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7 May 2007 @ 09:38, by Vaxen Var

I am only reprinting this article here, not because I believe that 'the Christos' was anything like the 'peaceful' soul this man likes to paint him to be, but because of the subtext message going on that should be read, and understood, by all people everywhere.

Also because I spent the evening reading a bunch of 'milblogs,' and seeing the absolute, and dreadful, mind-wash going on to these deluded fools who, even though state courts are taking their children away (Those single parents who had custody before "deployment" to Iraq, Afghanistann, and related Archipelagos, in the greedy game where their lords and masters profit and they die and lose their children!) stand in Manchurianesque oblivion to the realities behind Kissinger, Rockerfeller (Chase Manhatten etc.), Bush, et al, wars - where might is right and truth a casualty.

Idiot Americans brainwashed into believing that they can shut up and not be held accountable by us, their fellow Americans, for the genocide going on in OUR name all over the world!

On the eve of the new EUUSA union they are being led to the slaughter by an ilk 'the Revelation' dreamt of, and labelled, albeit cryptically. So, here goes:

Preemptive Truth: 'What Did They Know and When Did They Know It?'

by Rev. Emmanuel Charles McCarthy [link]

Like one who…
Made such a sinner of his memory,
To credit his own life.
~ William Shakespeare
The Tempest [link]

The above Doonesbury comic strip of October 19, 2002, puts the lie to ecclesiastical, civil, commercial and media hierarchs and drum majors who try to defend their moral rectitude in relation to their support of the invasion of Iraq by saying, "If I had only known the truth, I never would have supported this war." By October 19, 2002 what they insist they did not know until years later was public knowledge – to the point that mainstream comic strips and cartoonists could satirize the obviousness of the lies being employed to justify turning Iraq into a killing field?

After the "overwhelming atrocity" of the Vietnam War, I watched bishops, priests, ministers, theologians, politicians, celebrities, academics, columnists, university administrators, former students, TV talking-political-heads, labor union leaders and members, judges, prosecutors, police officers, FBI agents, ordinary people in the pews or in bleachers, as well as institutions – who were politically and/or morally supportive of that war or cleverly and silently indifferent to its carnage – re-write their personal and institutional histories. This revisionist project was undertaken to make it appear they were "really against that awful thing" but did not feel that speaking out publicly in opposition to it was right, since they didn’t have all the facts at the time because of government lies that confused them or kept them completely in the dark. At the time, I had close encounters of the intense kind with a few of these faux neo-adversaries of the Vietnam War. I therefore know as a fact from personal interaction with them what they really thought, what they really did and cooperated with, and how they and their interests handsomely profited from their choice to support or to remain silent.

This should not be permitted to happen with the present "overwhelming atrocity." Being dead wrong on the morality of an act of organized mass murder should disenfranchise a person from even being considered as a candidate to lead people in the Church, the Synagogue, the Mosque or the State in matters of serious moral import. If a person cannot morally see murder when it is mass murder, or worse, if he or she sees it and justifies it or ignores it, they should be spiritually and humanly disqualified from telling other people what to do and from being given access to means of coercion (physical, psychological or spiritual) by which to force other people to do what they want them to do.

But, unless there is an active and persevering concern to keep those who, out of culpable ignorance or moral inadequacy led others down a primrose path to destruction on a grand scale, then in the not too distant future one can expect to see something like Condoleezza Rice standing beside her counterpart Henry Kissinger, Secretary of State and War Criminal by the standards of the Charter of Nuremberg, and receiving the Nobel Peace Prize. As of the time I am writing this, this may sound absurd. But, as of the time of the 1972 "Christmas Bombings" of Hanoi, there was not a sane or insane person on the planet who could conceive the thought that Henry Kissinger, who authored the plan to drop 40,000 tons of explosives on the City of Hanoi between December 18 and December 30 of that year, would one day be a Nobel Peace Prize Laureate. And much the same happened in my own Church (Catholic) where those who saw the evil of the killing and the destruction in Vietnam and who spoke up were by-passed and rendered nugatory in the earthly Church for the rest of their natural lives, while those who were gung-ho supporters or tacitly and silently complicit were raised to positions of stature and influence in the Church. Indeed, in an extraordinary series of ironies (I am not at all sure that irony is the precise word needed here), one wholehearted supporter of the war – in "the land of the burning children" (Daniel Berrigan’s phrase for Vietnam during the war) – was made Chairman of the U.S. Bishops’ Right to Life Committee whose purpose is to protect innocent life. Another Catholic supporter of the mass murder of Vietnamese was made an Archbishop and has become one of the preeminent Catholic voices proclaiming that what Catholics are doing in Iraq is in conformity with the will of God as revealed by Jesus. He has also been assigned the responsibility of evaluating for the Church whether Catholic Seminaries in the U.S. are teaching seminarians what they should be teaching them.

I suspect this same sorrowful story of the shabby quality of Christian pastoral leadership in relationship to the Vietnam War and the War in Iraq can be recounted in all the mainline and Evangelical Churches of the U.S. Now, however, the sad but seemingly incontrovertible fact is that the wheels are already in motion, at least in the U.S. Catholic Church and more than likely in all the others, to move those, who have morally supported this present unjust war, into the primary positions of ecclesiastical authority and power in the future. (One Catholic Bishop, who publicly told the people of his diocese just before the War on Iraq began that they did not have to follow what the Pope said about this war being unjust by Catholic Just War Standards, has already been promoted from being the Bishop of a small diocese to being an Archbishop of a major archdiocese.) The crumbs of war given out for supporting a war effort are not just a few new colorful ribbons on a general’s uniform for being part of an operation that successfully killed large numbers of human beings, nor are they simply the unconscionable monetary profits that only the chaos of a war economy can make available. For those who know how to play the game, war has a big barrel of the widest variety of earthy crumbs to offer to the go-along-get-along person in every position of upper echelon leadership in every organization within the warring society. All that is asked is that he or she not be too morally, intellectually, or empathically persnickety about what they are going along with and what they are getting along with.

Soon the chorus of faux neo-adversaries to the War on Iraq will fill the airways and auditoriums, the magazines and the newspapers that their constituencies read, with their version of the ancient self-exculpating refrain: "The government lied. This administration didn’t tell us (me) the truth regarding the reasons for going to war or what was going on during the war." Well, "Duh!" Was the two-thousand-year-old maxim of human wisdom that has been translated into practically every language in the world, "The first casualty of war is truth," unknown to these people, whether they be politicians, press or prelates? To this day I hear and read of ex-leaders of Church and State saying in relation to their patriotic and moral support of the Vietnam War, "The government lied to me. If I knew then what I know now I would not have supported it." Well, at least by 1966 anyone in power in Church or State, who wanted to know, could have known the evil that was occurring in Vietnam under U.S. auspices. In 1966 among many, many other public revelations in books, magazines, newspapers and on TV, a highly publicized war crimes trial of Lyndon Johnson took place in Europe, which laid out in detail abominations happening in Vietnam and the fact that it was in blatant contravention of the Nuremberg Charter and International Law. By 1966 thousands of people were demonstrating in the streets, universities and elsewhere. Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen, the most noted and respected Catholic Bishop in the U.S. and an anti-communist conservative of the first rank, said the war was unjust according to Catholic Just War Norms and that immediate withdrawal was morally mandated. For people in positions of power and authority in Church, Synagogue, Mosque or State in 1968, 69, 70, 71, 72, 73 and after, to be morally justifying and supporting the Vietnam War and subsequently pleading they were lied to by the government as the reason for their support is disingenuous.

But, it is about to happen again – except it will be more morally phony this time than then. Remember, on February 15, 2003 – a month before the U.S.-led invasion began on March 19, 2003 – millions of people in 80 countries and in more than 600 urban communities around the world publicly demonstrated to denounce preparations for this unjust war and to expose the reasons being given for the invasion as outright falsehoods. The chief weapons inspector for the U.N., Hans Blix, was all over the television telling the world that no weapons of mass destruction had been found, let alone WMDs capable of imminent deployment. It borders on the radically improbable that by March 19, 2003 any leader who had the brains, experience and savvy to rise to the position of being head of a major organization, whether it be a religious one, a governmental one or a commercial one, could believe that the reasons given by the Bush administration for going to war were genuinely valid. Yet, religious, governmental and commercial leadership generally did not protest the coming mass murder of the innocent. Why? The reasons are multiple but all have to do with personal and institutional self-interests overriding all other concerns – even the unjustified destruction and maiming of hundreds of thousands of human beings.

So whether it is in your Church or your government, don’t let the leadership play you for the fool, by portraying themselves as political rubes, who are "shocked, just shocked" because they were taken-in by the unscrupulous political operatives in the Bush administration who lied to them about the administration’s war. Don’t let them tell you behind serious and somber faces that they would have declared the war unjust (Church) or voted against it (State) if they had only known at the time that there were no WMDs that were being readied for imminent deployment. Such people, whether in Church or in government – but most especially in Church – do not deserve to be put in or to be retained in positions of power, authority and moral leadership. They will probably graciously, implicitly respond, if requested to resign their offices because of gross moral negligence or worse, as George Bush and Richard Cheney graciously, implicitly respond when caught in murderous lies: "We’ve got the power and you can’t take it from us, so get lost!" So be it.

However you will have maintained your human and Christian integrity by not becoming part of their bloody moral sham of "If only I had known..."; a sham that is a cloaking devise for hiding human beings, whose moral standards allow them to approve and/or to ignore mass murder when it is in their interests to do so. Need I say that in the Catholic, Orthodox and Protestant Churches, it has been the laity’s willingness to silently acquiesce in their leaders manifesting such a lax conscience that has been an essential piece in the process that has permitted Constantinian Christianity, with all its blatant contradictions of the teachings of Jesus, to survive for 1700 years. Silence, every bit as much as speech, is a choice of the will. Therefore, it also can be untruthful, unloving, unChristlike and evil.

May 7, 2007


Fr. Emmanuel Charles McCarthy is a priest of the Eastern Rite (Byzantine-Melkite) of the Catholic Church. Formerly a lawyer and a university educator, he is the founder and the original director of The Program for the Study and Practice of Nonviolent Conflict Resolution at the University of Notre Dame. He is also co-founder, along with Dorothy Day and others of Pax Christi-USA. He has conducted retreats and spoken at conferences throughout the world on the issue of the relationship of faith and violence and the nonviolence of the Jesus. He was the keynote speaker at the Lorraine Motel in Memphis, Tennessee for the 25th anniversary memorial of the assassination of Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. there. He is author of several books, including these: All Things Flee Thee because Thou Fleest Me: A Cry to the Churches and their Leaders to Return to the Nonviolent Jesus and His Nonviolent Way; Christian Just War Theory: The logic of Deceit; August 9: The Stations of the Cross of Nonviolent Love. He has also authored innumerable articles on the subject of violence, religion and the nonviolent love of friends and enemies taught by Jesus by word and deed. His audio/video series, BEHOLD THE LAMB, is almost universally considered to be the most spiritually profound presentation on the matter of Gospel Nonviolent Love available in this format. BEHOLD THE LAMB is now available on mp3CD through his website [link] , either at the cost of $5.00 for a disc or it can be acquired directly by an mp3 downloaded from the website for no cost [link] . Rev. Emmanuel Charles McCarthy was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize for his life's work on behalf of peace within people and among people. He may be reached and his work may be accessed at the Center for Christian Non-Violence [link] .






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7 May 2007 @ 16:16 by vaxen : IFA de ORO
"Baba ni ki alara p'ara mo ooo!"

"Oro is not a religion but a system for ensuring peace and harmony in the land."

Sure it is! Take a look, or do some research on, AFRICOM! Of course all the voodoo loving 'masters' here at NCN wouldn't think of doing that... for it may shatter some of their well kept up delusions.

And where are all the supposed 'ten thousand' or so white lighters?

Those who will, endlessly, tell you about your own responsibility in bringing all these lovely wars to our planet? Oh, and then the harbingers of we are all one with their endless petty tirades against anyone with enough sense to see through the "Glamour" into the nice yellow cake substrate which forms the real basis of these so called philosophies of indifference. New Civilization? Right.

Same old same old regurgitated endlessly coverups based on the insane, not to mention huge, profits raked in by the murderers of mens souls known as governments and 'leaders!' I doubt that any of the well religioned really care at all, as the article above points out, albeit subtextually, so well.

Four foot tall child soldiers, in Africa, on murderous rampages of hate, sans conscience, will grow up someday, if they make it, and where will their souls be when they are the leaders of the next Mubutu'd genocide?

In the meanwhile the righteous Jew bakes cake of tears at his wailing wall and closes a well jaundiced eye to the murders going on behind his back.

The real reason for Treblinka, Daschau, Babi Yar, and so many others? Payoffs, to look the other way and keep on wailing!

"Then the new convert is taught what the communitys' joint juju or magic purse is, where it is kept and so on." --- Yo Poppey!

For a hoot go to:

Support the troops? Right! Harbingers of murder, torture and endless genocide! Ah, but France has a new president, now, very supportive of US Policy? Like Pace Picantes' famous commercials.  

7 May 2007 @ 17:11 by a-d : this idiotic
"Never stand up for what's right -if it requires that you raise your voice" above whispering -or was it whimpering?.... and G-d forbid you would raise anything else!... like your hand in self defense!..... is AS stupid as the other end of the Christian spectrum; you know the one: "Onward Christian Soldiers....Let's kill for Jesus" etc etc.... you know the game I'm talking of here, eh?

Why, do you think I keep saying: let's cut through the chase and get to the core here: the HUMAN PSYCHE! Either one is a selfish prick, with out a trace of Brains since Brains & Conscience seem to be very close to each other -or one is loving, caring, happily willing to share and co-operate on equal basis with ALL Living Forms. One word that covers -or should cover- this all is : "Intelligent" but few words have been more perverted !!!!... )
Most humans fall somewhere along that line between the point of a Selfish Prick and between of being a (more) Jesus-like person: He cared and shared. He was co-operative, but he NEVER was an idiot; a "Sacrificial Lamb" to be slaughtered at the whim of the SELFISH Pricks of his times. SO WHY WOULD WE??????
That's right: Ooohh...But, of course: "Never ever challenge the Selfish Prick!" " Never ever demand him to grow up, get Potty trained and learn a few -other- moral "tricks" about how use their Common sense and just plain be a little bit decent!
Vaxen, you know and I know that THIS IS THE BOTTOM LINE for Humanity: to get the brat to grow up and accept to take on ACCOUNT-ABILITY his own actions, for his life, whether this brat is a brainwashed sheep/ "sacrificial Lamb", like billions of people are -especially people in countries who are trashed by these crooks (also called : "Politicians" /var/ "Our Leaders" ).

We should NOT let ANYBODY hide any longer behind ANY stupid "Sheet of words", because that is after all what ALL the "Ideologies" & such are just written down garbage from a even more garbage'y mind of some CROOKED Selfish Prick -certainly in most cases -and then held up as some sort of Sacred "CAUSE"! Trust me: the "Cause" is nothing but the people's at hand at any given moment:THEIR SELFISHNESS, "Dressed Up"!
In its more straight forward form it comes out likethis:,
In its a little more "Religio-Ideological-Socio-Political" form it comes out like this: ( (read all the way to the "Bitter end" ) And then -of course- we have a gazillion varieties on these two spectrum ends as it were.

THIS is what Freedom of Thought/Intelligence/Caring/Sharing can look like: then click on : "Read Story"

Our FREEDOM can never be any different than our ACCOUNT-ABILITY & RESPONSE-ABILITY ( - and this goes for every single (Officially)grown up person on the Planet; NO Exceptions!!! )
These are Energetically/Vibrationally of ONE & the SAME (FREQUENCY)! Simple Physics!.... once again!  

7 May 2007 @ 20:59 by vaxen : Yes mam...
I know the game, for sure. Muslim, Jewish, Christian... soldiers all in the holy cause of the one, ahem, true (did I mention 'true?') GoD... and they don't even bother to seek for the origins, and true meaning, of the word itself thus...

They are simply puppets as our good brother points out. Puppets in the hands of the "money masters." Been like this forever, eh? Isn't it time to wake up from that old buggaboo game and put an end to it? All of it? Thanks A-d...  

8 May 2007 @ 00:45 by skookum : money
drives the evil mechanizations of the power mongers

well... you two said it more eloguently than I could  

8 May 2007 @ 02:42 by vaxen : Well,
thanks skookum but I think that money has no kind of power in, and of, itself. After all what is it except an idea, a symbol, for exchange. I suggest that we become masters of the modicum and thereby rule the rulers with a bit of silk strung around their necks and a slight, ever so slight, tug here and there in the world markets. Oh, that's what I do! Imagine that! Shifting sands of rhyme sans reason, an endless bliss, a charade, a parade, of Queens and strumpets through the halls of Evermir. A blasting trumpet, Gabri-El, the dead rising to eat the living breathing pretenders to life... everlasting. Joke is, life is not anything like that and all the pomp and circumstance, all the shady Wolfowitzian, Kissingerian, falderal, doesn't mean a thing for none of them can take anything with them when their bodies rot and fall to pieces... though, a trace of all their nefarious deeds will remain, forever, in the Records of Akasha for all to see and take a lesson, or two, therefrom.

Thanks skookum... why not write one of your luscious poems on the subject of 'money.' Comes from the Goddess Monetas' name. Her servants were the ones who made the coins from precious and not so precious metals. Her temples were smelting sheds where ores were transformed from base metals to pure, refined, gold... unh hunh. Can you say "usury?"  

8 May 2007 @ 03:37 by skookum : hmm...
so much i do not know.. thank god for google eh?

a poem...I haven't written one in a while

a bit too warm here for poetry... the wee hours is when my muse comes to visit  

8 May 2007 @ 04:27 by a-d : Sweet Mariss,
I warmly recommend you -and everybody else- read this link about the World Bank. much we don't know -until we know!.... ; ) Let that moment be NOW,aye? : )

{} .


Lassie, A-d, you really must click on your urls and make sure that you have formed them well. See what I got:


The page you're looking for can't be found."

OK. Let me make 'changes' in your above link and see what it nets us. Ok? ;) (I'll put it in {} (That's shift and type the brackets []... with shift you get {} whereas normally you'll get []. And never put a period at the end of your URL unless you add an extra, or two, spaces for the period. Kills the URL. Now lets see if the 'archive' works. Shall we? ;)

YUP! (Pats body on back and smiles *smile, smile*

The Real Scandal At The World Bank
The Bank is Killing Thousands of the Poorest People in The World
by Johann Hari  

8 May 2007 @ 06:07 by skookum : thanks
only people online think I am sweet lol

oh it gets thicker and nastier.. as you dig deeper

I have read a bit.. more is always good  

8 May 2007 @ 15:27 by rayon : Myth of Redemptive Violence
as sung by Justin ....(?) writer producer of acclaimed hard satire George Dubya and Iraq war. On Thursday last were "treated" to a special vignette, an extension of the original play, a postscript done by five guys including one Donald sutherland lookalike (real mad and spooky) and dopey englishman, officials around a table discussing the war with the President of Iraq. The Iraq president held the floor throughout with a brief account of the modern history of Iraq, from the time it was still known as Mesopotamia. From the first there has been collusion on one side or the other to shuffle things along another way under various guises, making grimmer and grimmer goose bump listening.

Unfortunately, the Myth of Redemptive Violence sung to guitar is used by

Christians, Jews,
Muslims and Good Hindoos
they are all fed the great
Myth of Redemptive Violence, - strum strum

Still trying to find the writers name, and will supply more.

There is a major dilemma in this discussion here Vax, for what you say is true, or almost, as always. The thing is, we are just single people, in going to church we go for ourselves, inside. The priest is doing for himself, inside. The entire activity of everyone here is doing for themself inside. Church is not a collective stand to be used politically, by anyone, otherwise we go back to the Renaissance of Popes riding in full armour. So in order to survive for the "individuals" (souls) (which is all that God can care for within an institution) the church has to bend in the country (could be China) to survive for the individuals otherwise in this department they would have nothing.

There is more one can say here but not on public site. To my mind all the war mongers and contributors to the warring are driven by FEAR. All corporations and stock markets are driven by FEAR. FEAR is the mechanism of the secular world. Unfortunately those like the Marsh Arabs, first attacked by the West many moons ago in the beginning of Iraq history, were not driven by Fear, but just living with Nature, asking for no more than they had. There is no moral here just a few soft dabs for the wounds.  

8 May 2007 @ 20:18 by vaxen : FEAR
Is the mechanism of PSYOPS and Mind Control. Fear is the mechanism the Globalists use to divide and conquer. Look at World Banks' modus operandi, and you can say anything you want to, here, nikola san. I can take it. Though I might fire back.

The church, per se, is a sanctimonious fraud! I don't mean just the English Church, either. How can you get the truth out of a strained and filtered lie?

And you are a rare 'single ('person?') being' (who quite possibly is a composite, ever look into that?), who may find solace in some dark, old, stone age, hulk of a building - or in some modern monstrosity, and really find something there.

However, I suspect, that your leanings towards Architecture, and its' heritage in, beyond just the meat and potatoes crowd, the great Forests of Ancient Europe, are intimately tied in with your wanting to imbibe spirit there; in a linear plane fasion repleat with the underlying mystes inherent within the ideal that Arche and Tektos re-presents for your individual soul.

Certainly there is no Christos in the litany, nor in the wine, nor in the wafer. Maybe in some of the songs you might feel a nudge, which will be swiftly shut down by the overall pageantry, pomp, and circumstance, or by a preacher teacher widget who, chances are, can't even pronounce the original tongues, let alone know them, within which the 'wor-ship' was originally spawned.

Religion is a social mechanism. And thus very political. Seperation of Church and State is a nice sounding ideal... but, only that. Popes riding in full armor. Heh, heh... yah, in our age their representatives certainly are.

But we cannot lay the blame at the feet of the papacy, not entirely, but we can accuse the laity of an almost total ignorance wherein spiritual matters are concerned.

Ever read any of Watchman Nees' works? Ever truly experience Pentecost? The Holy Spirit is real, a group mind phenomena, and powerful and oh so very useful but... it isn't Ha Ruach Ha Kedosha nor is GOD a Hebrew word though it's origin can be found in Sumer (HU).

Lots to discuss, and I'd love to see a, more total, writeup of your beliefs etc., and how you apply them in life, where coventry is concerned.

I can walk in all churches (kirks), and religions, on Earth, and speak many of their languages, but the sweetest communion, for me, is deep, deep, in Natura. "Igne Natura Est."

The plan is old, indeed, and much can be found on the PNAC site. But Britain has been a colonial power for a long time and the meddling of the Company (HEIC) can be seen throughout the Middle East, India and China (Remember the Opium Wars?), and the overall world at large.

A people who believe in an Archetype are easily swayed, and controlled, through that very Archetype.

Look at Africa, for example, know how it was divided? A little juju here, a little juju there, and... voila! Oro never was a Religion but it is easy to manipulate cults into doing for you whatever you wish. So easy. Psy-Ops 101!

More, after your responsa... if, indeed, there is one.

And thankyou, Nikola...  

9 May 2007 @ 16:16 by rayon : nO SOLACE IN OLD BUILDs
thank you!! but just some physical meaning relating to the body, like you in all your missives, proof is there. The proof lies in Napoli. It is to do with geometry, music, harmony and beauty and the vital connections and is not any book I found. I have spoken to large academic audiences, and when so, you could hear a pin drop - real scarey. Afterwards there is a trail of people following me to the station, trying to speak. At informed gatherings I used to correct others slightly off key (re mine). At others, presidents took up my comments as their own, trying to follow through. The architecture strength is from my father. He saved his life and that of his platoon and others by his classical music in a Jap PoW camp aged 20 for 3 years. For the rest of his life, playing the piano was his saviour and release. I inherited this, in my strange life, archi became the item creating the mental space apart from the immediate of then for me to live; literally a mental space in which to think my own saving life thoughts for survival.

NCN has been a cusp time, a sundown time for something else, the architecture is still valid from a teaching point of view, but no longer required for survival. Religion as a child was an earlier survival method too involving some love, within family goes back to 1209; they refused to give up despite having lands taken etc, a huge genetic inheritance still finding recognition in churches. When a group of people get together with same intent it does mean something, as you yourself admit above, and yes I do understand your Holy Ghost, or Pentecost - this is ayurvedic too,

I explain most religion from the Ayurvedic perspective. This shows how close beauty and love is to everyone, and miracles. It would give priests and the church a real basis to exist, and explain many things in the bible and texts, and they would be the real protectors of the people and the earth. Without this, people have blind belief. That's OK, but not as good as knowing why. I don't discriminate against people, if they are my friends. So I want to be careful what I say so as not offend. I see people at many different levels of development,needing different stuff. We are supposed to let others live their own Karma through, we can help a little but leave it up to them.

Of course I love nature, and God is there, but there is no translation just experience. I love expression, and poetry here and there, and finding STRONG ideas. I have found many quotes in support of my linears and constants, it is a very good idea, I know. But books are missing when bashing the keys here, have to rely on memory and trust!!

Fraid not easily swayed, don't you know? and you think I am for pomp? ? hmm. You seem to be the sort person one does not have to explain anything too, so quite funny when you say such things! What is a composite person pray? or do you mean ayurvedically, if so, then yes, I think I am, but again it can be explained simply in the gunas - not forgetting all the while there is never gain without pain. My beliefs are written up but not in your way, they are written to allow others their views. If they come to me I will speak if asked but not otherwise - learnt this the hard way. Everybody's suffering is meaningful Vax, and one has to respect this.

To put simply, you seem to deal with the rationale, with the big pic, the organisations, etc - and my expression is for the ideal, individual, everything cept that which you talk of. Someone has to say what you do, and you are lucky to have the freedom and care to do so. Not the same for me: also difficile to talk without seeing? Actually I don't want to give much energy to those things which don't help much globally, and hence my stance, by courtesy of NCN.  

9 May 2007 @ 19:33 by a-d : Everybody's
suffering is meaningful, and one has to respect this." It sounds good and nice and generous!... but at a deeper look it is nothing but just another justification to continue the EVIL-and of course absolve the Evil-doers who can pretend they indeed are doing something really good by allowing these petty ones the suffering they _karmically?!?!?!?... - deserve -if nothing else then from Past Lives.... who knows from what "time" and "Galaxy" ....,OHHHhhhhhhPLlllleeeeeeaaaase! To HELL with "Religious Freedom"!
HOW long are we going to accept EVIL to DRESS Up and hide in so called "Religious "IDEOLOGY"-Nonsense before we call the Spade a Spade???

The COSMIC Truth is: Everybody has the right to choose their own experiences --a far cry from suffering meaningfully!!!.... of course; to whatever extent people REALLY CAN choose their own experiences in a world that has been taken over by utter SELFISH Pricks thousands of years ago... setting up a RIGGED game where one day ALL will be feeling very tangibly the loss when suffering is exhausted and no more suffering can be forced upon anybody because ALL is DESTROYED!!!!....

Was it all 'meaningful' when ALL is lost????... hell NO! Did Everybody choose their own experiences in such a scenario? Hell NO!

Who chose -and what!?


11 May 2007 @ 14:26 by rayon : Each individual
suffering should be considered - regardless of their association - of course it is terrible to create suffering for others and if these people do not worry about the consequences, their actions are the personification of evil.

Suffering is meaningful to the self in the region of learning about the body, taking certain steps to achieve better health, involves pain and suffering, but this type instructs the body and mind on what EXACTly is affecting the mind and body and causing addictions, wrong habits, wrong ideas, wrong love, wrong thoughts, wrong jolly EVERYthing. Teach the body new ways (SHOULD be NCN) and new thoughts towards brighter aims, easier lives, more awareness about ALL, more LOVE natural, more freedom within the understanding, more EASY health, LESS , L E S S C O S T, less work, less useless activity, everything means something useful, everything becomes connected, even people, can teach something meaningful, more harmony, more plant growth happy people equals happy plants, BEAUTIFUL ideas making beautiful things, music, food. More satisfaction with artefacts which last a long time, movement into a whole other realm of existence, of which it is really quite difficult to talk of without being there with others, which is what many of us are trying to do, d d d d ! A-d how can you even think of all those things above???? If one talks about Karma without restraint, outside of the adherent beliefs, then it cannot be considered a responsible comment. And it is typical of the West to turn the law of karmic, what little they know of it, into a sarcastic self serving situation, like they did in the early Byzantine, late Roman times which is the very reason the Christian church removed the references to reincarnation from the texts, because most people were too senseless to be able to apply to it the notions sensibly.

"People do not choose their suffering"(??) - this happens by accident in the bodily form. In the spirit form, floating about, before reincarnation they MAY (only a very very few) choose (have the capacity to choose) their next state - but mostly the next state is dictated by past actions automatically, because this is one the automatic actions of Nature.

THIS is the VERY reason the idividual has to strive to comprehend the body. Without comprehending the body, there is ZERO chance of understanding anything else with PURPOSE in the entire world or universe. The body is a mini Earth, when you know the body, and the Mind then controls intelligently what is done with - to the body, can that Mind then cease to be at the WHIMS of the Great automatic energies of NATURE. This dear A-D, is basic stuff, the pre ABC of NCN, you cannot be serious here??  

11 May 2007 @ 16:49 by bushman : Hmm,
Thanks nraye, I couldn't of said "it" any better. :}  

11 May 2007 @ 21:10 by a-d : It is not a question of
me believing this ideology or this... I state the Cosmic REAL truth -as much as I KNOW it at this moment.
Who here has some difficulties with basic reading comprehension??????? I must be deep in the Rabbit hole here!...too dumb (Non-sense) to even respond to!... my only consolation is that I KNOW you are a very loving and caring Person, if only with some really bizarre Belief systems ("NewAge-y" philosophy; whose only mission is to justify selfish people's evil action towards all outside of their own skin, by using this sick philosophy to blame the victim (= the target of their evils) -and no; it aint Nature who is the dumb one & the kulprit here!... No... or should we ask Nature to ask Bushman whether he would be willing to be ever so generous as to give his Blessing to Nature TO KNOW and BE ONE with UNIVERSE more than his obedient "Yes-Sir" sayer, following whatever happens to be his whim --and they are as many fold as the Stars in the sky!- at any given momemt? ; ) DELUSIONS OF GRANDEUR !... for sure!
Wasn't that vaxen's BIG point here?


12 May 2007 @ 00:35 by bushman : Hmm,
I am nature, so I shall bless myself? Idol worship even if that idol is the planet. Hmm, ok, be a stagnet pond, or all humans should just kill them selves first, so as the so called evil ones win no victory. Thats called "pulling a Masada" No guts , no glory, fear no evil means, getting on the inside, play the game by thier rules, till they die and you take thier place. This is where the action is. Can't make permanent change if all your going to do about it is whine and prech to the chior. Some of us are way deeper than we look. If there wasnt greedy selfish people, youd never have proof that there "was ever" any greedy selfish people. Hmm, Ill bet in a few year there will emerge a vegtable rights activsts, since there is plenty of proof vegies feel pain. Maybe the Brethairians will be the first to force everyone not to eat food. Since they don't have to eat at all. :}

12 May 2007 @ 08:09 by ashanti : Fear is a mind-killer, Love is Truth
Yes, child soldiers, killing at seven years old, Fear and Loathing, lies, suspicion, mistrust, and Africa's own version of chemtrails - a thickening fog of silence and lies. The foul-smelling winds of the Black Moriah.......

Of course France will now agree with the USA, as the white moriah moves over to the EU, bringing in a New Order that will make the former USSR seem like a nursery school, a schoolgirls picnic.

While the scripted story is pumped through the media, newspapers, television, politicians' lies, and CEOs and leaders fold.....selling out their people, all for the sake of a bit of short-term material wealth, the protection of the Broederbond, while they have sold their souls.....

A totalitarian world government the likes of which we cannot conceive is almost upon us, the harvesting of HU-man fear, loathing, mistrust, paranoia, suspicion and pain reaches unprecedented levels...

There are those who consciously Know and are consciously complicit. There are those who are in denial. And there are the very very very tiny remaining minority who are Aware.

Mechanic-al MKULTRA Moloch Black Moriah and all - are just atoms in the wind, against the power of Love.

Hold Steady in Love, in Beauty (which comes in nature, yes, she who CAN be trusted, her beautiful mountains, waters, forests, her beauty, her physical manifestation of Love, still only a reflection of how beautiful and completely OMNIPOTENT the Divine Power of Love is). This is not denial, it is being "in it" but not "of it".

The black wind does even touch the blazing brilliance of the WHITE LIGHT LOVE.
The real thing, not the crap being spewed out the the Luci-fer- Trust infiltrated "New Age".

LOVE is only the REAL thing.


12 May 2007 @ 17:00 by vaxen : 250, 000
Marcabian executives. Aren't they sweet, Ashanti san? Really glad you are holding on. Lady, that's a testament if ever I saw one, of the strength and endurance of the human spirit against 'that hideous strength.' It is not 'almost' here, ashanti, it is here and earth is the new hamburger hill...

But, we've won...




12 May 2007 @ 20:21 by vaxen : Roses
by Edgar Allen Poe

From childhood's hour I have not been
As others were — I have not seen
As others saw — I could not bring
My passions from a common spring —
From the same source I have not taken
My sorrow — I could not awaken
My heart to joy at the same tone —
And all I lov'd — I lov'd alone —
Then — in my childhood — in the dawn
Of a most stormy life — was drawn
From ev'ry depth of good and ill
The mystery which binds me still —
From the torrent, or the fountain —
From the red cliff of the mountain —
From the sun that 'round me roll'd
In its autumn tint of gold —
From the lightning in the sky
As it pass'd me flying by —
From the thunder, and the storm —
And the cloud that took the form
(When the rest of Heaven was blue)
Of a demon in my view —


You are invited to a rose-smelling festival.

Who: You, of course.
What: A few moment to relax in the midst of a hectic life.
Where: Wherever you are.
When: As often as you get the chance.
Why: Because everybody needs to take a break sometimes. Even you.  

12 May 2007 @ 21:54 by vaxen : Memetic Mush
"An online critic of Scientology was confronted at a routine hearing Tuesday with surprise arrest warrants and thrown into jail . Six years as a fugitive ended in February. (After picketing a Scientology complex in 2000 over the unexplained death of a woman there, he'd been arrested for 'threatening a religion' over a Usenet joke about 'Tom Cruise Missiles.') But 64-year-old Keith Henson had been out on bail, and was even scheduled to address the European Space Agency conference on Space Elevators. He's a co-founder of the Space Colony movement, and one of the original researchers at Texas Instruments. In this interview he discusses both space-based solar energy and his war with the Scientologists — just a few days before he was arrested."  

13 May 2007 @ 03:20 by skookum : hmmm
I have heard.. that love is an addiction...

and I wondered...not all love surely  

13 May 2007 @ 07:55 by vaxen : Addiction?
Don't you mean sex, skookum? Like the famous Mr Clintons' "Sex Addiction?" I think the two shouldn't be con-fused although their root in the PIE is the same, still, there are differences.

Regardless of how the term has been con-fused, in order to confuse, with such things as lollipops, candy, Lucy, TV, Paris Hilton, etc., there is still a major difference.

For a deeper understanding one should leave the English 'tongue' and travel through the diversity of human languages to see how the 'con-cept' is treated linguistically.

Love isn't just a 'sticky wicket,' though if one only speaks English - one might think it is.

Do a little research on the Indo European 'root' of that word.

'Leubhe' is how it is trans-literated into contemporary terms. isn't the OED, by a long shot, but a fun place to start.

Nicola san, I'll be getting back to answering your responsa after I've digested it a little more. Wasn't putting you down in any way, though, but just eeking out a truce between my understanding and the way you use the English language.

Actually, most of it was quite complimentary to you and your belief system.

The composite being must be addressed before we can approach unto wholeness of being. And, no, I didn't exactly mean 'composite' in the ayurvedic sense. More like the Yajur Vedic sense.

Beyond all MEST worlds we are. Static yet dynamic. Operating Super Static:

A little "Targspace," then, for your perusal and enjoyment. Happy mothers' day to all Mums.



13 May 2007 @ 08:02 by skookum : anything
can become an addiction.. even something considered good

and I wasn't speaking of sex per se...perhaps it is a codependent view I am thinking of lol

the question then is.. are all addictions bad for us?

and kids have something up their sleeves for me  

13 May 2007 @ 14:53 by vaxen : War and Money
War and money are two of the worst. They are bad for everyone except those who choose to destroy humankind for what goes by the name of 'money' but isn't.  

13 May 2007 @ 16:05 by a-d : Ahh. this is good...
really good!... Vax, plus all friends here... I have come to understand that indeed all "addictions" and habits and routines are "bad" in cosmic terms.... though they are the very foundation for "A Civilized World". But in order to get into TRULY COSMIC Way of Being - which indeed- IS every created entity's God-given real POTENTIAL, we have to GO WITH THE COSMIC ENERGIES; "The Holy Spirit" -as it was called in biblical times- and accept to "follow our Inner Promptings" ; they demand EVER CHANGING -as in "pushing our Envelope" as the saying goes, and means that we have to allow for the ever ongoing EXPANSION of our very Being, just like we know that the "physical Universe" is constantly expanding (moving -or "changing").
What can I say.... except that I see with total clarity "how" and "why" Humanity at what ever point in its Billion -or so old- history of Earth living to "go down in the COSMIC vibrational scale of Musical OCTAVES into this one, where we are still today ; the one with THIS density and bio-structure.... when we as COLLECTIVE and as individuals at any single minute have had and still have the choice to jump on the COSMIC Wagon, so to speak, simply by choosing to go with the ever forward moving/expanding energies.
Who of us is 100 % committed/willing to do so?... There is a big group of us who are preparing ourselves for moving towards this Quantum-leap, provided we "can do it" in INCREMENTS!!!.... our famous Baby steps ! : )-(and there's a lot of good to be said about that).
But at least, we are choosing the right -Cosmic- direction, for ourselves, thus joining the Cosmic Club of Immortal Light Beings ( which is the life/ vibration where we will end up, and go on from there and become ever more truly cosmic Travelers and Co-creators.
WHY in the world choose a sick self destroying "civilized world" ( with all its scams and lies and murders, nuke-bombs etc; all with only one thing mind: SELF DESTRUCTION, when we can become COSMIC UNIVERSE TRAVELERS!? NO money needed for that travel!... ONLY RESPONSE-ABILITY!
To me some stupid fascination with Midschool history/art-history of " what Bysantic buildings and art is" -or isn't- or their POSSIBLE impact on my brains, that we all were forced to parroting / memorizing in school as if THAT "Info" had held anything of true value for one's coming life!... (Geez it has taken (at least me) a "lifetime" of consciously active daily WORK to clean out all that shit; to try to delete it all from my Memory Bank.)

More than 100 years ago a group of Big Shots sat down and determined together to set up an Education System for the Mainstream-MASSES of SHEEPLES, that they called "Learning IGNORANCE" ... the whole meeting -and the sick decisions made there- is documented! but this was just one ONE event where the Dark Side worked its Black Magic -to enslave Humanity...

Thanks Mariss, for jumping in here into this thread. With your razor sharp Ability to convey a lot of meaning and substance with just a few small simple words you open up whole UNIVERSES of Insights about "To Be -or Not To Be" -questions for the rest of us; like the possible connections between different -intentional- Distortions of the concept of "Love". Cool!
For a long time the "Romantic Love" has been a symbol and metaphor for how humans felt and saw their connections with 'God' ("If you leave me , for sure , I will die" /// "I can't live without you" etc, etc . Ask people to mention a few of their "All Time Favorites"... never fails! ; ) Fear of LIFE ab abandoning us -plus a whole lot other issues, of course, is there, represented in/by these Achy-Breaky Songs.
(I learned so much about myself/my fears when I started to pay attention to what Songs gripped my Heart, and by looking really deep into as what in them spoke to me and what in my life I related to
them!... Two of my own Favorites, for years, was Ray Charles' "I Can't Stop Loving You" and "Born To Lose"!...Now, look up the Lyrics to those Songs... that will give you an idea... But I just totally digged -first- Ray's voice in those songs (and overall his voice was just sooo expressive!... but I also totally digged these SONGS themselves and felt them as expressing LIFE"sooo to the teee"!... How spooky isn't that -NOW!?!?!!! after all the Healing/Cleansing Work I've done for a looong time by now). THAT was a fascinating part of my Inner Journey Back to LIFE & Freedom !)  

13 May 2007 @ 23:46 by vaxen : If...
everyone would just walk out of the old game. Imagine what that would do? Meet in fields and forests outside the prisons called 'cities.' Let the vampires and the ghouls rot away in their towers of steel meant to protect 'them' from the burgeoning forces of nature. Throw their usury based, debt based, so called 'money' into the streets and say: Never again! Then, join hands, link arms, and look one another in the face squarely without the weapons of mass hatred...

Ah, a sigh of relief. Yet the progenitors of the false system would rather blow us up then be free themselves. Something that terrifies them more than even the total destruction of this planet. We are heating up the core. Their time is limited on this earth and, they know it...

You see, before ever this MEST world was created, agreed to, by us...we made contracts. The time is fast dawning to collect.

Revenimus (We come back!)! we are! Now let us see them pay us, the fiddlers, what they owe us. ;)

Such a pathetic little man. Powerless in the face of existence.

Electronic pollution and Remote Sensing is sweeping the globe, and until it is categorized, regulated or eliminated, there will be trouble in the world,  

14 May 2007 @ 04:55 by a-d : Yeahhh, no kiddin'!
"If... everyone would just walk out of the old game" but too many benefit too much from the game to want to give it up... THAT is one of our biggest hurdles!  

14 May 2007 @ 09:29 by rayon : Moving Log
= decided me to move land to a place where people are real. If someone sympathises with their suffering, it is shared and made easier. All suffering is meaningful in MY view, but I am not justyfiying the evil doers, because these acts are done by groups, which carry their own energy patterns, which is why people should be check very carefully what they get into. When the evil doers are left to their own devices, they usually come round to the light in some way a little anyway, this is the basis of all good story telling, the Epic, the Tragedy, etc. In this case our sympathy will go to the Individual freeing himself. Unfortunately the Group or Organisations will continue to exist, swooping up new persons, for one can never call them individuals, as they emphatically are not, are they? Thank you for affording a deeper understanding of my hasty comments, and mentioning it here - had me worried all weekend! Have a nice week  

14 May 2007 @ 10:32 by vaxen : Dear Nicola...
Gee, I'm so sorry that my lack of clarification, from the get go, had you worried. Please forgive me. That certainly wasn't my intention, in the least, but rather - to generate dialogue because I find the way you use the language interesting, to say the least, and your ideas relevent.

Personally I consider myself beyond both Pan Determinism as well as Self determinism i.e., individual as opposed to group and tend to go OOB for an over all view from the static dynamic positions, up and down the ladder of lights.

I tend to favor the release of the individual from the overall group mentat; a seperate individualness composed of, or a composite of, individuals - who have sacrificed their own idividuality in favor of the group dynamic such as we find in certain forms of communism.

The genetic entity (not the same as gene based but rather the 'creative' neuro-web-matrix entity) is a type of composite of many different shades of bio-morphic fields resulting in cellular appearences with specialty groupings but which nevertheless, upon a closer, more minute, view appear to be made of nothing at all!

Well, enough for now...

Thanks for being such an individual human being, Nicola, in this overall group dynamic. You're very special to me/us.


The Heart of the Internet
by Jacques Vallee, Ph.D.

An Insider's View of the Origin and
Promise of the On-Line Revolution

Jacques Vallee was among the engineers and visionaries who set up the Internet, hoping to connect people--not control them--through information. For a few years, it seemed that this dream was being realized. But after the dot com crash of 2001, much of the Web's information flowed into the media giants and corporate conglomerates, leaving millions of Net denizens without true freedom of choice. And then there is the threat of government snooping. . . .

All is not lost, but it is time for public and private actions to rebuild the dream and win back our freedom. In The Heart of the Internet, Vallee:
reconstructs the history of computer technology and destroys a few myths...
uses first-person recollections and notes to describe the series of breakthroughs that transformed computers from calculating machines to universal platforms for new media;
describes the internet in today's marketplace, pressured on the one hand by commercial interests seeking to influence not merely our purchases but our thoughts, and on the other by governmental obsession to harness the whole system to its own narrow definitions of security--sacrificing our privacy and possibly our freedom in the process;
states a set of principles for network citizens and suggests how we can create new standards for Internet usage.

A Perceptual Channel for Information Transfer Over Kilometer Distances: Historical Perspective and Recent Research
Proceedings of the IEEE Vol. 64 No. 3 March 1976
by Harold Puthoff, Member, IEEE and Russell Targ, Senior Member, IEEE  

14 May 2007 @ 12:30 by rayon : Surely
there is a level of existence which allows self determinism and group dynamic without either being adversely affected, or better, each being enhanced by the association. If the group acknowledges all the while in its composite that the self has ultimate freedom of choice & or commitment. This would satisfy the Free Radical necessity of cellular motion or whatever it is, and have natural survival abilities conferred upon it from the first!!! Trouble with communism is that the individuals tend to rely to heavily on the group and soon or later fade away, into the very nothingness "appear to be made of nothing at all". I think the Bronze age group is the best, Bronze age with computers, that's what we need for happy life, not too close to volcano.

So you are the Classic Hero - who sacrifices all for Cause? So Dear Vax, you actually do voluntarily what the Catholic church wants all its believers to do, which is sacrifice their lives (the idea of nice life being completely outside it notions) totally, for the life everafter. For the RC church is only about offering a fast track route direct to Heaven, for anyone on the earth, even if they cannot read but just do the actions. But in theory they have factored in all the main components for lift off, when compared to say Hinduism and yoga etc. The only difference re your good self is that you may not have asked for the Life Ever After bit, so you are doing it for a cut down price??? Quite funny huh??  

14 May 2007 @ 13:07 by rayon : My guru
says that life is supposed to be nice, and if lived in a certain way, can only be nice. Furthermore it is a sin to harm or hurt the body, by following certain practices the right food, living etc brings the essential harmony of mind/body giving rise to happy fruitful continuous thoughts, AFFECTIng to others gathered around, and perhaps intimating, suggesting the very group dynamic of yours, above?

Is this not a good recipe? PS: my guru is famous.  

14 May 2007 @ 15:49 by vaxen : Heh, heh...
He is famous, eh? I've had lots of 'gurus (teachers) in this life and they were all famous too so I guess I'm famous, by proxy, as well and so are you! At one point you become the Guru (teacher) and also trance-end (transcend) the Guru through the singular act of becoming her/him/it...for, in effect, you have been 'the Guru (teacher)' all along but having entered the Maya (theatre or play) of existence must act the parts of theatre, teacher, dancer lover loser winner, in short, all the parts of the infinite play, the Dance of Shiva, are played by you... heroinne or hero with a thousand faces.

I use lots of recipes in my restauraunt, don't you? [|8^)

The group dynamic is only the third dynamic in a fun filled Multiverse of dynamico Static thrust points... yum!

PS: My dead papas' dead younger brother, Hal, was on the Baton Death March. Must have been rough for your Papa. I sympathize having been in similar situations myself. Thanks nicola for this dialogue.  

15 May 2007 @ 19:37 by vaxen : Oh yeah...
The Chief Executive Officer of 'The United States Corporation,' located in Washington, District of Columbia (How did it get to be a district of the Cocaine State in South America, anyway, I've always wondered?), with an over all approval rating (by whom?) of 30%, so say the pundits of such things, wishes to re-up the old Law of the Sea Treaty. Know what this means? Know why?

Well, here is what Devvy says about LOST and the Bush proclivity to reinstantiate it...

"...The united States of America does not enter into treaties with organizations like the UN any more than the US would enter into a treaty with Ducks Unlimited. I would also like to remind Americans that the UN is an integral part of the plan for the global slave masters in their quest for a one world government. This cabal of power hungry individuals are not hiding their intentions and one only had to see the full page ad in the NY Times, April 15, 1994 to validate this statement:

1944. Bretton Woods: The IMF and the World Bank. 1945. San Francisco: The United Nations. 1994, Marrakech: The World Trade Organization. History knows where its going. The final act of the Uruguay the WTO, the third pillar of the New World Order, along with the UN and the IMF.


Right now dedicated Americans all over this country are on their knees begging the U.S. Senate not to ratify the Treaty of the Sea. Unfortunately, this effort will no doubt fail as the same old routine has for decades. There can be no remedy for getting America out of the United Nothing (UN) or any other treaties from this puppet federal government. It is not in the cards of both political parties to abandon their course for a one world government..."

Read it, if you dare, Ameri-Con!
(*Note: Google: "Law of the Sea Treaty")  

15 May 2007 @ 21:18 by vaxen : Wireless Mesh Networks
Wireless Mesh Networks (Hint, hint. *wink*)

Providing industrial-strength connectivity, this technology delivers self-configuring, scalable, and self-healing networks. And it's aimed right at distributed data acquisition and control.

"A Self-Configuring and Self-Healing Network
A network shouldn't need a system administrator to tell it how to get a message to its destination. A mesh network is self-organizing and doesn't require manual configuration. Because of this, adding new gear or relocating existing gear is as simple as plugging it in and turning it on. The network discovers the new node and automatically incorporates it into the existing system.

"A mesh network is not only inherently reliable, it's also highly adaptable. If your tank-level sensor and data logger are placed too far apart for a solid RF communications link, you just add one or more repeater nodes to fill the gaps in the network.

"On the Internet, if one router goes down, messages are sent through an alternate path by other routers. Similarly, if a device or its link in a mesh network fails, messages are sent around it via other devices. Loss of one or more nodes doesn't necessarily affect the network's operation. A mesh network is self-healing because human intervention is not necessary for re-routing of messages."

Now combine the above with the new neuro chips (already on the market) and you'll see the Brave New World smiling right back at you in imbecilic fasion. Best get prepared, not through fear, and learn how to cap their asses sans smart bullets.

There is a real net beyond the fancied intraneuralmorphed madness, seeking your brain like a CIA drone tracks terrorists, but youo don't know how to find you, Mrs Jones? ;)

"Snorkel on, Bo-Diddley." - RA  

4 Jul 2007 @ 22:39 by vaxen : Buckminsterfullerine
Throughout the history of man there has never been enough to go around for everyone---there has always been scarcity. Therefore, the basic problem was: who gets what? Who survives and who doesn't? Every society has had a different system for deciding that question, and which group survived was usually decided by war!

But just because it has always been that way doesn't mean that it always has to be that way in the future. Just because there was scarcity in the past, does that mean that there has to be scarcity in the future?

No! Mankind now has enough knowledge to be able to invent our way into a future of plenty. We are just not aware of the fact that we now have that possibility. According to the engineers, the world's industrial system is now operating at only about four percent efficiency, but it could easily be improved to an average of twelve percent. In other words, all we have to do is start using already existing inventions and stop being so wasteful!

Ok. That sounds great, but having two or three times as much wealth would not do much good if the world's population keeps growing. Luckily, it just so happens that as industrialization increases, the global birth rate decreases. As the amount of energy per person increases, the birth rate decreases, so that if the world is completely industrialized by about the year 2010, the total population should peak at about 6 billion & then start declining.

Therefore, if we only double the average efficiency we could easily take care of the world's present one billion poor (the other four billion are already "making it" now). And if we triple the efficiency we could not only take care of any future population growth, but dramatically raise everyone's standard of living.

(The figures that I have used are very conservative. The efficiency could probably be raised much higher, complete industrialization could be achieved much faster, and population growth slowed down much faster. It is better to understate than overstate.)

So, we are not on a treadmill; there is a way out. There is a practical strategy. How, specifically, can we raise the efficiency? How can we get more energy, use less materials, & use less time to provide for our basic needs? What do we need?

Lots of renewable energy, plenty of food, decent inexpensive housing, medical care, education, transportation, & communication, to name the basics.

Energy first: We need to develop about a dozen types of renewable sources of energy & we need to develop ways of distributing that energy.

We now have the know-how to connect together all the world's electrical generating plants. That one project would almost double the amount of energy available in the world because right now most generating plants run at about half capacity & use the other half for peak demand only. By interconnecting they could all swap power (especially between the light & dark sides of the earth) and therefore be run at almost peak capacity most of the time--without building any new generating plants.

We must also phase in all the various types of renewable energy as the fossil fuels start to run out. There are plenty of alternatives to choose from: solar, wind, hydroelectric, biomass, alcohol, geothermal, tides, photovoltaic, hydrogen, waves, etc.

All these alternatives, when fully developed, would not only replace the non-renewable, polluting, and dangerous sources, but give us three times as much energy as we have now (not counting the gains through interconnecting).

So, we can have plenty of energy if we want it. There is no energy shortage! There is just a shortage of awareness of what is now possible. The crisis is a crisis of ignorance!

Now, what is the story for food? Much the same. We produce more than enough food for everyone, but much of it rots or is eaten by rodents because we don't have the means of storing, preserving, and transporting it. But, with adequate energy we could grow, preserve, and distribute plenty of food for everyone. In fact, if needed, we could probably grow two or three times as much as we do now.

And so, if we solve the energy & food problems, how do we provide good, inexpensive housing for everyone? Simple. Shelter people in mass-produced, self-contained, surplus-energy-producing, geodesic dome homes which would be helicopter-delivered to anywhere for a tenth the cost of conventional houses.

A geodesic sphere is the lightest, strongest, and cheapest way of enclosing space ever invented. Domes can not only house individual families, but they could cover whole cities---and even float in the air or be anchored on or under the oceans. Domed cities use about 1/90th the energy of uncovered cities, and have perfect climates all year round---no matter what the outside climate.

So, if people have adequate food, energy, shelter, etc., they are bound to be healthier. The easiest way to control disease is to eliminate its causes, such as malnutrition, bad water, exposure, vermin, etc.

As far as transportation is concerned, we need to mass-produce already-invented ducted-fan air cars that can go on roads or rise vertically on jets of air. This would allow personal transportation just about anywhere without roads.

Also, we need to develop personal, modular transportation pods which could go on roads, be hooked together in groups, be loaded onto trucks, trains and boats, or put into airplanes for transport anywhere, with the whole global system scheduled by computer.

Development of wireless, satellite relayed, two-way communication systems will enable great numbers of people to work at home, wherever that may be in the world, thus cutting down on the expense of commuting to the office.

Also, education will return to the home because students will have two-way multimedia access (the Internet) to all the information banks of the world. They will be able to call up the best and latest information presented by the best teachers in the world. Two-way voice, data and fax will also be transmitted by satellite, thus cutting down on the use of energy and materials and speeding up the exchange of ideas and information.

All this vast increase in wealth and decrease in waste (time, energy, materials) will make it possible to have a minimum level of guaranteed annual income for all which should gradually increase with time. People will have to work less and less and will have more and more time to do whatever they want---study, fish, travel, think, etc.

Also, the fear of not having the basic necessities of life will be gone, & that should eliminate a lot of worry, stress-caused illnesses, & crime.

But most of all, if people no longer have to fight each other over limited resources, then the basic reason for war will be gone and war will become obsolete. The oldest dreams of mankind--peace, prosperity--will have come true.

People living now, for the first time in history, have the opportunity, privilege, and responsibility to help to make all these things come true. All of humanity has struggled, dreamed, hoped, worked, and prayed for this moment in history. It is up to us to help make it happen.  

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