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27 May 2004 @ 01:16, by Robert Oveson

The Divine Design was a poem I wrote about ten years ago. It is actually more of a spoken word piece, and has has been performed in public on three occasions and was well recieved. I have never heard it myself, but it generates a lot of power and I get extremely 'pumped' whenever I recite it even if it is only silently to myself; in full delivery I can feel the words echo in my lungs. Technically it is more like a manifesto or mission statement, but I simply think of it as the spoken word.

The Divine Design

In the beginning there was darkness
It was black and it was void
And there was nothing but the word
The word was Be
No more no less
Just Be cast adrift
on a sea of total nothingness.

Now was this a noun named Be
Or a verb and quest and destiny
Either way it matters not
For whichever way you choose
Be was all alone and in the dark
without a single clue.

But with the faith to believe
That there was a methodology
To find the ideal strategy
And that somewhere down along the line
Through permutations and transformation
Achieves self creation
And applies it back to the start of time
Be declared this to be law
Law by design.

As events started to unfold
Be saw there was more to it than that
For Nothing turned out to be
The ultimate primordial vat
From which nothing could escape
And before all would be done
All the parts in their diversity
would have to act as one
And communicate and cooperate
And see the whole plan through
Be declared this to be Design Law number two.

Now it had to general
Because you couldn't know all that was involved
The plot would be oral so that it could evolve
And it had to be dynamic so it could withstand the change
So this order of General Oral and Dynamic
Became the trinity
That Be declared to be Design Law number three.

The focus is on knowledge and what it all means
Philosophers would later write
Of how its more than what it seems
Of what is it made that gives it physical form
And from what is it begot that caused it to be born
What is its function and how does it perform
And what is its purpose and its future hold in store
To all things these questions
Combine with deductive lore
Be declared this to be Design Law number four.

The future is the possibility
Of what we want and what we need
So imagine the seduction of induction
Where options multiply rather than divide
As they seek out what it takes to come alive.
Be declared this to be Design Law number five.

Through synthesis all things combine
The past and future intertwine
In common cause that transcends time.
As for effect there is free will
And it all depends on what you pick
There lie the cunning in the cosmic trick
That Be declared to be Design Law number six.

In this chaos of complexity
And you think you're in too deep
Enjoy the easy parts while you're awake
And do the hard parts in your sleep
It shall be on Earth as in this subconscious heaven
Be declared this to be Design Law number seven.

With this Be realized
And came alive as concept materialized
Be became I Am
Then cycled the essence of its being
Through the process once again

Going back to the start of time
With Be revealing the divine design
And watching it unwind and branch and grow
Until it feels the pulse
And is prompted to trace back to the core
And each and every time
It's more beautiful than it was before

In the end there was darkness
It was black and it was void
There was nothing but words
But two were I Am
And another one was Be
It's all you'll ever want
And all you'll ever need
This meaning passed through verse
Is to be and become one with the entire universe


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20 Jun 2004 @ 02:24 by newdawn : yes
beautifully stated  

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