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28 May 2008 @ 17:34, by Marissa A Spencer

Just a few thoughts written by a not so enlightened person.

The Cost of Enlightenment

We have all read “The Secret” or watched the video. At the very least we have listened to our friends and acquaintances go on and on about it. That film is like one big infomercial. I am not saying the good advice in there is not wonderful. I am saying that I am not going to buy all the hype. I am a Usui Reiki II practitioner. I am a great believer in enlightenment and advancing spiritually. I read a great deal on the subject, both new books and old texts. What I am getting at here is the swamping of the public of the short cut to enlightenment.

I feel my Reiki was a good investment and have benefited greatly from it. It is a gift that keeps on giving, both spiritually and emotionally. There are some spiritual benefits out there, but I have a hard time believing the cost of some of them. Talk about your manifesting abundance! They have that one figured out.

I subscribe to several different newsletters that include many of the “Secret” stars. I also subscribe to some not included. The Silva Method has been around a long time. There are some parts of it completely free. I have some friends who do this and are very happy with it. You have options to get the free intro program or go to seminars or get other media. All of this with money back guarantee. I just downloaded the lesson links that are free. Let me know if I seem wiser and more together.

I also subscribe to The Sedona Method newsletter by Dale Hwoskin. This program promises wealth and success etc. Some snippets of good advice are offered or course. The free media they will send were interesting. I feel there is a lot of merit to the method. I just can't afford it. The Sedona Method 6 month course is $388 dollars. It includes 20 CD's and a good sized workbook. There are also seminars to learn it up close and personal. It is probably great stuff. I would love to have it. Dang.

Another one that is great information is what Lisa Nichols offers. What a great lady with a great inspiring story and life! I admire her a lot. She has offers on her newsletter for Jack Canfield.. the Chicken Soup guy. She offers as a link a very, very cool program that Jack is offering with lots of bonuses. It only costs. $199 a month for six months for the Elite program, plus $7 shipping of course. The Premium course is $132 for six months and the Standard program is $98 for three months. Now you have to know this is probably good stuff to know. Alas, I have to feed my children. Lisa also has some great stuff to offer. Her “No Matter What Weekend” - July 12-13 San Diego is a seminar that would probably do us all some good. Bless her for her work. Really! The cost is $298 for a two day seminar. Not a bad price. She helps a lot of young people. I realize it takes talent and work and time and expenses to do this for people. The lady probably lives in planes and hotel rooms. Poor thing.

Let me just say I think Bill Harris is awesome. Regular guy who has it figured out. I try to read his blog [link] from time to time. I would love to go on one of the retreats his group offers. I never did find out how much the latest one is. All I know is the deposit was $495. How am I going to get enlightened at this rate?

I love the whole concept of Hooponopono. [link] Rev James Vinson Wingo offers a lot of freebies. Supposedly, it is what Joe Vitale says he is using for the most part now. I admire this man too. He has it much more together than I do, that is for sure. There are, as to be expected, the simple part of this healing modality and the more complex parts that most of us probably will not get into. The whole forgiveness and acceptance as a pathway to healing mind, body and soul is very compelling and I feel completely accurate. Almost every high spiritual belief system incorporates forgiveness as a part of enlightenment. This is good stuff here. There is a lot of free stuff here too. So you do not have to break the bank to get some glimpses into the higher realms.

Seriously, though I have poked a bit of fun at the costs of some of these self help programs, I feel that they are for the most part good opportunities. It is a good thing to want to improve ourselves and become higher in spirituality. When ever I speak to a very spiritual person though, they tell me. “Meditate, meditate!” So I meditate and read what I can. I thank God for libraries. Still, there are times I sigh and wish I could afford some of that wonderful stuff out there. For some of us there doesn't seem to be any shortcuts to enlightenment.

Guess I just need to manifest that abundance thing.

Marissa A Spencer
© May 28, 2008

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28 May 2008 @ 21:37 by bushman : lol
Self helps the seller, you know there has to be 1000 little outposts here in Sedona. So lets say you lived here in Sedona, you could write a book, and sell it to all those hapless tourists who come here for the same reasons you want to be enlightened. Thing is you probably are as enlightened as you need to be, you dont need to be told how to be by people who were in the same boat you might think your in. In your quest for self help you only help the seller and put yourself in debt to charlatens who pray on those who think they lack enlightenment. Even does a seminar out here every year for like 500 bucks, its Sedonas tourist trade, that wants those who worry about crop circles and chupacabras, 500 for the show anothe 500 for the hotel and another 500 for the food, this town rakes it in, all on the premiss that this place will change your life for the better, dont be the sucker, lol.  

28 May 2008 @ 23:13 by skookum : alas
I am to practical to be a sucker lol

I figure.... if the ancients could do without it.. so can I.

And thanks lol  

29 May 2008 @ 04:23 by a-d : I fully agree with
Bushman!.... you/we are as "Enlightened" as we "need" to be!....and besides; I bet "enlightened" REALLY only means to understand that the "establishment is nothing but a Mafia Racket and its members nothing but criminals!... and we better stay away from their sick persuasions and other gimmicks they push on us (to keep us in the dark,) so to speak... Period! ....And since we all met our buddy Vax, we all know this! ; )

But now, why do you equal bundles of money to being "Enlightenment"???
The ones with the biggest bundles are two groups: those who are willing to sell their Soul to the Devil -as they saying goes; which means willing to DECEIVE the Public by what ever means they can the and the ones who actually print the money!....AND both groups cheat the Public and STEAL from them -not only money but the Public's very life/lives!

IF it was trues that we attract what we want to (NOT TRUE!!!) these people wouldn't need to do at all the cheating game they do IF they just could attract witha few Thoughts!... The SECRET to life is that we DECIDE what we want to have and then manifest in several differnt ways!
But we attract the OPPOSITE and we really MANIFEST what we want to THROUGH the Power of DECISION!!!... we could also call it by accepting (to go with) the concept we happen to have in mind at any given time)

You guys are both so much MORE than ANY of these "great" guys you have mentioned in your essay!
( Now, remember; Joe Vitale did not invent Hooponopono!... Yes, he told about it on the Net! But that's it!
Yes, the principle is fantastic and has been around as long as Humanity. (This very Phenomenon-in-action has been observed by millions in their own lives far before Joe Vitale's article about it it came on the Net)... Including Heidi & I discussed before that...but of course we both are in your Reiki Club!: ) Of course, you are welcome to Looove these guys as it pleases you...I'm not tryng to take them away from you, just know that I'd rather come and stay a week and PAY, with you, Skooki -and Bushy as well. Both of you would be so much more GIVING & nurturing to my Soul, than any of these "Gurus" could ever be!!!

Good going guys! : )  

29 May 2008 @ 13:26 by jmarc : Two words
for the poor seeker, and I'll let you wrestle with yourself over the morality of it. Those two words are...File Share.

Interesting, that Hooponopono.... I manifested a blue feather whithin seconds when I tried it a year or so back. hmm.  

29 May 2008 @ 20:03 by skookum : very true
I agree whole heartedly.

My article was written with no small amount of satire. I believe that one does not need to help THEM manifest more money. lol

I read and read and think and think and meditate and ponder.... well.. I do when I am not spending most of my time being mother, taxi driver, teacher, nurse etc etc to my four children at home.

oh.. forgot to mention.. I am psychologist, mentor and therapist too lol

JMARC.. a blue feather? wow..

I have manifested a drawing table, light box, two love birds, a china hutch and buffet... to name a few.. with no cost to myself.. all I had to do was ask the universe for them.

go figure lol

some of it does work after all!


You guys are all the gurus I need.

thanks always

29 May 2008 @ 21:50 by bushman : Hmm
Well I wish I had a better PC, and got a brand new super computer at no cost to me, spose it could have been manifested destiny, or just that my boss figured Id get more work done, lol. Although I got it for being a really good employee technicaly. Most everything else Ive wished for hasnt just popped up into my reality, maybe it has to do more with "needs" rather than "wants". Cause lord knows Id rather get what I need than what I want. :}  

30 May 2008 @ 03:52 by skookum : you are very wise
and i am glad you got your puter!  

30 May 2008 @ 04:21 by a-d : Needs & Wants can
indeed complement each other very nicely! : ) Let's say I need a Vehicle for my Work; ( hauling furniture for instance.) I definitely WANT a pretty sizeable Pick-Up Truck -or a good size Van.... that would make my job soooo much easier. A VW Bug (or is it called 'Bubble' ?... Idonnow!)wouldn't really do me any good, nor would a Sportsy BMW.... *i* I REEEEAAALY really WANT one of these bigger ones.... So, that is what I decide to ask Universe help me with -and it will!
Smile!'re on Candid Camera! ; )We just manifested a Pick-Up Truck -or in worst case scenario- a big Van for me or was it for you, bushy boy?!?.... Jiiihaaaa! Hahahahahahah The MIRACLE & JOY of Enlightment... blue feathers & all! : )  

30 May 2008 @ 06:29 by skookum : when you can
snatch the pebble from my hand....

yes yes.. it does work

quantum level stuff.. the source.. zero field..

whatever you wanna call it.. it really does work

soooooooooo weird  

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