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9 Mar 2006 @ 06:23, by Marissa A Spencer

no guys.. it's not what you think...

anyway. once a month one of our reiki group's members (I am 2nd level) holds a metaphysical type class. He is an older gentleman of great experience and wisdom. It is held on the first Tuesday evening of the month.

I have been pondering some of the things we discussed. The topics wandered the gamut of reincarnationn to reading auras, healing and karma. Getting into a habit of regular meditation was one of our first classes.

I really must start my meditating on a regular basis. Recent studies have shown it exercises a part of the brain that is rather neglected otherwise.

Perhaps, I shall meditate in the garden I am putting in this spring. Maybe it will help the plants grow?

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9 Mar 2006 @ 06:31 by bushman : Hmm,
maybe :}  

9 Mar 2006 @ 14:00 by jstarrs : It's also a good way... get to know your mind.  

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