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21 Sep 2008 @ 09:28, by Vaxen Var

The following article was written by a friend of mine and does contain some very salient advice concerning the changes that many are experiencing. The changes are going to keep right on coming. The old order is dying and we are being born anew each day. Be prepared. You can see the "Paradigm Shift" as a blessing or a curse.
Or maybe you don't see it at all?

Message from Eric Pepin

May you live in interesting times. It seems to be the
message I am putting out lately.

No doubt many of you are concerned with the financial
markets and the change that it represents and how it
will affect you. Well I make no claims to being a financial
adviser but certainly I have a handle on other effecting
energies. I think it’s important for me to explain to
fellow Navigators what is happening on a global and
spiritual level at least to help put things into a greater

In short what is happening in the world? The world
is changing and it’s nothing new. It has been doing
it for millenniums. In the perspective of Higher Balance
you could say that the global consciousness “collective”
is moving or shrugging from a slumber. Human beings
have a love/hate relationship with change. We want it
desperately but consistently insist that it is done on our
terms. When it’s not done on our terms we become
fearful for lack of control and the unknown possibilities.
In some cases rightfully so.

One thing you can be assured of is that eventually change
will happen. It is the nature of the universe both great and
small. Macro / Micro.

For starters let me say that at the moment financially speaking
for the United States and the world, don’t panic, the end of
the world is not here yet. Clearly there will be some more
financial quakes but it will iron out and new growth will
replace the old and slowly become more stable and offer
greater structure.

Now let’s roll up our sleeves and take a peek under the hood
so to speak. What’s really happening in terms “spiritually”.
For starters let’s face it, it’s an extremely complicated and
herculean thought to contemplate fully. In a nut shell, assuming
you are up to speed on your Higher Balance material and
will understand fully from where I am coming from, the
planet is approaching 2012. We must not focus on this
date as a central moment; we must look at the time frame
of its approaching moment.

There has always been change happening in the world such
as the big buzz words that get most attention like war, severe
weather, political turmoil, famine etc. What we need to do
is to look more closely at the “details” in the events over
the last decade in general to the present. What does this
offer us? It gives us a sense of the direction that global
consciousness is taking us. It is to understand that the
planet is being manipulated by greater forces outside of
itself and internalizing upon it. In return the collective
“The human race” responds to the effects. These effects
can come in the form as natural catastrophes or radiation
impulses from the stars etc. These events are always
focused upon the earth but I would once more stress to
pay attention to the details.

I recall many years ago reading a study on homeopathic
medicine. To make a long story short, the study
focused on the effects of natural medicine. The study
was done by mainstream medicine. They concluded
that homeopathic medicine for the most part was
non-effective. Of course this created an uproar in the
natural medicine world. Under closer observation it
was discovered that the mainstream medicine researchers
assumed in error to use “large” quantities of the
homeopathic medicine assuming it would deliver the
greatest observable effect. What it did do was to affect
the body into “shutting down” any effects it would have.
Obviously leading to the conclusion that it would not
have any effects.

What the researchers didn’t realize was that the body
needed very small quantities to “stimulate” it to have
its natural healing invoked to a greater reaction “effect”
and naturally be cultivated in the right response to
deal with an illness. Okay, in other words if you want
a pearl from an oyster don’t throw a handful of sand in it,
sprinkle a few grains instead and you will get a much
better result!

The world is simply another organism reacting to its
environment. It is forever changing and effecting its
environment. There are forces that are strongly attempting
to manipulate it in a self destructive direction and opposing
forces trying to prevent that and extend its life expectancy.

Let me put into play my favorite number “3”. Let’s start
with the first two. One being the Force a positive influence
that desires progressive and fruitful growth for the human race
etc. The second being the opposing energy to the force
known as the Dark side or Dark frequencies in which
desires a destructive, containing, limiting and defeated
presence etc. The “3rd” Force is the one that is most
over looked by spiritualist it is the “natural” effect or what
I call the natural and Normal cause and reaction.

In other words if you were a child growing up you
may be clumsy and hit your leg on a chair or table,
stumble and fall as you adapt to your ever changing
and growing body. In retrospect this is also true
regarding the earth and its natural growth. This
growth could be considered earth quakes, volcanoes
and natural destructive weather phenomenon.
Although these “natural” events may appear cruel
to mankind they remain natural occurrences for the
most part. Unfortunately many negative spiritualist
coin them acts of God punishing the human race and
others would suggest that these natural occurrences
are of the dark side. They are neither. They are natural
effects from an ever changing earth.

Understanding these we now must ask where are the
real effects of the force and dark side at play. The
answer would be in the most likely place. The
neural-system of the earth “The human race” and
in all fairness a select number of mammals etc please
let’s keep the focus on the human race. The human
race is the largest and most advanced neural system
of the planet and it has the greatest effect on the planet etc.

Once again I suggest we continue to look much closer
at the details. Natural events are often exploited by
negative persons seeking to exploit people’s fears
of events they do not fully understand. When these
events are exploited such as suggesting this is God
punishing the world or the dark side taking effect etc
it creates a sense of vulnerability in the mind of the
people “the neural system” in turn they as a growing
number of believers “react” as a group. Collectively
they begin to emit a strong “psychic“impression or
wave that emanates outward and is received
“emotionally” by other humans. Some will have
higher levels of natural filters and not be effected
but others will be effected and internalize this
“Program” and react, Thus starting a second wave
greater than the first. I call these Psychic collective
shock waves.

In turn this internalized program then manifests itself
in the red cell world based upon decision choices
they make and collectively effects the greater whole
“Human kind".

This is a very complex matter to explain in a short
period of time I would much rather go into greater
detail in a live recorded seminar unfortunately this
will have to do.

Much of this process of collective Psychic shock
waves is actually a natural process for the evolutionary
process of the human species and the Global collective
mind. The problem is that it can be manipulated most
easily by the dark side thus the equal stabilizing effect
from the Force. I hope in some way you are now able
to better understand the matter at play such as the
financial market.

It is a natural effect in part by the
human race managing their financial economy. On
the other hand it is an opportunity for the dark side
to hijack the collective and embolden psychological
fears and energies creating a larger panic thus having
a chain reaction to have the human race react to a
higher level of chaos etc. I also have no doubt that
the Dark side has long ago begun the makings and
slight manipulations to guide the consciousness of the
globe in this direction.

How do we, the Navigators help? I first say to you.
We are not powerless but rather are powerful.

That to have self doubt is to have self destruction.
We are still few in the advanced trainings of HBI but
our numbers are growing as we approach the mark.
We must continue to build our numbers, we must
reach out in our communities and find other sleeping
white cells and awaken them.

White cells must apply themselves to their studies and
refine their skills through discipline, practice and self reflection.
You must expand your knowledge base and awaken
sleeping skills from their slumber. Broaden your
understanding and relationship to this world and
dimension. Through knowledge you are able to filter
and attain higher consciousness.

Today I ask you to consider a flight plan. How do we
help the world today and tomorrow and the next with
your current developed state? Navigators are advanced
nucleus's of the neural planet. We can emanate greater
amounts of conscious effecting energies. We have the
ability to affect the global consciousness if we choose to
work collectively. It is not important now to concentrate
on precision as I have come to realize we may have
conflict within our own ranks on the “details” but we must
not allow that to neutralize ourselves as surely the dark side
would desire and intends. I have decided at this point to
fight another way as we are still growing and you are still
building your knowledge base and capabilities.

You must internalize and see the current chaos in the world
as a wobbling effect. Like a tire on a car before it gets
balanced. Or in this case the planet wobbling dimensionally
in space it’s “consciousness” We must collectively
concentrate in our local areas “communities, counties,
states and country” and broadcast a feels like outward
with the intent that others would receive it and internalize

Focus much on your heart chakra with a sense of
projected calm and security. I am not asking that people
not be sensible and exercise good judgment in their business
affairs etc what I am asking is that a sense of panicked
judgment be calmed and clarity surface.

Do not have “expectation” allow the wobbling effect to
calm on its own accord. Simply choose a place and time
in your daily schedule and project this emanation outward.
Do not focus on a global effect this will thin you rather
concentrate on a community level for the time being.

The calm and clarity you hold within yourself after your
meditations will also emanate from you as you travel in
your community on daily chores.

I apologize for any details I may have missed here and I
hope and assume that your current HBI knowledge will
fill in the missing details. Also I wrote this in some haste
as always I ask you to please forgive my poor grammar
as it is always a work in progress I hope it does not take
away from the message.

Last but not least. I also suggest putting up pyramids around
yourselves and homes as it will help filter outside negative

I wish you all well.

Sincerely your friend and mentor,
Eric Pepin

Higher Balance Institute
1-800-935-4007 | 503-646-4000

Higher Balance – Awakening the World One Mind at a Time

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21 Sep 2008 @ 22:22 by vaxen : The music...
One question: one answer

Cowardice asks the question - is it safe?
Expediency asks the question - is it politic?
Vanity asks the question - is it popular?
But conscience asks the question - is it right?
And there comes a time when one must take a position that is neither safe, nor politic nor popular; but one must take it because it is right.

--Dr Martin Luther King, Jr

The global monarchy

"A lot of national leaders recognise that the security of their countries depends on a good relationship with the US, so they value the opportunity to be received at the White House - the place where all decisions are made. When America votes [or doesn't] for the person who rules here, it has a huge effect around the globe. If you're in a bazaar in Cairo or pushing a cart in Shanghai, that choice will have a large effect on your personal security and prosperity.
"It is therefore important for their leaders to be able to go into the Throne Room. If they're lucky when they get there, they'll be given a bigger quota for their apples or, perhaps, American backing for the dam they want to build because we'll vote for the loan in the World Bank. It sound arrogant, but it's true.
"Our power is so great, and so unlikely to be challenged for many, many years, that you have to go back to Rome for any kind of parallel. It's a misnomer to speak of the United States as being merely a superpower. We're a super-duper power, and I don't know that the world has seen one of those before."

--Admiral Stansfield Turner, former head of the CIA,
--Daily Telegraph, June 16th 2003

And a few people can't control the world...?
... it's a piece of cake...

Free your mind...

"If the possibility of the spiritual development of all individuals is to be secured, a second kind of outward freedom is necessary. The development of science and of the creative activities of the spirit in general requires still another kind of freedom, which may be characterized as inward freedom. It is this freedom of the spirit which consists in the interdependence of thought from the restrictions of authoritarian and social prejudices as well as from unphilosophical routinizing and habit in general. This inward freedom is an infrequent gift of nature and a worthy object for the individual."

--Albert Einstein

"Those who danced were thought to be quite insane by those who could not hear the music."

--Angela Monet  

24 Sep 2008 @ 06:34 by vaxen : I know...
that the above is just a tad out if character for me, seeming, but I thought it contains a good message which is in lieu with the way I am feeling about the so called 'real' world, in general, and our innate ability, as humans becoming, to shape that third virtual plane of Simulacrum III fractally vs linearly.

What the old world does is no longer of any concern of mine so by taking the focus off of it I'll better be able to refocus my energies exactly where I want them to be...creating a new reality, a new paradigm which is at once diametrically opposed to - yet beyond - the old for it transcends it in quality and character, in substance and in truth.

Just felt like a little burst of infotrainment so - wanted to get it down in black and white...

A-d...did you get my number? last four digits 6104, the rest the same. ;) Stop climbing trees, monkey girl, and let me know wassup?  

24 Sep 2008 @ 13:57 by a-d : Ughhh...
yes...I did... tried the other day... no answer.... Will try again. As soon as I get back to ground... :o  

24 Sep 2008 @ 14:15 by ashanti : Connectivity
Hey vax - by the way, the e-mail addy you sent bounced, cannot recognise DNS.....guess you're postulating unplugging from this here reality a bit too strongly....or not. :)  

24 Sep 2008 @ 21:33 by skookum : hmm..
really loved that quote by Einstein.. smart dude.. article was great.. lots I have pondered and heard before.. a lot quite worth repeating.. thanks m  

25 Sep 2008 @ 07:38 by vaxen : Oh...
ashanti san here it is again: I may have made a mistake. gmail is always there though even if I am not...

Yes the postulate keeps hitting me square in the telco's lines! You would not believe it. I am in the midst of a shifting of paradigms where the whole 3D, 4D, etc ad infintum is concerned. Feel to matrixed in so knowing that I've the key I'm contemplating just how I want to use it...meanwhile, the way out is the way through so I'm charging through, too oft, like a bull and needs must become more yin in my approach to realites that are all too virtual. Simulacron III's third word turned out to be virtual too! Onwards!

Was a nice little addition to a wonderful day, A-d, thanks so much for the reality check.

Thanks skookum. Hope all is better and better and better with you, too...  

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