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picture 20 Dec 2004 @ 04:43, by Marissa A Spencer

yes I know, dangerous thing right? Anyway... I was thinking of how we in our lives grow and progress. So many things we have experienced have been processed and refined through our inner workings.

Sometimes we end up less than ok in the process. Things we experience in childhood and later can and do influence our strengths and our weaknesses. One can say we make the choices on what to accept or reject. I believe though that these choices are not always consciously made.

A lot of dialog is bantered about concerning our freedoms. We are told we are enslaved, an enslavement of mental and spiritual freedom. The arguments are compelling and the evidence is disturbing. What can we do about it? We can look back at things that have shaped our opinions today. Do they reflect what we really want to think? I believe that the most important freedom we should seek is to be free from our own enslavement. There may be other forces at work, but how can we see them if we cannot get past ourselves?

I can honestly tell you, I believe the greatest enemy to my enlightenment, is myself.

© December 19, 2004

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20 Dec 2004 @ 05:19 by astrid : Dear Marissa,
I would agree with you -to some extent... We ARE brainwashed by the Establishment.
We ARE being done all those things that are surfacing Today... you know; Mindcontrol, outright lied to, dooped etc.
But just like for you in your Life it also happened to me in my Life and we both arrived to a moment and place where something from Within was MORE compelling than ANYTHING we've been brainwahsed to believe... so we stopped at that point; we made the 180 degree turn-around and so started the long procedure of UN-doing
Beliefs and digging for our own Truth/Commom Sense took over our Beings in all seriousness -US being ever more conscious about WHAT to believe etc and we stopped being Innocent in the sense of GULLIBLE/Naive... and became much more critical.... which really meant that we dugg out from the "naftaline" our long -and might I say- well "preserved" DISCERNMENT, one of our Divine Skills, given to eachh and every person on the Planet as a BirthDay Gift at our Birth!... There's PLENTY of those Gifts....
This IS the Sacred Place Within where EVERY person HAS to arrive at, at one point -or another in their Cosmic Journey back to One'ness With All.
To me Enlightment is to know and truly understand that ONLY to the extent we genuinely RELATE to "Things" outside of ourselves are we Enlightened! There can be NO Compassion without RELATING ( to someone's suffering -or Joy). There can be NO RELATING without Compassion!... Thes are on the Emotional level our legs,we use walking through Life, just like on the Mental level they are Love ( =Acceptance of others with no need to change them or for them to have to fulfill some weirdass Social Recuirements of race/creed/ religion/family/Status / Gender etc etc) and Forgiveness ( Letting go of grudges/Need to "get even" & such )
SOME people will NEVER come to this Sacred Place Within, where this Turn-around can occur... but that's another Story for another day!... : )  

20 Dec 2004 @ 05:31 by skookum : You do inspire me so much!
thank you for your post.
I know we have been brainwashed. Getting past that, is what I am trying to do.

I was once told.. by an intuitive.. that my gift was one of discernment...guess I shall have to work on that one a bit harder.

forgiveness.. yes I am still working on that.. so hard sometimes.

you rock astrid!  

20 Dec 2004 @ 06:40 by astrid : You're doing GOOD!...
... my little MariGold Flower!... ( You always make me think of MariGolds!....Goes without saying that I love them!.... and they Love growing where ever I am!... )
In Biblical Times discernment was called Prophetic Gift / The Gift of Prophecy, the ability to see that if we chose to step into a bus that had as its destination "DESTRUCTION".... then that is where we ended up - UNLESS we stopped the bus and got out ( in the nick of time, most likely.... you know, like Lot and his family... from Sodom & Gomorrah.... too bad that his wife missed the "Joys" of those Sin-Cities and it cost her her life!... ) The ability to see that MEANS MAKE THE END!!!!... THAT is the ultimate GIFT of Discernment... Now... serioulsy; how hard tan that be???.... Yet we know... looking around us... at people's choises of actions... We are blessed having reached in and taken out that discernment Gift.
You know, Marissa, I think that whenever forgiveness feels hard it is because I choose to emotionally run on the old misconception that I have to give in and be/remain a Doormat to someone who (intentionally) hurt me, which would equal to justfying their evil as SANCTIFIED and FAIR! don't do it... I have to wake myself too... when I see/feel that( pain of submission into someone'sevil)in my life!....
Forgiveness is PURELY FOR YOURSELF when you let go of the hurt, which is easy when you LEARNED to recognize HOW the evil was applied!!!... 'cause now YOU just learned how to navigate the Waters.... as it were.... YOU/r boat will NOT run into that ground again!
Good Going Marissa!
May your Christmas Holiday Season be as sweet as you are! 2005 will be very interesting... Both Discernment and Forgiveness will be much needed, hence VALUED skills in the Days to come!  

21 Dec 2004 @ 04:34 by skookum : Thank you Astrid
as always.. you are a light of hope.

and merry merry... all your days  

21 Dec 2004 @ 13:37 by spiritseek : Your both right
and I like the last sentence."I believe the greatest enemy to my enlightenment, is myself." I find this to be true in most cases,how we perceive and acknowledge and overcome these obstacles,sometimes self-inflicted.Discerning truth is our business you might say.  

27 Dec 2004 @ 15:07 by jerryvest : Choices
Well done. It seems to me that many people think that our problems relate to our choices. It is true to some extent as you suggest, but our families, hopefully, do prepare us to make the kinds of choices that help us evolve to our best conditions. Unfortunately, many parents force us into their religion, their ways of relating, thinking and reasoning and their negative conditioning.

Oh well, it's just 'grist for the ego mill.'  

28 Dec 2004 @ 00:46 by skookum : Hello Jerry
thank you for your comments

It is hard to separate our conditioning, our cultural factors and get to the real us isn't it. My only worry is.. there isn't a 'real' me. lol  

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