get a man to understand something when his salary depends on his not understanding it." ~ Upton Sinclair

The first paragraph says enough:

January 7, 2006 - I must comment here: mark your calendars for March 20, 2006. This is the day Iran has promised to kick about 35%, perhaps more, of the backing of your "money supply" right out from under you.

The magnitude of such an event takes some explanation, but I'll begin by stating that this was the very reason for invading Iraq. Saddam Hussein had the inside goods on decades of insider global banking dirt, (which fact was published in Germany) including the involvement, and we're talking smoking guns, of every president of the US since Truman and likewise all the Federal Reserve Board ("fed") chairmen across the same timespan. With what he thought was four aces in hand, Saddam too had boldly promised to denominate Iraq's oil sales in Euros. No small matter, that.

In 1970, while the dirty business of the removal of gold and silver backing from our "money" was being wrapped up, Henry Kissinger went to Saudi Arabia and made a deal few would have the morals to refuse. Recall that for centuries Arabia had languished in the 'dark ages' so to speak; truly little more than nomads in the desert. They really hadn't even developed much in the way of oil fields by 1970. The deal was simple, and twofold.

First, the US would develop the oil fields in earnest, basically for free, but on the caveat Saudi Arabia will denominate all oil sales in US "dollars" ...the new totally fiat "credit" variety they'd recently (circa 1964) slipped on us in the night. This was to generate the appearance that whatever "credit" the federal reserve pumps out has some intrinsic value. (this "value" gets booked in quite convoluted fashion, now including via the pending "derivative" disaster)

Secondly, the Saudis would take a certain percentage (the majority, apparently) of their oil sales proceeds and "buy" as much of the "debt" of the United States with it as this percentage would allow, in perpetuity.

Simple. By this deal there would be enough "money" slushing around that the Saudi kings and princes would be able to live like, well, kings and princes. A "win-win," just not for the average 'you and me,' as we are no doubt about to find out.

Now the key to why you should be soiling your pants right about now is in the above statement 'buy the debt of the United States.' They in fact do no such thing. Oh, sure, they openly buy (the mere paper) "T-bills" and the like that "back our currency," but if you know how the fraud of present banking systems works, you see this maneuver for what it really is: they are technically simply burning that "oil money," the effect is these "credits" are literally erased from the books.

Erasing "credit" from the books just as fast as they create new "credit" is job one at the federal reserve. Note for the following discussion that the paper "federal reserve notes" in your wallet represent only a tiny fraction of the total "credit" the federal reserve plays with. Most of it is no more than digits in a computer.

I have long made jokes that any "accumulator" of "money" you can identify exists primarily for this "credit erasing" purpose, especially if they are "tax exempt." Charities, for example, throw a few pennies to whatever cause they claim, (feed the hungry, clothe the naked or what have you) slather generous rewards on board directors and other friends, and burn, technically erase the digital "credit," the remainder, on behalf of the federal reserve. Believe it. It's no different that the Saudi deal. I've often said this about your more high-profile "charities," the "Bush-Clinton Katrina Fund" being the most recent example. Think about it:

the fed creates "credit" out of thin air, including the small portion in the form of the "notes" you carry, all of which are pure debt instruments; no intrinsic value

the government issues and "sells" bonds and the like, promissory notes to one day "repay" a debt represented by the bonds etc., for purposes of "buying" the federal reserve "credit," including the notes thus brought into circulation, i.e to "lend value" to the otherwise worthless fed "credit." Mind you the fed also printed the "federal reserve notes" themselves virtually for free

The Saudis make huge wads on the credit side, on the sale of their oil (...and why can't we produce our own oil? Better yet why can't we have existing, free energy technology?!)

The Saudi big shots skim off some credit for themselves to buy a lot of way cool stuff like big jets

...but as per the agreement, they plow the required percentage of their dollar "profits" into bonds, T-bills and other instruments that create the "value" of the very "dollars" they bought the "debt" with in the first place

So big sums of federal reserve credit supports the bonds and bills that themselves, in Kissinger's magic reciprocation scheme, support the value of the federal reserve's credit in the first place. This is called "fraud" in polite circles. In fact the federal reserve itself picks up a substantial portion of this function, using offshore front companies to buy T-bills and bonds, just as the Saudis do. It's all to erase "credit," i.e hide the real cause of "inflation." But wait, where's the real value in all this? (half the "debt" "supports" the "value" of half the "debt!?") The "value" lies in the claim that it is somehow you "owing" all that "debt." It is your very butt, (your labor, which is in fact already stolen from you in the first instance, if you are paid in federal reserve notes) your property, and those of every child born into this sick system from it's inception 'till here on out.

But the rub in Kissinger's plan now is the Saudis don't control the lion's share of the oil supply anymore, that mantle is now poised to fall upon Iran. For several years now, Russia has been doing in Iran what we did in Saudi Arabia in the '70's; they have been massively beefing up the oil infrastructure, which project is now largely completed. Iran this moment has the world's largest singular oil production/distribution system in the world, the most efficient I might add.

Now enter the fact that the bulk of the world's oil market is about to shift to being denominated in Euros, (which Saddam had declared he would do, thinking his dirt on Bush and co. would cover him) as Iran has announced it will do as of March 20 of this year. So mark your calendars; we're going to either see "crash of 1929" on steroids for America, of World War Whatever for Iran.

I'm sure the fed will pull out all the stops until whatever actual (and controlled) disaster can be hastily arranged, in order it comes out as the banksters want it to, rather than resulting in true chaos. But make no mistake: they will trash your "economy" in a heartbeat if that's the way they want it. War might be too unpopular with the newly elevated European Union in such scenario, and in case you haven't noticed, the banksters have been trashing the US "economy" for decades anyway, very slowly, but most certainly.

Any bets on the fate of the American Empire?

This explains all the talk of war with Iran floating out there in the mainstream, do you think they're kidding? Alas, for the knowing mind, the "official" arguments for such war are the most idiotic bull crap we've had to endure in decades. But what do you want to bet that if Bush does attack Iran, "we" take out the Russian's recent handiwork first thing...

I cannot stress enough the Kissinger deal and it's cousins, like the "income tax," have kept our bogus money supply afloat since it's inception, by the erasure of the above federal reserves' "debt/credit impossibility" off the books before it can garner any scrutiny. The perpetual "erasure" of the fed's "credit," most cleverly against itself as in the Saudi deal, is absolutely necessary in order the REAL "inflation" not obviate itself overnight, in which case your money would swiftly be worth literally nothing. (the fact it already is notwithstanding) "Inflation," the real definition that is, is nothing other than the existence of the federal reserve's magic "credit."

Now, the media often gives you a heads up containing a kernel of truth over which there is real concern. But true to form (i.e "psyops") they do not attribute the "concern" with it's actual cause. An example pertaining to all the above is the article I led off with. (again):

The pertinent point being that after all the propaganda to the contrary you've swallowed over the last two years or so regarding "our economy," now suddenly the fed is going to ponder halting "rate hikes?" Has something fundamentally changed here? Stopping rate hikes now would in fact be counter to decades of federal reserve blathering. Do we suddenly no longer have need to make the currency "attractive" to "investors?" The above article has the chicken-egg situation on it's head; the "dollar" has long been on a global downward trend, this announcement has nothing to do with it. The current conditions, according to the fed, are no different than last month or last year, which should indicate the two year trend of rate hikes should continue, this by the fed's own reasoning.

But they now announce a halt to rate hikes, despite a "warm" economy and a massive need to make the "money" "attractive." This leaves them with one option to keep their "credit" alive: create boatloads more of it, and hope Armageddon happens before the chickens come home to roost. (the "Wiemar Republic scenario")

Looks to me like the fed is preparing to give up the ghost. To whom should be obvious; look for "digital cash," denominated in "North American Ameros" or the like, to rise out the ashes of a ruined America. In fact, bankster elitist trade-pub "The Economist" once ran a cover showing a Phoenix rising out of it's fire as the image on a new "Amero" note. The accompanying article matter-of-fact referred to the pending total collapse of the American banking system. Of course it would; any bankster worth his salt knows this is absolutely inevitable in such systems as they have instituted. It's all only a matter of when.

It's not about the oil, it's about the "money" that oil built. Looks like "when" is soon upon us.

I hope you're getting the picture here. Be prepared. I love you all.

~ About the Author ~

Cliff Jones is a former aviator and teacher of many subjects, who in retrospect realized he had been amassing some rather disturbing knowledge through his frequent access to many of this nation's power elite. What he gathered later guided him in his studies, all of which ends up making for his wide-ranging commentary. He reports everything, which is vastly more simple than even he makes things out to be. He lives to educate and can be reached at


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17 Jan 2006 @ 21:56 by joda : shit to hit the fan?
Hey Vax, thanks for the article - it adds to what I've learned recently.
I became curious when my friend told me about upward trend in gold price.
A couple of days ago Javier Solana stated that "military solution" is not an option in case of Iran, which may very well mean that invasion on that country is inevitable.

Here is a link to very interesting economic analysis:

Read the whole "Signs Economic Commentary" article

I remember reading about recent deployments of drones in Iraq and above Iranian border. Iranians didn't swallow the carrot and remained silent - not revealing their air strike procedure and locations of radar stations. The plot is underway for a long time.

Once the american national budget is set, the banksters will probably give a green light to the pawns in uniforms. But that is still speculation - we shall see.

p.s. I'm glad to see You alive :)


Yoda! Hi bro! Glad to be alive. Been wondering about you 'over there' too. As the smoke dies down I'll get back to a more normal routine and re-connect on a gmail via or some such. (Still want to do the SCN workshop here as well)

Poor Iran is not so poor. They've the most efficient oil industry and infrastructure in place now, thanks to the Russain investment, so the war will not be about 'nukes.' The war, again, will be about Euros. Iran is pushing to make the Euro the worlds reserve currency. Currency=current. It's all so very electrical! The Crown of England (Not the Queen) doesn't want this to happen. So the puppets of the Crown in America, the UNITED STATES corporation, in Washington D.C. are being architected into their present pattern of terror-cratic insolence.

Oh, it's a long story. Thanks for the link, bro, and I'll be talking with you as I get better and better. Hope all is extremely on the bright side with you and yours.


18 Jan 2006 @ 13:38 by rayon : Blockbuster
stuff. The picture here vis sitting on a London bus infront of families of average Americanos discussing the values of the all the properties both going up into the sky and flashing past the windows (double deckers) & being informed that the sole purpose of their visit is invest for their pension in Our property. The government now has to provide housing for crucial workers, firemen, nurses, teachers, etc etc whose earnings no way reach the level of property values. Presumably, with a re run of 1929, these values fall to a natural level of supply and demand, and someone else thinks up one of your cleverly mentioned schemes.

Vax, it is their Karma.

No wonder other souls look to find all manner of alternative riches.


Yes, it is ''their'' Karma. They being the Brit-ish "Crown." By the "Crown" I do not mean the ''Hanoverian'' Queen, and her cronies, either. I mean the "Crown." They have been in control of America since the get go. Most Americans are brainwashed to think that America won the 'Revolutionary War!' Preposterous --- once the overwhelming evidence otherwise is in the docket.

A never ending state of war keeps the dumb even dumber. All Laws and Land, as well as bodies, enslaved to the Crown, in America ... have been ''mortgaged' to the hilt to the creditors who pay for all those wars with a never ending flow of ''credit'' which they concoct out of thin air. Old Kabbalistic datum reads: "Yesh Min Ain" or "something from nothing."

Credit out of thin air! Out of nothing! On this ''interest'' is charged till you have a national debt the size of which no one can ponder! Thus the need for an ever widening circle of enemies so that the 'debt' can expand forever.

Well, the bankers are right. Most common men are honest and cannot conceive of such deceit. World War IV has been on the drawing boards for years. World War III was the so called 'cold war.' Don't believe all the hype for it is all about 'Commerce.' That is 'the game being played.'

Most peoples ''pieces'' (the 'Strawman') have been captured and most are not even aware that a game is being played at all let alone that there are very succinct rules that have been in existence for over 4000 years! I should say 'since the 'dawn' of his-story.

If you can then get clear of the whole system but...since I doubt that you can then for your own sake please understand what is going on and take your game piece back and start calling ''them'' on their liabilities! ;)  

23 Jan 2006 @ 04:13 by koravya : All Very Good
Discussion, and description.  

23 Jan 2006 @ 18:57 by jobrown : Yes,
very good, indeed, bringing forth revelations, reveleations!... Just GREAT!!! : )  

23 Jan 2006 @ 23:47 by joda : here they come...
"… Bank Of America and Compass Bank managers (probably all other U.S. banks too) have been instructing their employees in the last few weeks on how to respond to customer demands in the event of a collapse of the U.S. economy - specifically telling the employees that only agents from the Department Of Homeland Security will have authority to decide what belongings customers may have from their safe deposit boxes - and that precious metals and other valuables will not be released to U.S. citizens. The bank employees have been strictly prohibited from revealing the banks’ new "guidelines" to anyone. (however, employees have been talking to friends and family)

The next time you visit your bank, ask them about it - then ask yourself, why is this information being kept secret from customers and the public - what’s really going on?"



Thanks for the link, bro, but this country has been 'bankrupt' since its' inception. Go deeper into the real story behind the story. FUD is FUD.

I, for one, do NOT utilise their 'banks.' As a matter of fact I am a bank unto myself [;)]. Also I know how to mine precious metals, smelt them too, and do not depend on their say so for anything...I am sovereign and KNOW just how to manifest something from nothing. Oh, I'm not alone either.

We know their lie, inside and out, and ARE prepared for anything that they think that they are sending down the proverbial 'pike.' After is not they who lead us.

We are quite capable of handling FEMA, their humdrum gestapo HSA, and all the rest of their Alphabet soup agencies... for, after all, they are all merely 'HU-Men.' HU means 'invoked force.' The force they are invoking is 'mens.' That ''mens'' refers to 'memory.' 'They' are already dead. We are viewing a 'restim' of what died out so very long ago that it would be impudent of me to assign a number for auditing their wholetrack incident, at least in terms of years.

Time is such a fanciful notion. Power means the ability to maintain your position in space. Thetans create via postulates. Positive postulates are simply 'charged' theta bits. Watch the game being played out or be the super player that you are and by all means ENJOY the GAME! ;) There is nothing to fear not even fear itself for oft times fear turns out to be nothing but a whimpering good old Georgie boy, as an example. "And I'll huff, and I'll puff, and I'll..." Be, do, have.

Well, we know that the emperor doesn't have a leg to stand upon and we are tougher than titanium ballustrades on tachyion drive equipped 'star clusters.' ;) Shall we introduce the stable datum now? Or wait a bit longer till the going gets 'rough?' Just, of course, for the utter insane fun of it! ;)

For in a Republic, who is "the country?" Is it the Government which is for the moment in the saddle? Why, the Government is merely a servant- merely a temporary servant; it cannot be its prerogative to determine what is right and what is wrong, and decide who is a patriot and who isn't. Its function is to obey orders, not originate them.
Mark Twain


PS: 2012 in 6! ;)
What ME worry?  

24 Jan 2006 @ 12:39 by joda : that's the spirit!
Vax, my friend, my heart pumps with joy, when I see You in such a good and powerful shape :) I know there is nothing to really worry about - what could possibly happen to us, what hadn't happened already during milions years of our existence? I already AM, so surely I can HAVE the end of this world :D
The ADVENTURE is coming - as great forces clash with each other - we will have many events to ENJOY, creative and destructive alike ;)

Meanwhile, let's continue sharing information with others.


Thanks joda san. It's like: Run incident three up until you see the picture of ''the Pilot'' saying: "I AM MOCKING IT UP!"

Mocking what up? The friggin BANK! The word Marcab is based on the root ''merc'' which is COM-'MERCE!' 13 Banking families, all mocking up their own ''BANKS'' controlling this world via COMMERCE. Commercial AGREEMENTS or CONTRACTS.

If the dupes could only understand for a moment what R was really talking about then there wouldn't be a TOC, run by the IRS, and there would be no need for an anti-thesis. Of course once you really begin to understand that R was talking about, the situation with commerce as it is, in this world, and who 'runs' it, your beyond R and must needs seek real truth which is found in applying the law of commerce to the commerce game.

The Games Master, The Games Maker, The Umpire -- keeps the Games 'running,' and The Destroyer of Games. Masters, Makers, Players, Watchers, Pieces. ;) Gets simpler after all that.

Came across this in the SHSBC the other day...

"The common denominator of a group is the REACTIVE 'BANK (Emphasis mine).' Thetans without ''BANKS" have different responses. They only have their banks in common. They agree then only on 'bank principles.' Person to Person the BANK is identicle.

So constructive ideas are individual and seldom get broad ''agreement" in a human group. An individual must rise above an avid craving for agreement from a humanoid group to get anything decent done. The 'bank-agreement' has been what has made Earth a Hell --- and if you were looking for Earth and found Hell, it would certainly serve." SHSBC LRH

Notice: "Bank Agreement!" So look at all the ''writings'' with this in mind that R is really discussing the "Merchants of Chaos/Shades of Night" or the 'International Banking Cartels' also called the 'Galactic Confederacy (the 13!).' Banking and Commerce!

Dianetics simply shows you how to 'MOCK UP' your own bank! So why, then, spend years and years paying exorbitant prices to UN-MOCK what you have MOCKED UP in the first place? ;) heh heh heh...

We shall continue making FSB's and we shall continue burning FRN's! See ya bro. Glad to share...  

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